Winners of Monochrome Challenge and exciting news!

Recently we had a challenge “Monochrome” via my FB group .

Six most favorite artworks selected by group members are by artists (from left to right) – Shalini Varma, Deborah Thoden, Shalini Varma again with both portraits in the middle, Annette van den Bosch with both paintings on the right. If you like what you see – follow those amazing artists on FB!

Everybody who participated in this challenge did a fabulous job, you can see all the entries HERE .

Plain air festival… from home 🙂

I’m taking a little break from the challenges in my group and inviting you to join our inspirational event Plain air festival with Heartful Soul artists: CoastalPamela Vosseller, Saskia Van Drunen-de Jong , Jenny Manno, Sherry Lynch Woodward. It is absolutely FREE, join HERE (click on “Going”) to get notifications on FB when the videos are posted. I also will send newsletters with the links to videos for those who don’t use FB.

We hope you will enjoy watching us painting and get inspired too!

Paint Your Heart and Soul 2021 – Early Bird registration

50 weeks, 55 lessons, 35 styles – $99 (till supply last)

The number of the Early Bird (41% off original price) memberships are limited this year. From 500 available memberships within 10 days we sold most of it!

Don’t miss your chance to save $70 from original price! join now if you didn’t do it yet, it’s fun, inspirational, and what I love the most – is our community! It’s much more fun when you have a place where you can safely to share your art and have discussions with likeminded friends from all over the world!

We hope you join us!

Stay safe and keep your brushes wet! Big hugs,



Paint Your Hear and Soul 2021 – pre sale is now open

Hello dear friends!

I’m thrilled to finally announce the pre-sale for a brand new and shiny Paint Your heart and Soul 2021!

The Early Bird presale is $99 USD for the first 500 students who sign up! (regular price $169 USD)

We have incredible artists on board: some of them you already know and love, and some never taught online before, but all of them are equally out of this world amazing and I couldn’t be more happier and excited!

We are giving away 35 Free memberships, one from each artist, make sure to check out our Artist Instructors page to find out more!

PYHaS2021 includes:

🌟 55+ lessons! every Wednesday starting from January 6, 2021! 🌟Every two months we will have special events – creative art challenges to stretch your skills and enhance creativity
🌟Fun activities, friendly community, support from instructors and so much more!


I’m so excited to give away a FREE spot in PYHaS2021! All you have to do is to help us spread the news:

  1. share this blog on your social media
  2. leave me a comment where did you share it.
  3. the more places you share the more entries you have

If you have some trouble to find out how to leave a comment on my blog – leave me a comment on my social media: FB or Insta. Good luck! I will announce the winner October 27, 2020.

You can find all the information about PYHaS2021 by following this link:

I’m looking forward to creative 2021 with YOU!

Much love,



➡️Giveaway schedule for 35 FREE memberships is below ( if you purchased the course and win the spot – we will fully refund):
❤️If you are a former/current student – please COMMENT what did you like the most about Paint Your Heart and Soul. Thank you!!! ❤️
We are looking forward to creative journey together! ❤️❤️❤️



♥ 6 special Art Challenges

♥ FUN ACTIVITIES: Artwork Exchange and Student’s showcase!

♥ GIVEAWAYS at the end of the year!

♥ A password protected CLASSROOM on my website


♥ Private FACEBOOK GROUP for students ONLY with supportive, friendly and inspiring online Art Community

♥ For INSTAGRAM users – PYHaS account where we feature students’ work and inspire each other


Painting party for the whole family!

Hello creative souls!

How are you holding up these days? We are all tired of the distancing and uncertainty, and sometimes it just feels too much. To get your mind off of the worrying mode, let’s have a painting party! I would like to invite you to a FREE painting tutorial which was generously created by my wonderful artist friend Melinda K. Tomasello ( ), whom I met in a PYHaS2020 class! Gotta love online classes! Thank you Melinda! <3

This tutorial is easy, fun, and suitable for the whole family. Feel free to invite your friends too, just share this tutorial and post your results in the FB group HERE Please don’t forget to tag Melinda for the feedback. How fun is that!


We hope you like this tutorial and looking forward to see your paintings!

You can find Melinda on Instagram: @melindatomaselloart
Facebook: @melindatomasello
Twitter: @Melinda_K_Tom

Looking for more inspiration?

Check out this beautiful online show and auction “Enchanted Realms” with amazing artist Katrina Koltes! Over 40 beautiful pieces of art and jewelry!

To see more CLICK HERE 


Big hugs and much love,







Summer Solstice – June show and auction


Hello dear friends,

Our June auction is now open with over 80 gorgeous artworks! It’s absolutely fabulous and inspiring show with a great variety of sizes, colors, themes and prices! We really hope that you can find something for your taste and budget!

PLUS, I have a surprize for you – I’m giving away my original painting (with a free shipping within US only) AND you don’t have to bid or buy anything to get to the raffle!

All you have to do is:

  1. Visit our auction HERE
  2. Leave there comments on 3 artworks you love the most
  3. Come back to my blog and comment titles of the paintings you left comments for


The winner will be announced June 21.

Good luck!

Thank you for visiting our auction!


Congratulations Jeanne Elliott!  You are the winner, my daughter pulled out your name!




Steampunk fun for all!


Yes! Yes! YES!!!!! The cat is finally out of the hat ( pay attention on the top right corner 😻)!
🥳The early bird SALE for a brand new STEAMPUNK Painting class with amazing artist Pamela Vosseller is now open!!! Woohoo!!!

I’m super excited and honored to host this fabolous class, because I just love Pamela’s steampunk art, so unique, beautiful and fun. For years Pamela Vosseller have adored the steampunk genre most likely because her love of science fiction and Victorian styles. It is a gritty and yet beauty that intrigues the imagination!

This course has 3 projects with over 5 hours of instructions:
a full length lesson on how to create a female portrait in a steampunk style, a full length lesson on how to create a whimsical steampunk cat, and a bonus lesson on creating an art journal to record steampunk reference material like drawings and design elements.

You can find all the details and to join in the link below:…/the-league-of-extraordinary-wi…/

We are giving away a spot in this fabolous course and you can be the lucky winner!

To participate:
1. Share this link (  on social media. Comment where did you share.
2. Join the course and get an extra entry. If you win – we will fully refund you.

🌷🌷The raffle will be closed Sunday, May 10, Noon EST.
The winner will be announced next Monday, May 11th and I will post the winner’s name right here – stay tuned.

Good luck ! ❤️❤️❤️

Meet the artists!


Hello dear friends!

Last month we had a “Community Runway” challenge via our FB group. I would like to introduce you to the winners and hope you will like their beautiful art as much as I do!

Tarini Agarwal



Tarini Agarwal is a self-taught artist, this passion was ignited in her as a seven year old; her father’s transfer to the UK in 1970, provided her an opportunity to see the old masters at the National Museum, London and at Versailles and Louvre, Paris. Then as a nine year old she grew up in the midst of Modern Art in Mumbai. This passion was nurtured and sustained from a very young age as she liked to experiment with different mediums and taught herself to paint in oils and watercolors, amongst others. For her art is organic, she has taken every opportunity to paint and learn and experiments with new techniques and styles. She is fascinated by the immense wealth of each medium and likes to try her hand at them. She loves to paint people and tries to explore relationships, emotions and concepts. For her ‘the miracle of painting is to see form and color gradually come to life with the movement of every brush stroke and fingers dipped in paint.’


Tarini started out as a realistic artist that being the place where most people start. As her learning grew, her style also changed. She has moved towards abstract art. When abstractifying her focus moves more towards the choice of colors and their placement, so as to evoke emotion, to connect with the viewer at a deeper level. She believes that ‘our knowledge of objects, things, faces and landscape predominates our understanding. This predominance takes one way from the emotion and joy that we first experience. So the same painting connects with people at an individual level.’ She has used the opportunity of learning online to widen her skill base and knowledge. Her husband is very supportive for her passion for arts and he has encouraged her to travel and take a in person workshops to help her gather her skills. Tarini is an Indian living in Muscat, Oman for 30 years. She is an active participant in the art scene in Muscat, Oman.



Tarini Agarwal had her first exhibition in 2011, here are a few for the past 3 years:  Exhibitions 2019:  27th Annual Art Exhibition, OSFA Christmas Art Show, Matti Sirvio Art Galleria, Muscat Small Artworks- Ministry of Heritage & Culture, OSFA – Won an Award at this exhibition Oman India Art Exhibition, Embassy of India and Sultanate of Oman ‘Less is More’ Group Show, Matti Sirvio Art Galleria, Muscat Rangrez Group Show, Embassy of India, Oman Oman International Art Fair, Muscat Convention Center Let’s Read Charity Art Fair, Muscat Intercontinental Solo Show at Hormuz Grand Hotel, Muscat Group Show, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai;  Exhibitions 2018: 26th Annual Art Exhibition, OSFA Oman Art Fair, Muscat Al Mouj Group Show, Al Mouj, Muscat Tales of Arabia, Group Show, Dubai Ramadan Exhibition, Dubai Firdous- Group Show, City Seasons, Muscat Glimpses of Mind- Group Show. Oman Anunue Mall World Art Dubai, World Trade Center, Dubai; Exhibitions 2017:  Won the Honorary Award to Expatriate Artist, Diwan of Royal Court, Sultanate of Oman 25th Annual Art Exhibition, OSFA 3rd Solo Exhibition “Daar”, Al Mouj, Muscat 2nd Solo Exhibition ‘ Colordiescope’, City Seasons and many more!


You can follow Tarini’s art journey by following her FB page: and Instagram: @tariniagarwal

Tamara Mulkey


Hi, I’m Tamara Mulkey. I’m a married, mother of one, based in northern Utah. I don’t just work in one medium , I love the freedom of combining many into each piece.


I have only been painting again since 2018 and I do occasional commission work. Mostly, I am still a student.


My work ranges from portraits (both classic and fantasy) to landscapes and florals. I am unafraid of a challenge because I know there is always something to learn in the process of each piece of art I create.


You can follow Tamara’s art journey by following her FB page: @TamaraMulkeyartist and Instagram @tammulkart


#StayHomeAndPaint – Day 7

Inspiration: Mask


Hello dear friends,

As much as we all are trying to stay home we can’t completely to avoid going out. I painted this yesterday in hope to promote a necessary precautions when we can’t avoid public – wearing masks.

If you don’t have a mask, you can make your own, and if you are handy you can even help to make a few for medical personal.  Here is the link offered by PSJH with a step-by-step mask tutorial:

PDF supplies and template


Today we have two assignments:

First assignment:

Make a mask/s.

Share with your friends a link to the mask tutorial

Second assignment:

Create a painting to promote masks. You can use my painting as your inspiration or create in your own style.

Stay positive and remember – this is not forever!

Together we are going to win! 


Share what you created on Instagram/Facebook with #StayHomeAndpaint

Share in my Facebook group: Olga Furman and Friends Dream Stories Art 


That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed the challenges.

Have fun, stay safe and productive!

Big hugs and much love,




#StayHomeAndPaint – Day 6

Inspiration: Paper Bag Art Journal

I made this journal a few years ago and it was a lot of fun to fill it in with paintings, drawings and collage.

You don’t have to do it from brown bags, any kind of paper bags will work. You need just 2-3 bags, don’t worry if each bag has a different size.

Here is an idea how you can fill your journal


Make a journal.

If you don’t have paper bags – no problem! Make a journal from whatever you can find in your stash, for example: cardboard,  serial/pasta/crackers boxes, a mix of different kind of paper.

Have fun and stay safe!

Much love,

Olga, XX


Share what you created on Instagram/Facebook with #StayHomeAndpaint

Share in my Facebook group: Olga Furman and Friends Dream Stories Art 


Would you like to lean about art collage?

Join my favorite course: “Collage, Color, Composition”!

SALE $50  (reg.price $72)!

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FullSizeRender (1)




#StayHomeAndPaint – Day 5

Inspiration: 1960 Fashion

day5.jpgFashion & Surrealism.jpg

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent

Beatles Original Dress Black Polka Dot 1964 For Sale in Bolton, Lancashire _ Preloved.jpg


Hello dear friends!

What do you think about 1960 fashion ?  Most of the dresses from the designs above  were black & white, pink & white, or blue & white.

I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and very inspiring! I also love those low definition b&w images, because they take away unnecessarily details leaving no more then 5 values, which make painting process a little bit easier.


Today we have a lot of assignments:

First assignment:

Put a lovely music on, I would suggest Beatles,  but by all means any of your favorites will do. Dance for at least 5 minutes, better 10 before you start painting.



Second assignment:

Draw/paint from references above using black and white, pink & white, or blue & white. You can paint each reference with a different mediums, for example:

charcoal or graphite 

charcoal + acrylic paint

Acrylics or Oils

Oil pastels

Watercolors or Inks

Don’t worry about outcome, enjoy the process.

Third and forth assignment are from previous challenges:

*Open your window and spend at least 10 minutes breathing fresh air. Relax and think about beautiful walk in nature. If it’s still cold on your part of the world – make sure to dress  accordingly.

*Don’t forget about vitamins: eat some fresh fruits /vegetables.


Share what you created on Instagram/Facebook with #StayHomeAndpaint

Share in my Facebook group: Olga Furman and Friends Dream Stories Art 


Stay safe and productive

Much love,





#StayHomeAndPaint – Day 4

Inspiration: Spring


Hi guys, how you doing?
I hope you are as well as expected those days.
Today we have a guest – my friend and amazing artist from Italy Katrina Koltes, who prepared for you this beautiful challenge.
“I’ve always love taking daily walks in nature.
Since we have been in quarantine here in Italy, I have missed them more than ever.
There is something so healing about walking barefoot in the grass, listening to the birds chirping, and wind rustling through the trees.
It takes away the stress of every day life, grounding and refreshing my body and soul.
I chose this photo reference because here in Italy spring has just begun.
The flowers are blooming and the sweet smell of fresh air greets me at my window, making me long for those nature walks again.
I try to look at things positively, that with no cars or factories running since weeks the air is so much cleaner and we can actually hear the birds singing.
There is a sense of peaceful quiet, and I believe mother nature is having her much needed respite.
I hope you also can all find something positive in this difficult time, especially by creating together we can imagine how this world can be a better place after this is all over.
I can’t wait to see your versions of this beautiful picture in nature.
Much love,
Katrina “


Today we have 3 assignments:

First assignment:

Open your window and spend at least 10 minutes breathing fresh air. Relax and think about beautiful walk in nature. If it’s still cold on your part of the world – make sure to dress  accordingly.

Second assignment:

Draw/paint from references above using watercolors or ink. Use your favorite colors. Don’t worry about outcome, enjoy the process.

Third assignment:

This assignment is coming from yesterday’s challenge – don’t forget about vitamins: eat some fresh fruits /vegetables.


Share what you created on Instagram/Facebook with #StayHomeAndpaint

Share in my Facebook group: Olga Furman and Friends Dream Stories Art 


Special Sale for challenge participants:

30% off

(ends sunday at midnight Italy time)
Discount code is makemoreart

watercolor dreams logo 2.png

Stay safe and productive,