New painting!

Since we visited Philadelphya Art Museum a few weeks ago I knew I have to paint her! I trusted my memory, but unfortunately I can’t remeber who is the master, and planning to go back to museum and this time to write it down.

I’m going away next week until end of summer and was very busy with finishing all the administrative work. As a matter of fact, it takes a lot of hours for being a hostess for online art classes, and I absolutely love my work, but it also means that I can not paint whenever I want, this is the downside of it.

Anyway, I had such unstopable urge to paint her, that I could no longet concentrate on anything else. And I had a blust! So here she is, I hope you will like her as much as I enjoed painting her!

I just listed this painting in my store, and if you would consider to give her a home,
please check out HERE.

Big hugs and much love,

PYHaS2022 – Mid Year SALE! (July 14-19)

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Quick overview:



♥ 50 PDFs (one for every lesson) with list of suggested ART SUPPLIES and REFERENCE IMAGES (when applied)

♥ Main focus: FACES and FIGURES but not only! We included lessons with pets, still life, landscape and more!


  CHALLENGES to stretch your skills and enhance creativity

♥ FUN ACTIVITIES: Artwork Exchange and Student’s showcase-auction!

♥ GIVEAWAYS at the end of the year!

♥ A password protected CLASSROOM on my website


♥  Optional: Private FACEBOOK GROUP for students ONLY with supportive, friendly and inspiring online Art Community

♥  INSTAGRAM account where we feature students’ work and inspire each other

NO previous experience in drawing and painting is required prior this class. 

Below are just a few example of the lessons from PYHaS2022:

What students say about PYHaS2022

I just want to say that the classes are really well done. I love that you can go at your own pace or participate in a weekly basis on Facebook and get feedback from the teachers and other students. With having a full time career, it is nice to have these lessons to come back to when it is convenient. The artists chosen to teach are wonderfully skilled and very helpful.

It was also a great experience to participate in an art show on Facebook and learn tips on how to promote listings, put work out there, and interact with potential buyers of my art.” – Amy P.


“I’ve been taking Olga’s Paint Your Heart and Soul Courses for the past few years now. It was the best decision ever. I learned more here that in art school. The varied styles and guest artists have been key in helping me develop myself into the artist I am today.
Who knew I would be a commission artist and my work sought after by others. I didn’t, but with continued practice and exploration of the tools PYHaS offer, I have found a success I hadn’t expected.
In addition, to be a successful part of the the first Eclectic Art Show has been a dream. It has given me a chance to strengthen my confidence as an artist and person. It has been an honor to be associated with Olga and her group of creatives. Thanks for giving me wing to fly.” – Tamara M.


“I am a total amateur and PHYAS 2022 is my first art class. I love to learn about everything and the teachers are just amazing. I can’t believe how much I learned. Every class is amazing. My friends and family are in awe because they know I never painted or drew anything. Thank you Olga!!” – Maria I.M.M.


“This is my second year and no formal training so learning a lot every week! I like the mix of portraits with landscapes and still life. I’m having a great time every week. Thanks Olga!” – Linda S.


“This is my first year and I am loving everything! I might not do certain projects, but I learn something with every class! It’s one of the best programs and I look forward to joining again next year! Thank you Olga and team!” – Lola T.


“This year so far has been absolutely amazing ❤️ I love the variety and the surprise element of so different lessons and artists, and there is always lots to learn regardless of if the style initially speaks to me or not.” – Tone P.


“I’ve been taking Olga’s PYHAS class for a few years now and there’s always such interesting teachers. Often there are many – so always a few with whom you have a special click. I’ve loved it very much and get inspiration from the different approaches and techniques the amazing teachers/artists share with us. I’ve even followed some of them to other classes to get some more kicks! And then back to inspiration here! It’s great to be able to blend all these styles into my own – a process of years that is still going on!
I’m very happy to be in the Eclectic Art Auction this year to share my art and sell some of it. Learned a lot by doing – by working on presenting the art in a fun way. Working side by side with other artists and make it a fun event has been a wonderful experience. Thanks Olga for making it happen.” – Corinne B.

50 lessons for $129 ONLY
(this offer is available July 14-19 EST)

You are one click away from your happy place!

Final Sale: no refund/exchange

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We hope to see you in class!

Big hugs and much love,


Free BONUS lesson from Iconic Impressions with Renata Loree

Hello dear art friends!
A year ago we launched a class called ‘Iconic Expressions’, created by my good art friend and amazing artist Renata Loree.

Many happy students completed this beautiful class since then, but for all of you who did not take this class, we would like to share one FREE lesson! This “bonus” lesson is the last one of 4 projects, and you will have FREE access to it until Sunday, April 3, 12PM EST.


For the art supplies, please use whatever you have on hand: a clean tin tuna box, found objects, acrylic paints and matte medium (to glue).

Part 1 (free admission is expired)

Part 2 (free admission is expired)

Please share what you created in our FB group: click HERE

There are 3 more projects in this class!
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  • Iconic Impressions class includes THREE (3) PROJECTS plus a Bonus! 
  • Over 7 HOURS of instruction
  • Classroom is open. Self-paced
  • UNLIMITED access and DOWNLOADABLE content
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Have a wonderful and creative weekend!

Much love,

PYHaS2022 – first 10 lessons (from 50)

I can’t believe that we are already in the middle of March! Ten first weeks with Paint Your Heart and Soul 2022 class were a blast! The lessons are beyond all expectations; the instructors are super generous and supportive; the students – are an absolutely amazing bunch of beautiful creatives, and the resulting work they create in class literally makes my heart sing!

It is NOT too late to join us!
Join now – and get immediate access to the 10 lessons below, PLUS 40 more lessons until the end of the year! Everybody is welcome to join PYHaS2022 – beginners and experienced artists alike!

Look at this great art by our students from the lessons above! It is hard to believe that for some it was their first time to paint!

How to stop worrying and start painting

If your goal is to get loose and expressive, stop overworking your paintings and finally let it go and enjoy the process, and at the same time to create beautiful impressionistic portraits in painterly style – you will love this brand new class “Fast and Fearless Portraits” with impresionistic painter Jeff Wrench!

This class is in acrylics.

Early Bird Registration is now open,
class starts February 12th.

We hope to see you in class!

Paint Your Heart and Soul 2022

PYHaS2022 – the joy of creativity!

Classes start January 5, 2022! Registration is open!


PRICE FOR ONE PERSON   $169 US ONLY (95% off of the value!)

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Payment plan of up to 3 monthly payments is available on request for a limited time. Please email to


at least 50 BRAND NEW VIDEO LESSONS, created exclusively for PYHaS2022
Faces/Figures – approximately 30 lessons
Pets/Animals/Bird – approximately 7 lessons
Still life/Landscapes – approximately 7 lessons
Abstract/Backgrounds/Other – approximately 6 lessons


EXPLORE DIFFERENT STYLES such as Traditional, Contemporary, Illustration and more! as well as a variety of ART SUPPLIES such as Acrylics, Watercolors, Oils, Dry Media and more!

UNLIMITED, LIFE LONG ACCESS to all the content, and the option to DOWNLOAD

AT LEAST 4 LIVE ART COACHING group SESSIONS with a professional artist and certified life coach to help with obsticals like:
– lack of confidence
– difficulty finding the time, space, and motivation
– procrastination

Coaching Sessions (via Facebook group) can help you dramatically change your creative life and transform your relationship with your art and yourself. Attendance is optional.

6 CREATIVE CHALLENGES to stretch your skills and enhance creativity

Artwork Exchange
Student’s Showcase on our network by the end of the year!



 Welcoming, inspiring and supportive ART COMMUNITY ONLINE
We believe that interaction with other creatives is just as important as the great quality lessons.
We provide a private FACEBOOK GROUP for our students to share their artwork and get support from instructors and fellow students.

 An INSTAGRAM account where we are featuring weekly our students artwork

  WEEKLY STUDENTS NEWSLETTER with links to lessons and reminders/news. 

 GIVEAWAYS at the end of the year!

PAINT YOUR HEART AND SOUL 2022 is an informative, inspiring and interactive year long online painting course with a main focus on portraits and figures, alongside pets, flowers, landscape and more! geared towards creative individuals of all levels from absolutely novice to experienced artists.


This class is for everyone – from absolute beginners to seasoned artists!

If your main goal is to learn how to create portraits and figures, but you also would like to learn how to paint animals, still life and other subjectsthis course is for YOU!

If you feel stuck or have a lack of inspiration this course is for YOU!

If you’ve lost motivation in your creative life or feel bored creating alone – this course is for YOU!

If you are ready to learn and explore new techniques – this course is for YOU!

If you feel frustrated when using different kind of art supplies – this course is for YOU!

If you want to became a better artist and unlock your full potential – this course is for YOU!

If you would like to meet like-minded friends, be a part of welcoming and supporting online art community and have fun this course is for YOU!

If your heart and soul is yearning to create – this course is for YOU!
Beginners are welcome! No previous experience in painting and/or drawing prior to this course is required.

Tweet-tweet! New Watercolor class!

Whimsical Birds
Project 1

I’m very excited to announce a brand new class with pop-surreal artist and illustrator Cori Derfus.

I met Cori 5 years ago through Artist Collective I used to be a part of, and constantly fell in love with her style. Her paintings integrate pieces of her past with current reflections on
relationships with people, animals and our natural world. Her paintings have been sold and
exhibited worldwide.
Cori currently resides in the Pacific Northwest, US. She received a BFA in painting from the
University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh and works out of a studio in her home that she shares with a
menagerie of critters, both real and make-believe.

In this class students will walk through three different simple watercolor bird paintings.
We will transfer a sketch onto watercolor paper, shade the sketch using multiple pencils and apply watercolor with a basic palette, practicing mixing paints.
Students will end up with three paintings and the basic skills to paint with watercolors.

Who is this course for?
For everyone who wants to learn how to paint with watercolors!
Great for beginners! 
! We included the sketches of all the projects that you can trace.
No previous experience in drawing and painting is required.

Inktober challenge Fri., Oct.15

Hello dear artists,

Today will be our last challenge for Inktober.
Thank you all who participated, it was a real treat to see your posts in our FB group and on Instagram!

I hope it was inspiring and you will keep creating a little bit every day!

For today challenge we will be practicing some calligraphy.

Today’s challenge is to write your favorite art related quote, by using different fonts of your choice.

Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you will come up with!

Please share with us in our FB GROUP HERE .
On Instagram use hashtag #OlgaInktober2021

I can’t wait to see your hand written art quotes!

Have a save and creative weekend!
Much love,

Inktober challenge Thu., Oct.14

Hello dear artists,

For today’s challenge will will be designing our own shoes and stockings.

I would suggest to copy one of the images below, then to add to it your own design.

Original links for the images below:
(3) Pinterest, (3) Pinterest , (3) Pinterest

Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you will come up with!

Please share with us in my FB GROUP HERE .
On Instagram use hashtag #OlgaInktober2021


Only 48 hours left to get a FREE and immidiate access to 3 of my lessons,
(this is a BONUS with purchase of PYHaS2022)


Much love,