15 daring questions I asked Annie Hamman

Hello dear art friend,
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Last week I interviewed my good friend and amazing artist Annie Hamman.
Here are 15 daring questions I asked her.

1 Q: If you could not do art for whatever reason, what would be your second choice?
A: Non-traditional healer: reiki practitioner, tarot cards reader, aura work, herbalist.

2 Q: Do you have to look at work of other artists or can you create without looking at something?
A: I can’t create without first looking at something for inspiration and absorb its energy. Whether its other artists work or a sea shell. I have to look, study, engage and feel what i am looking at. Then, i start painting.

3 Q: What’s your scariest experience?
A: Participating in plant medicine healing ceremony. I had to face intense fears of who I am and what my potential is.

4 Q: Is the artist life lonely? How do you deal with that?
A: Artists do have families, but we are often feel different, socially awkward, misunderstood, weird and creatively obsessed. And it does lead to feelings of acute loneliness. Finding a couple of weirdos like me, to be friends with, often helps. I only have a couple.

5 Q: Do you ever get discouraged when a piece doesn’t sell?
A: Yes, I used to be more so in the past. Eventually I started seeing it as an opportunity to own some of my pieces. After a while I look at these on my walls and realize they are my favorite pieces and I actually never wanted to part with them in the first place.

6 Q: How do you price your work?
A: I look at 2 things: what other artists are charging who are on my level of skill and do similar type of art, and another: what are the buyers in my circle are able to pay.

7 Q: What is the biggest challenge in your profession you have faced?
A: Struggle to preserve established style, because others learned to love it, and at the same time struggle to evolve and grow into a different style.

8 Q: Do you have superpower?
A: Yes, i can see into angelic realm.

9 Q: What is your dream project you never dare to try?
A: To write paranormal romance book. I always thought it to be ridiculously silly idea, but the pages of the books sometimes write themselves in my head.

10 Q: What do you most dislike about you?
A: I try very hard to pretend I am normal, instead of just being who I am and don’t care.

11 Q: How is your personality reflected in your art?
A: I tend to portray existential quest and sadness from being in this world, that I often feel in my heart.

12 Q: As an artist, where does your initial drive to create come from?
A: I seem to not have a choice. When I don’t create, I get very unhappy and irritable, and sink into depression.

13 Q: If you were a mythical creature, which one would you be and why?
A: Dragon. There is flying, and power, and majestic beauty.

14 Q: When you experience artist block, what do you do to get into creative flow?

A: I go and start creating anyway, without inspiration. I keep pushing until everything unlocks in a middle of painting, and suddenly it gets resolved.

15 Q: If you had a chance to be transported back in time and learn directly from an old master, who would you choose?
A: Pierre-August Renoir. He was the reason i fell in love with art when i was about 11.
Annie Hamman just opened registration for her online art workshop “Re-Connect to Nature”. It focuses on portraiture art: painting, drawing, sculpture, journaling, all with incorporated nature elements.
The best news is, it has an option of “pay what you can“. How awesome is that!
It starts 1st of July, you can see more info on registration page:

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Sparks of Inspiration – first 3 winners!


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Hello dear friend!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

A month ago I met with my artist friend Renata Loree and we spend a great time together chatting and painting! We did a FB live, and it was a lot of fun! We didn’t save this one and because many people missed it and by popular request we decided to do it again. Unfortunately FB was down, but we recorded it and now you can watch it!

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Sparks Of Inspiration – new course!


Hello dear friend!

I wasn’t planning on having any new courses this year, besides PYHaS. The beginning of this year was pretty stressful for me personally.

I haven’t painted for a couple of months, and when I got back to my studio, I didn’t want to do anything. I was looking at this big, expensive fancy paper and it made me feel even less excited.

So I started slowly. I set up a challenge for myself to create something little every day. A few minutes led to half an hour a day. I was using just a few art supplies at a time, plain objects around my house as inspiration and found papers. I didn’t share any of it on social media, it was just for me.

Each day got easier and I felt excited and happy to be in the studio again. It took a few weeks to get back to routine and feel inspired and ready to dive into bigger and more complicated projects.

I shared my idea about daily practice with a few artists who’s work I love and I’m very grateful that they got very excited about it and were willing to share their own experiences. Most of the artist instructors in this course are professionals and make a living by creating art and teaching. I also invited a few artists who have a day job and still practice art on daily basis, so it’s possible!

My hope for this course is to help artists establish a daily practice routine which will not only improve drawing and painting skills, but also spark your inspiration daily, using limited art supplies and objects around you.

You probably think “practicing art 6 days a week? That’s too much!” but I believe in you, you can totally do it! I hope that by the end of the course it will become your lifestyle, just like a cup of coffee in the morning, or any daily routine that makes you happy.

This course is for artists of all levels and even beginners will find it very useful and fun.

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I am giving away 3 free spots to participate in this course. To get in the draw, you’re asked to:

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