Abstracted Figures – Working in Series with Saskia Van Drunen




  • Course includes four (4) projects
  • 3 hours and 40 min of instruction videos
  • Art supply list (with purchase)
  • Closed FB group for students and instructor (optional)*
    *you do not have to be on FB to join this class
  • Unlimited access
  • Downloadable 
  • Refunds and exchanges are not available

Course Overview

Working in series is a great way to explore a new idea for a theme, a feeling, new art supplies you want to delve into, explore the elements of art more and find out what you love most and what works for you in your artistic development. This way you will create a cohesive series and eventually a body of work. Working in series is a wonderful practice to find your own style and voice.



In this course I will be guiding you in creating a cohesive series of paintings.

We will be working on four paintings at the same time. This allows us to work faster and do more in the same amount of time.

I will start by defining the why and how about creating in series and I will also be discussing the elements of art.

Then I will share my concept and process of the series we will be creating in this course.

I will show you what art supplies we will be using and discuss the main compositional rule to keep in mind, when you are working on a painting.

Now it is time to start the first layers of the four pieces we are going to create. I’ll show you how to apply collage and a mica flake medium. How you can use a pigment powder and water-based spraypaint.

To create a balanced painting, I am also going to explain something more about the compositional elements and throughout the course I will get back to them when I am reviewing my pieces in between layers.

Now it is time to show you what the general measurements of a figure is.

I am also going to demonstrate how you can use a free photo-editing program, to make a good composition and to use the composition to draw the figures with accurate measurements on the background pieces we already made.

When the figures are drawn on to the background, we will be using black ink to paint them, and alcohol ink to create some beautiful effects. I will show you how to apply gold leaf and how to review your work and add in final details so the series we have created is a cohesive collection.

As a bonus video I will show you how I adjust a tiny face I was not content about and in what way you can title your pieces.

This course entails 13 seperate lessons and has a duration of 3 hours and 40 minutes.

A PDF with art supplies, step by step instructions and reference photo’s

Lesson 1. Welcome: Introduction and class outline.

Lesson 2. Working in series, why and how?

Lesson 3. The elements of art.

Lesson 4. My concept and proces of this series.

Lesson 5. Art supplies and the main compositional rule.

Lesson 6. The first layers, collage, micaflakes, pigment powder and spraypaint.

Lesson 7. Compositional elements.

Lesson 8. The proportions of a figure.

Lesson 9. Using a photo-editing program to make a composition.

Lesson 10. Drawing the figures on the background.

Lesson 11. Painting the figures.

Lesson 12. Adding gold leaf, movement and final details.

Lesson 13. Adjusting a tiny face to abstract it more en final words.

skills studenrs will learn:

  • approaching working in series
  • working on several paintings at the same time
  • the elements of art
  • compositional rules
  • working in layers
  • mixed media techniques
  • drawing figures and their measurements
  • reviewing your paintings
  • using a photo-editing program
  • titling your pieces

The course access information /Art Supply list will be sent to the email address associated with your payment within 24 hours. If you don’t see it in your Inbox, please check Spam/Advertisement folders. Have a question – drop us an email: pyhas2018@yahoo.com.
No refund/exchange

We are looking forward to creating with you!

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