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In-person Workshop in New Jersey, USA

Registration is now open with limited spaces availability!

Schedule and prices:

  • 24-26 July – Sculpting Workshop, $649, limited to 10 spaces.

  • 7-9 August –  Painting Workshop, $649, limited to 10 spaces
  • 20-22 July – Painting Workshop SOLD OUT – to get to the waiting list: pyhas2018@yahoo.com
    Please read below terms and conditions of cancellation before making payment.

Choose between 2 options:

Travel expenses, accomodation and meals are not included in price.

Terms and conditions of cancellation.

Should you need to cancel your attendance after payment:

  1. If all spaces are sold out and we have more people on the waiting list, someone else can take your place, and you will be refunded full amount minus $70 admin fee (there are non refundable Paypal fees that we have to take into account).

  2. In the case of cancellation of the whole event from our side due to unforeseen circumstances, full refund will be given to you. Please do not buy a plane ticket before confirming with us first, email to pyhas2018@yahoo.com . 

  3. There will be no refund given if we don’t have anyone to take your spot in the workshop. A lot of planning, travel time and expenses went into organizing this. Thank you for understanding.

Painting Workshop:

7 August – Talk about what constitutes Spiritual Story Art, giving birth to an idea and story, how to arrive at successful composition, collage arrangement and application, how bits of collage form spontaneous story, mixing saturated, vibrant color palette, loose brush strokes, painting first story art, as in the examples

8 August – Limited color palette for tribal art with muted tones, how nature elements, animals, plants and sacred symbols form a story, role of hands in storytelling through art, building layers from dark to light, talk on birth of spontaneous poetry during painting, and how soulful names for artworks are born, painting second story art, as in the examples

9 August – Icons in art and essencial element for it, how to achieve soulful expression, working with elaborate patterns with acrylic pens and gold leaf, natural skin tone color palette, talk about successful mixing of illustrative and painterly styles together, importantce of contrast in successful work of art, how birds add to story, painting third story art, as in the examples

Sculpting workshop

24 July – Story and idea of The Winged Ones – angels and healing spirits of nature, talk and demo of variety of armatures, building an armature together from scratch, adding wings to it and allowing glue to dry until next day, sculpting first winged one with armatures made of South African shells, that I brought to everyone as gifts

25 July – Sculpting second Winged One with armatures that we made the day before, adding more nature elements to hair or dress, body promortions: role of exaggeration and whimsy, sculpting face and hand (or plan to draw a hand on), talk on how to hands and position of head, closed and opene eyes, body posture – all create a storysanding armature from previous day

26 July – Making third sculpture of a Dryad, attaching face to a piece of driftwood/ tree, adding other nature items to it, talk on how to incorporate clay into wood in a seamless way, sanding scultpure from day 2, mixing color palette, and painting sculptures of day 1 and 2, talk on how to come up with a soulful name.

Cancellations: If the event does not reach the minimum number of participants or instructor gets sick/other unpredictable events, workshop may be cancelled. In this case, students will get a full refund.

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