Fast and Fearless Portraits with Jeff Wrench



  • Price $99 
  • Course includes five(5) projects in acrylic paint
  • Over 5 HOURS of instruction videos in a real time (with option to speed up)
  • Feedback from Instructor via FB group and Instagram (until end of February2022) 
  • UNLIMITED access
  • DOWNLOADABLE content
  • For beginners and intermediate artists who wants to improve and in particular make their paintings less timid and more expressive.
  • Classroom is open. Self-paced
  • No refund/exchange
  • Art Supplies 

Do you sometimes find yourself worrying about ruining a painting and afraid to keep going? Or getting so caught up in the details of a painting that it comes out looking hesitant, awkward, and overworked? You can’t just tell yourself to stop worrying and paint boldly? Join painter Jeff Wrench in a series of actionable exercises and learn fun and effective techniques to create  carefree, loose and expressive paintings!

What will you learn in this class?
● How to paint fast, bold portraits.
● How to avoid getting stuck in details leading to hesitant, awkward, overworked paintings.
● Specific techniques to stop you from worrying about the outcome of paintings.
● Specific techniques to help you paint more expressively and loosely.
● How color works & popular misconceptions about color.
● How to use color boldly but pleasingly.
● How to make painting fun with little “games” to help you want to paint more often.

These are portrait painting demos, but the techniques can be applied to any subject.


Class overview:

Demo 1 – Fifteen-Minute “Speed Painting” (31min)
This painting exercise (or game?) will push you to be “in the moment” while painting, to work with big gestures and stay out of the details. Because it’s fast and fun it will help you paint more often, even when you have very little time.

Demo 2 – The Shocking Truth About Color (55min)
This video covers the basics of how color works, and common misconceptions about Primary Colors, Color Wheels, and Color Harmony combinations. I discuss my ideas about good use of color in painting, and how to use colors boldly but still harmoniously.

Demo 3 – Painting Anywhere Anytime (48min)
This is a demo of something I enjoy a lot: using a portable paint kit to work at a cafe or fast food restaurant.

Demo 4 – Parallel Painting (55min)
Parallel Painting is another way to turn the painting process into a little game, which might distract you from worrying about the painting. You work on multiple paintings at the same time — switching back and forth as you change colors — so you are less emotionally attached to any particular painting, allowing you to be more expressive and experimental.

Demo 5 – Yardstick Paintbrush (1hr 36min)
One of my favorite ways to start a painting is the somewhat comical Yardstick Paintbrush. It forces you to stay out of the details and focus on the “big picture”, and use larger muscle groups (arms instead of fingers) — leading to loose and expressive brush work. And it’s yet another way to have fun painting!

Interval Timer (15min)
A custom Interval Timer to prompt you through the Fifteen-Minute Speed Painting exercise.

Who is this class for?
This class is for anyone who has already started painting and wants to improve and in particular make their paintings less timid and more expressive.


  1. You should have basic computer skills, such as be able to navigate through my website, and should be able to know how to use your printer to print images.
  2. High speed internet is required to be able to watch the videos.
  3. Firefox or Google Chrome to be able to download videos
  4. We offer lifelong* access. All videos are downloadable and you can keep them forever.
  5. There are no refunds, no exception. Once you purchase the course, it is yours to keep.

What to expect once you purchased the course:

* The course access information will be sent to the email address associated with your payment within 24 hours. If you don’t see it in your Inbox- please check Spam/Advertisement folders. Have a question – drop us an email:

Thank you! We are looking forward to create with you!




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