Wild Stripes Galore with Pat Rios




  • Course includes 2 projects in acrylics (read description below) PLUS a bonus lesson
  • Almost 3 hours of video instructions (11 videos)
  • Art supply list (with purchase)
  • Closed FB group for students and instructor (optional)*
    *you do not have to be on FB to join this class
  • Unlimited access
  • Downloadable 
  • Class starts June 24, 2022

Course Overview

This class is for everyone! No previous experience in drawing and painting is required.
Animals with intricate or repetitive patterns, especially stripes, can be intimidating subjects to paint sometimes. Pat will show you how she tackles that, using bold, vibrant colors and lots of texture.

By the end of the class, you will have learned how to: 

  • Sketch your subject using two different grid methods (if you don’t like to draw you can skip this lessons and trace the images)
  • Create unique texture effects using stencils, palette knives and gel medium
  • Develop a simplified underpainting to block in the main values of your composition before exploring other colors
  • Create interesting marks with your brushes and tools
  • Overcome the “ugly stages” with patience and trust in the process
  • Find a balance between realism and expressiveness by loosening up your brush strokes and colors, while keeping track of values and shapes

  • Both reference photos are provided and are copyright free. 
You will find the complete list of the supplies Pat used in her projects but feel free to use whatever you have available at home. You will need a substrate of your choice, your favorite colors of acrylic paint, and brushes. For more interesting effects and texture, you can also use white and clear gesso, hard gel medium, stencils and a palette knife.
Project 1 – Zebra 
This is a perfect starting point. You will sketch a zebra using a classic grid method, including a trick that will help you get each stripe in the right spot. Next you will lay a basic underpainting to establish the main values (darks and lights) of the subject, add texture with clear gesso, create a beautiful sunset in the background and finally add beautiful prismatic colors to this black and white animal, filling it with artistic expression and vibrance.
Project  – Tiger – 
You will create loads of interesting texture on your substrate using gesso, gel medium, stencils and a palette knife. And you will go really bold on this one, using a wide spectrum of warm and cool colors, including those that are not found in a tiger’s natural habitat, because… why not? After working in a more restrained way with the zebra, in the tiger project, you will be encouraged to allow for experimentation and looseness, and go whatever your artistic soul will take you. 
Isometric Grid – The bonus lesson
You will learn how to sketch using an isometric grid, which is a grid made of triangles. This can be very helpful when sketching intricate, repetitive patterns because of its diagonal lines. 

What to expect once you’ve purchased the course:

The course access information /Art Supply list will be sent to the email address associated with your payment within 24 hours. If you don’t see it in your Inbox, please check Spam/Advertisement folders. Have a question – drop us an email: pyhas2018@yahoo.com.

No refund/exchange

Thank you!

We are looking forward to creating with you!








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