Wings and Petals with Mary Swift




  • Course includes one (1) project plus a bonus lesson
  • 5 and half hours of instruction videos in a real time (with option to speed up)
  • Copyright Free reference photos and list of suggested Art Supplies will be provided
  • Unlimited access
  • Downloadable 
  • Closed FB group for students and instructor till end of May (optional)
    *you do not have to be on FB to join this class
  • For any level of students, no special skills required except wonder of nature and desire to create!
  • Refunds and exchanges are not available

Course Overview:

  • We are painting a whimsical crow, playing in marbles amidst spring flowers.
  • Our project will be a layered acrylic painting, that starts from developing and sketching out our idea, talking about the structure of our object – bird and flowers, because understanding it brings you confidence to draw them right whenever you need it, not for this project only. Then we’re coming on with the free hand drawing straight to the canvas, followed by easy brush drawing composition, and free spirited underpainting, no need to attempt exact copy, follow your emotions! 
  • On the next stage we will transform our dancing splashes of colours into the flowers and feathers, work on the compositional focal points, create the character of our personage working closely on his portrait, especially the eye.
  • Finally, we will polish some details: gloss up the feathers, make the petals shine and glass marbles sparkle in the spring sun, using all kinds of strategically placed highlights!

skills studenrs will learn:

  • Understand the shape behind the line: schematic structure and basic anatomy of the bird.
  • Draw flowers easy: basic geometry of the flowers, that will make it easy to draw or paint them easy in any place and angle in the future.
  • From circle to sphere: how to paint a shining transparent glass ball.
  • Tell your story without words: express your idea through the painted images and composition.
  • Balance the square composition : find the centre, arrange the background elements in relation to the main subject.
  • Freedom of the strokes: blocking the background with passion and confidence, using your own intuition.
  • Attention to nature:  transfer real objects into decorative patterns, balance realism and decorativiaty. 
  • Which for what: sizes, shapes and motions of the brushes in different stages of painting.
  • Use what you’ve got to express what you want: there’s no need for any special materials or equipment to create your work.
  • Change facial expression, adjusting just a few key lines.
  • The source of light:
  • Apply light and shadows on the different shapes and different textured objects

About the artist:

Mary swift is a London based professional artist, driven by the love of nature and fascination of the crows and ravens. The third generation of artists in her family, Mary’s been painting and drawing from the early childhood. She graduated art school and University of Art and Industrial design, where she practiced traditional drawing and painting techniques as well as trained in space design and the art of interior specialising on textile. This background is allowing Mary to work freely in all mediums, including oil, acrylic, pastels, watercolours, any graphic and painting materials. The versatility of technique makes it fun to tackle any theme or subject, although birds are always the favourites, and there’s a story behind every bird you will see in Mary’s artworks.

She had five solo exhibitions and numerous shows, with art works represented in London at Kensington art fair, Hampstead Cass Art space, Summer Art festival, Brick Lane gallery, Oxo tower and Mall Galleries. Last year the painting Writing a poem, has become an award winner of The Crow Show in Swansea, and Mary’s raven painting Guardians of The Kingdom was presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on Her 95th birthday at Buckingham Palace.

Presently Mary is illustrating children’s book, the story about the birds of London, working as an artist brand ambassador for Edding UK stationary and art materials, creating series of paintings “Putting crows on the map” devoted to the corvids around the world, including portraits of ravens of the Tower of London, and always reflecting the glory of nature in seasons and the wonder of wildlife, in every new bright canvas.

What to expect once you’ve purchased the course:

The course access information /Art Supply list will be sent to the email address associated with your payment within 24 hours. If you don’t see it in your Inbox, please check Spam/Advertisement folders. Have a question – drop us an email:
No refund/exchange

We are looking forward to creating with you!

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