Holiday Extravaganza Closing Part is on!

Please read to the end to find a “surprise giveaway”

Hello dear friends!

After a successful Holiday auction last week, we are having a Closing Party for art which didn’t find their homes yet.

Here is a sneak peek of what you can get now for as little as the starting bids, which are up to 50% lower than the regular prices!

To get to the Closing Party – CLICK HERE.
*The link will bring you to our auction group on FB. Click there on any picture the FIRST post, then swipe/scroll.

Beutiful paintings, big and small; gorgeous sculptures and handpainted jewerly will make amazing, one of a kind gift for upcoming holiday season!

And here is a little surprise giveaway – FREE DIGITAL PRINT
for your personal, non-commercial use only

This HD image could be printed on your own printer.
To print: Left click then Save As

Happy partying!
Big hugs and much love,

Only Treats No Tricks!

Hello dear artists!
Who doesn’t love fall?! It’s my favorite season because of all the bright colors, the smell of the wet leaves on the ground (or it’s only me? LOL), that bitter-sweet feeling of nostalgia…and the fun holidays it brings.

When our kids were little, we used to through Halloween parties and invite a lot of kids to our house. The yucky games, especially the one where you have to stick your bare hands to find treasure in spaghetti (intestines), were the kids’ favorite! Then, we used to watch Adam’s Family or Coraline after trick-or-treating. Good memories!

The kids grew up, but I still love making something special for Halloween.
This year, I invite you to join my Halloween Party on FB. We will be painting a surreal project, I’m so excited! The demonstration will be for beginners, but I hope everybody can have fun with it!

The FB live starts TODAY, 7:30PM EST. More information and RSVP at the link below.

Please RSVP by clicking on “Going” HERE

I hope you can make it!

As a portrait painter, I love going back to basics every now and then, and just practice. Last week, I painted a couple of noses and an eye.

There are three main ways you can practice:
You can look at yourself in the mirrow (this is the best!), work from reference, or do it intuitively, depending on your goals.
The videos below are NOT the lessons; they don’t have any narration or explanation. They are completely silent.
It’s simply me practicing in my studio. I hope you can take something from it just by watching.

Eye study from photo reference

Art supplies used: canvas board, matte medium, acrylic paints: Payness Grey, Titanium White and Warm Grey.

Fragment from fashion image on Pinterest

Nose Study from reference

Art supplies I used: canvas board, matte medium; acrylic paints: Payness Grey, Titanium White, Warm Grey, Alizarin crimson, Naple Yellow

One more nose 🙂

Art supplies I used: cardboard, designer paper, matte medium; acrylic paints: Payness Grey, Titanium White, Warm Grey,

Fragment from Rembrandt painting

Halloween SALE!


Eclectic students Art Auction – open call

Hello dear artists!
I hope you had a lovely weekend!
The end of the year is fast approaching, can you beleive that we are already in the middle of October?

For all of you who participated in our art classes this year (2022), I have exciting news – Eclectic Art students auction is back and the Call For Artists to participate is now open! Woohoo!!! 

Our first Eclectic Art Auction was in spring, and it was a lot of fun! We got many positive reviews and many requests for more. 

I think that students shows/auctions are a great way to share your hard work outside of the closed FB groups, family and friends. It takes a lot of caurage and preparation, but totally worth it!

I’m so pleased to announce End Of The Year Students Auction which opens December 16th and I hope to see YOU there!

For more information and to submit

If you’ve never paricipated in online auctions on FB and have no idea what it is about, you can see how it works by visiting a solo auction with our artist instructor Katrina Koltes, which will be live this week, Wednesday through Friday.

Click HERE to go to the auction.


Just a friendly reminder, that the coupon codeJOYfor PYHaS2023 will expire soon!

Don’t wait any longer, life is too short for not doing what you enjoy the most, especially when it’s $2 per lesson! Let’s create together – CLICK HERE TO JOIN US

I hope you join us!

Much love,

Win a FREE spot in PYHaS2023! Final week.

Hello dear friends!
We are continuing with the raffles for FREE memberships to participate in PYHaS2023 and YOU can be one of the 45 lucky winners! 

This week is my giveaway too! woohoo!!!
Scroll all the way down to find out how you can participate in my GIVEAWAY!

Here is the schedule for this week:

GIVEAWAY October 14, 2022 CLOSED

The lucky number is 17 (age of my daughter, Natasha. She helps us with administrative work)! Congradulations VICKIE KUNST and DIANA RISZTITS! Please email us to for the course access information any time before December 2022. I’m looking forward to see you in class!

Thank you all for participation in the raffle! Though you didn’t win a free spot, you can still JOIN US, and don’t forget to use a coupon code “JOY to save even more on already reduced price! Just imagine what you can learn from over 40 artists, with our support and support from fellow students. This experience is trully priceless! We hope you will join us!

To get to the raffle simply comment:

1. why would you like to participate in PYHaS2023
2. a number between 1-500

The raffle will be closed October 13th midnight EST. The winner will be announced October 14th.
Good luck!

If you buy the class and win the spot – you will be refunded!

IF you won a free spot from a different artist already – please do not participate in this one. Thank you!

Use coupon code JOY to save! (limited time offer)


PYHaS2023 Giveaways Week 4! Woohoo!!!

Hello dear friends!

We are continuing with our raffles for FREE memberships for Paint Your Heart and Soul 2023!

For the 4th week, we are giving away 2 FREE memberships a day (except weekends) to participate in Paint Your Heart and Soul 2023, which is a year long mixed media online art class!

This week 10 artists are having raffles for their giveaways: one from each artist.

You can participate in as many raffles as you like. Good luck!

*If you buy the class and win a FREE spot – you will be refunded, how awesome is that!

You can also join us by signing up HERE, and don’t forget to use coupon code “JOY” to save on already reduced price (this is a limited time offer will expire soon!)


We are looking forward to see you in class!

Much love,

Win a FREE membership in PYHaS2023

This year we have over 40 FREE memberships to give away to lucky winners!
Each artist instructor is giving away a FREE spot to participate in this amazing class!

The giveaways take place on the artists’ social media and blogs. To increase your chances to win, you can participate in as many artists’ raffles as you wish. Scroll down to see the schedule for upcoming week.

And remember, that If you buy the class and win a spot, you will be fully refunded.

For a limited time only, we are offering a coupon code “JOY”, so you can save on already reduced price. Don’t miss out this amazing opportunity to learn from the best artists and to fill up your creative life with inspiration, likeminded friends, and joy!





Coupon Code

GIVEAWAYSeptember 26
To participate in the raffle, please follow the links below:

GIVEAWAYSeptember 26
To participate in the raffle, please follow the links below:

GIVEAWAYSeptember 27
To participate in the raffle, please follow the links below:
Instagram, FaceBook

GIVEAWAY: September 27
To participate in the raffle, please follow the links below:

GIVEAWAYSeptember 28
To participate in the raffle, please follow the links below:

GIVEAWAYSeptember 29
To participate in the raffle, please follow the links below:
Instagram, FaceBook

GIVEAWAYSeptember 29
To participate in the raffle, please follow the links below:
Instagram, FaceBook

GIVEAWAYSeptember 30
To participate in the raffle, please follow the links below:

GIVEAWAYSeptember 30
To participate in the raffle, please follow the links below:

All the images are representative samples of artwork by artist instructors that are in PYHAS2023 and they are NOT from the actual lessonsThe artists are currently working on brand new lessons in their signature styles.

Extra 300 Early Bird spots were added!

Hello dear friends!
I’m blown away by such an amazing response!

The first 500 Early Bird spots are SOLD OUT!!!

THANK YOU so much to all of you who joined us! We are very excited and grateful to have you aboard, and looking forward to share our tips, tricks, techniques, and our experience with you! PYHaS2023 is going to be AMAZING!!!!

Since everything was sold so fast, we know that many of you didn’t have even a chance to take advantage of the great deal Early Bird Price sale. To make it right, we added one last batch of 300 Early Bird spots! Woohoo!!!

The Early Bird price is as low as $119 ONLY! It includes over 50 (closer to 60!) exclusive video lessons from 44 artists, with unlimited lifetime access! How awesome is that!

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Paint Your Heart and Soul 2023- registration is now open!

Hello dear friends! I can feel butterflies in my stomach!!! I’m so excited to announce that the registration for a brand new and shiny PYHaS2023 is now open! Woohoo!!!!! Yay!!!!! Happy dance!!!!

This will be 7th year I’m hosting this amazing collaborative, year-long online course, and I feel so very lucky to bring you the best of the best each year, and just when you think it couldn’t get any better – here it is – a new and improved, PYHaS2023!

Just look at this mind blowing lineup of the instructors and imagine how much you can learn from ALL of them, how many styles and techniques to discover!

I feel so lucky and grateful to collaborate with 44 amazing artists that will be teaching in PYHaS2023 next year! Someone just please pinch me!!!

If you were ever interested to learn how to create beautiful art (portraits especially, but not only!), or looking to improve your skills and be inspired all year long, in the company of likeminded creatives – this class is for YOU, your wait is over!

Life is too short to wait for the perfect time. YOU DESERVE TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE, and the perfect time for you – is NOW!

The content we offer is outstanding and worth every penny even for the full price, which is 95% off from its value already, but if you are quick enough, you might be able to get the the Early Bird discount and save $80! This is really incredible!

Early Bird spots are usually selling out really quickly, so we can’t guarantee that by the time you are reading this blog there are still spots left.

Early Bird 40% OFF – $119 ONLY, limited to the first 500 spots ONLY!

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Payment plan of up to 3 monthly payments is available on request for a limited time only. 
Please email to request a plan

Lessons start January 4, 2023, and new lesson/s are to be released every Wednesday for 50 weeks.

By the end of 2023 students will get access to over 50 (most likely around 60) step-by-step video lessons from over 40 amazing working artists!

PYHaS2023 is provided with lifetime access to all the lessons, so you can watch the videos again and again even after the course is over! You can also download videos if you are planning to watch them offline.

Make art, feel better!

Rediscover your creative self and nourish your soul!

Swipe through to see the representative samples of artwork by artist instructors that are in PYHAS2023 (this are NOT from the actual lessons). The artists are currently working on brand new lessons in their signature styles.


This year we are giving away 45 FREE SPOTS to lucky winners! How awesome is that!!!

To find out the schedule for the raffles – CLICK HERE. Good luck!

I’m looking forward for a creative 2023 with YOU!

Big hugs and much love,

New painting!

Since we visited Philadelphya Art Museum a few weeks ago I knew I have to paint her! I trusted my memory, but unfortunately I can’t remeber who is the master, and planning to go back to museum and this time to write it down.

I’m going away next week until end of summer and was very busy with finishing all the administrative work. As a matter of fact, it takes a lot of hours for being a hostess for online art classes, and I absolutely love my work, but it also means that I can not paint whenever I want, this is the downside of it.

Anyway, I had such unstopable urge to paint her, that I could no longet concentrate on anything else. And I had a blust! So here she is, I hope you will like her as much as I enjoed painting her!

I just listed this painting in my store, and if you would consider to give her a home,
please check out HERE.

Big hugs and much love,

PYHaS2022 – Mid Year SALE! (July 14-19)

SALE (JULY 14-19) – $129 (USD)



JOIN NOW and get an immidiate and unlimited access to 30 lessons!
PLUS at least 20 MORE brand new lessons until the end of the year!

50 lessons for $129 ONLY
(this offer is available July 14-19 EST)

You are one click away from your happy place!

Final Sale: no refund/exchange

Buy Now

Unlock your full potential as an artist!

Quick overview:



♥ 50 PDFs (one for every lesson) with list of suggested ART SUPPLIES and REFERENCE IMAGES (when applied)

♥ Main focus: FACES and FIGURES but not only! We included lessons with pets, still life, landscape and more!


  CHALLENGES to stretch your skills and enhance creativity

♥ FUN ACTIVITIES: Artwork Exchange and Student’s showcase-auction!

♥ GIVEAWAYS at the end of the year!

♥ A password protected CLASSROOM on my website


♥  Optional: Private FACEBOOK GROUP for students ONLY with supportive, friendly and inspiring online Art Community

♥  INSTAGRAM account where we feature students’ work and inspire each other

NO previous experience in drawing and painting is required prior this class. 

Below are just a few example of the lessons from PYHaS2022:

What students say about PYHaS2022

I just want to say that the classes are really well done. I love that you can go at your own pace or participate in a weekly basis on Facebook and get feedback from the teachers and other students. With having a full time career, it is nice to have these lessons to come back to when it is convenient. The artists chosen to teach are wonderfully skilled and very helpful.

It was also a great experience to participate in an art show on Facebook and learn tips on how to promote listings, put work out there, and interact with potential buyers of my art.” – Amy P.


“I’ve been taking Olga’s Paint Your Heart and Soul Courses for the past few years now. It was the best decision ever. I learned more here that in art school. The varied styles and guest artists have been key in helping me develop myself into the artist I am today.
Who knew I would be a commission artist and my work sought after by others. I didn’t, but with continued practice and exploration of the tools PYHaS offer, I have found a success I hadn’t expected.
In addition, to be a successful part of the the first Eclectic Art Show has been a dream. It has given me a chance to strengthen my confidence as an artist and person. It has been an honor to be associated with Olga and her group of creatives. Thanks for giving me wing to fly.” – Tamara M.


“I am a total amateur and PHYAS 2022 is my first art class. I love to learn about everything and the teachers are just amazing. I can’t believe how much I learned. Every class is amazing. My friends and family are in awe because they know I never painted or drew anything. Thank you Olga!!” – Maria I.M.M.


“This is my second year and no formal training so learning a lot every week! I like the mix of portraits with landscapes and still life. I’m having a great time every week. Thanks Olga!” – Linda S.


“This is my first year and I am loving everything! I might not do certain projects, but I learn something with every class! It’s one of the best programs and I look forward to joining again next year! Thank you Olga and team!” – Lola T.


“This year so far has been absolutely amazing ❤️ I love the variety and the surprise element of so different lessons and artists, and there is always lots to learn regardless of if the style initially speaks to me or not.” – Tone P.


“I’ve been taking Olga’s PYHAS class for a few years now and there’s always such interesting teachers. Often there are many – so always a few with whom you have a special click. I’ve loved it very much and get inspiration from the different approaches and techniques the amazing teachers/artists share with us. I’ve even followed some of them to other classes to get some more kicks! And then back to inspiration here! It’s great to be able to blend all these styles into my own – a process of years that is still going on!
I’m very happy to be in the Eclectic Art Auction this year to share my art and sell some of it. Learned a lot by doing – by working on presenting the art in a fun way. Working side by side with other artists and make it a fun event has been a wonderful experience. Thanks Olga for making it happen.” – Corinne B.

50 lessons for $129 ONLY
(this offer is available July 14-19 EST)

You are one click away from your happy place!

Final Sale: no refund/exchange

Buy Now

We hope to see you in class!

Big hugs and much love,