New class with amazing Natalie Mecham!


Hello dear friends! With Holiday season fast approaching we all thinking about special gifts to family and friends. But what could be better and more precious then handmade gift? The answer is – a gift created by you, with love and the special person in mind while creating it!

I’m super excited to present you a brand new class with amazing artist Natalie Chamberlain Mecham! Just in time for upcoming holidays!

In this fun and educational 4 weeks class Natalie Mecham is teaching a special unique technique which combines PAINTING and EMBROIDERY together.

For more information follow the link below:

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Class starts November 22, limited spots available due to instructor assistance in the students FB group.

We are looking forward to see you in class!

Big hugs and much love,



PYHaS2020 is now open for registration PLUS FREE membership GIVEAWAY


Hello dear friends,

I’m THRILLED to bring you another beautiful and creative year of learning and fun – Paint Your Heart and Soul 2020! Registration is now open!

Our very first Paint Your Heart and Soul was held three years ago. I started it because I had a dream, a mission, a call, to create art classes that are affordable for everybody and everywhere. As we all know, in person art classes are great, but they are not always available, require a long commute and / or are not affordable. Thanks to technology and quite a few generous artist instructors, now you can have just as great classes in the convenience of your own home and time! What is even better, you can watch, stop, rewind and re-watch demonstrations as many time as you want.

We had 18 artists instructors in the first PYHaS who believed in the mission and believed in me, and a few hundreds students who trusted us and helped build the most kind, friendly and inspiring art community online! Thank you for being there, nothing of it would be possible without YOU!

Three years and a few thousands happy students later, I’m super excited and grateful to bring you the biggest and improved edition, PYHaS2020, with 37(!!!) amazing artist instructors, DOUBLE THE SIZE at the same early bird price!!! 

Early bird price is only $99!!! Which makes every lesson about $1.50! It is less then a cup of coffee! I’m very fortunate that our artists instructors agreed to participate, to share their time and knowledge and make these great lessons available to you – our students, for such an affordable price.

* New! In PYhaS2020 in addition to 65 art lessons we added a business lesson, where you can learn about how to licence your art with your favorite retail stores. We hope this lesson will help those of you who want to take your art into the business world.

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Giveaway Update!
And the WINNER of a FREE membership is 🥁 🥁🥁 Nancy Latham Jenkins!!! Congratulations!!!

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Thank you for spreading the world! Good luck in the raffle! I hope to see you in class next year! <3

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Interview with artist Lucy Brydon

64677559_1552252781571528_7199351789328531456_o.jpgLucy Brydon with her Wullie 

Please introduce yourself

Hi! my name is Lucy and I live in bonny Scotland! I have been a primary school art teacher for nearly 15 years but have recently given up that work to concentrate on my own art business. I have several online classes at in gel printing and watercolour, as well as guest teacher slots in many online art courses. I exhibit my work locally and sell both locally and internationally!

Who are your biggest influences?

I love illustration and children’s book illustration in particular (think Arthur Rackham and the flower fairies for example) I also love the work of Brian Froud and Gustav Klimt, and I think my favourite art movement of all time is the Pre-Raphaelites.

What work do you most enjoy doing?

At the moment I am loving watercolor and gouache! I love painting glazed layers and tiny details I find it really relaxing.


Do you listen to any music/audiobooks while creating?

I love listening to podcasts while I work. At the moment I am a bit addicted to true crime podcasts and I also listen to creative art podcasts such as “creative pep talk” and “don’t keep your day job”, they are so inspiring for self-employed creatives!

What is your dream project?

I am doing one of them in August! I had dreamed for ages of hosting a retreat in a Scottish castle and in August this year I am fortunate to be doing that along with my two art teacher friends! Other than that I would love to do some retreats in sunny foreign locations such as Italy or Spain, and I would love in the future to own a house/space big enough to host my own retreats and art holidays.

Do you use symbolism in your art?

I’m not sure about actual symbols but I do draw inspiration in my images from my Scottish roots, incorporating hares and magical creatures that feature in Scottish folklore. I am also obsessed by the moon and forests and you can see this in my work I think!


What is the biggest challenge in your profession you have faced?

I think to be honest it is the fear of not having a regular pay packet! Although I think we just need to trust that something will always come along! Also I have a love hate relationship with social media. Its amazing in that it has connected us as artists to audiences and other artists all over the world, and opened up possibilities that we didn’t have before (such as online auctions) but it is also a total time sucker!


How did you start making art?

I have always made art I think! I remember when I was little I used to sit and draw after school. But for a long time I did more “crafty type” pieces. I used to do a lot of beadwork using tiny seed beads. Then when I became an art teacher I slowly got back into making my own art after several years of no drawing or painting. I was pretty rusty to begin with! It’s true that you need to constantly practice in order to get better.

Has your style changed a lot? 

Yes! I am terrible for not sticking to a style I like to experiment. When I started out I was definitely inspired by the mixed media collage girls type style and also did a lot of photo transfers, stamping etc. etc…Then I discovered gel printing and was smitten! Recently I have gotten into watercolour and I feel my work is progressing into a more illustrative style.

What does your daily/weekly artist practice/ritual look like?

I am not a good planner or good at sticking to a routine! This also depends on what I have going on at the time, so sometimes I am teaching in person classes and making and editing videos, sometimes I am creating original pieces or prints and products to put in my Etsy shop, and sometimes I am doing admin and paperwork (yuck!!) but I love the variety. I do wish I was more disciplined sometimes though!

Where does your inspiration and ideas come from?

I am inspired by nature, folk tales of Scotland, and children’s book illustrations. I love animals such as foxes and hares, and the moon and forests!

Do you believe it’s in your DNA, born of early life circumstance or a combination?

This is a tricky question I have no idea actually! I do believe that we have tendencies towards certain things (like art, singing etc) that is just in us somehow, but then those things are nurtured by doing them on a regular basis. None is born amazing at art it takes hours and hours of honing a skill which anyone can do, it’s just that the people that end up doing it have a burning desire to do it.

  Where do you create? How do you organize their work space?

I have a room in my house that I use as a studio. I used to have a studio space that I rented but that tragically burnt down in a fire a few years ago. Since then I have just worked in my house which is actually quite handy as I can work in my pjs if I want to. My room has everything I need for my art biz, workspace, shelf space for books and paper etc and my printer. I even have a day bed for mid afternoon naps. It’s pretty crowded and messy most of the time. I’d love a large spacious studio!


When creating does brand products or art quality items make a difference?

I think it depends what art materials you are using and how you want to use them. But for me, I definitely notice a difference in my quality when I use artist quality inks and watercolours for example.
For printing I love using Caligo safe wash inks or Golden Open Acrylics, and for watercolor I think having professional paints and good quality paper makes such a huge difference. I love Daniel Smiths and Schmincke and Arches or Hahnemuhle paper. That being said, if you are learning or just wanting to journal or practice do not be hindered by thinking you need to buy expensive art materials, You can create beautiful art just using charcoal or a pencil on paper!

♥♥♥  Giveaway  ♥♥♥


Lucy Brydon is giving away two fine art prints above and you can win! All you should do is:

1. Visit Lucy’s auction HERE and to comment on your favorite artworks! 

2. Come back and leave a comment with the title/s of your favorite artwork!

Lucy will announce the winner at the end of the auction on event page HERE.

Good luck!

* You can also find a post about giveaway at the auction page and to leave a comment there.

Big hugs and much love,



Interview with Bianca Garcia and a giveaway


My name is Bianca Garcia, I am a full-time artist. I am happily married (No kids yet). I was born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico.  I started painting with oils at 17, just after finishing my high school. But I have been involved in the art world since I was a little girl. My very old memories are drawing and coloring all the time, even in the middle of my school classes. The art has been my safe world, and it will be forever.

familiaMy husband on the left, on the right my younger brother, my Mom, and my Dad. Below my older brother, my niece (my daughter sister) and my sister.

  • How did you start making art?

When I finished my High school, I took art classes focused in Oil painting medium. That is why this is my main medium. I just took it as a Hobby, but then I could not stop making art. So, I decided to start my own art studio and teach drawing at first and then Oil painting medium. As I said before, I have been involved in the art world since little girl. My Dad is an artist too, he is a professional sculptor. He was my first Master and my biggest influence in my path as an artist.

l_1a03774913834f4b80195f21426d8c7e.jpgDrawing from 10 years ago.

  • Who are your biggest influences?

As I said before, my biggest influence has been my Dad. But talking about painters, one of my biggest influences is the great Master Monet. My art is very unlike to his, but I really love his work. I find it so beautiful, inspirational, and very relaxing. I would be standing for hours admiring his art and I would never get tired of seeing it. Some other living artists that have created an impact in my work are, Brad Kunkle, Olga Esther, Jana Brike, Ivana Flores, Charmaine Olivia and June Leeloo. I could write a long list, but they are my most favorites.

DSC07469Old picture from 10 years ago with my little artists.

  • Favorite or most inspirational place?

I could say that I don’t have have a favorite place, but actually it is my own studio. I mean I just love being alone most of my time and to find a place where it could be possible is not easy. To explaining it the better, it is not only an empty room what makes it special, it is what is hanged on the walls, and hidden in my bookshelves, those things make it inspirational. If there was a fire that would burn everything, the only I would need is a new room, and just a few days (after crying it a lot of course) to transform it into my sanctuary and the most beautiful, safe and inspirational place. Once it would be ready, I will not want to be in any other place.


  • What work do you most enjoy doing?

The work I love to do the most is painting eyes. Eyes have their own way to express all the feelings hidden in our souls. For me it is the easiest and relaxing thing to paint.  But I am going to admit that in the beginning it was not as easy. But because I do enjoy painting them a lot,  I never gave up on learning to paint them.


  • Where does your inspiration ideas come from?

I can tell you a little about what I like the most, and maybe it can give you a clue about where my inspiration ideas come from. I find so fascinating all the weird stuff. I love the tales with no happy endings. The mysterious stories with bizarre characters. I really enjoy watching the very old movies, or set in another era. I love cats, collect masks, write stories, make dolls, and spend alone most of my time. Some people ask why the characters of my paintings look so sad, but what I see is enchanting children and get inspired by melancholy souls.

The Phantom of the opera, this is my most favorite book, musical and movie, I could say that it has been my biggest inspiration.


  • Has your style changed a lot?

I don’t think my style has changed a lot, but I have considerably improved my technique. I believe we are beings of change, we need to move on. Sometimes, we change our favorite color, flowers, food, or even feelings. We need that changes in our lives much more than we think. So maybe the only thing I will be changing a lot is the way to express myself through my art.

My old work 

62112283_903350626677833_1097975872025001984_nMy recent work

  • When creating does Brand products or art quality items make a difference?

In my own experience, I can say that I have tried a lot of different surfaces and oil´s brand. And there is a big difference between them. Maybe it will not be easily noticed when the work is finished. But while painting this will be important if you want a rich palette of color and pigment. The most important will be in the process, while you are painting you are going to feel the smoothness of every brushstroke. Because once you have tried an excellent quality material you will not want to come back to use the old ones. (Or maybe just in a very extreme situation).

  • Is there a structure to practice, or is it inspired by the particular day?

For me, practicing every single day is a the most important step to improve in any art or work. I paint every day, unless I must go out home, I cannot stay without painting any day, at least 4 up to 10 hours per day.


  • What is the biggest challenge in your profession you have faced?

As a professional artist, my biggest challenge was finding my own style. How to hear my inner voice that said what it wanted to express and the way how to do it. How to take that idea from my mind and putting it on a canvas. To create harmony using my creativity while holding my brushes. It sounds easy but once you start the reality makes you change your mind. And that is a main step, because it is where you should try harder and where most people give up.

  • Words of wisdom to beginner artist.

There is a very known quote that says, “Every artist was once an amateur” and this is the most real statement. Some people ask me, how do you paint eyes like that? And the very first thing that comes to my mind is like a short video of hundreds and hundreds of hours painting until late, tired, making mistakes, sometimes crying because I thought my work was not what I expected, believing I was not good enough. Yes, we have some of those days once in a while too. But at the same time, it is so important not to lose your goal, make it a priority if this is your passion. Love what you do, and do not care what people thinks about your work, learn to love it first before asking for advice or criticism, and recognize that there is a lot of beautiful art which is just different from yours. And last but not least, is keep practicing as much as you can. And know that we never stop learning.



  • To see more of Bianca’s work and to follow her artistic journey, please follow her FB PAGE and INSTAGRAM
  • Online classes


By the end of the interview Bianca offering this beautiful set of art cards from her brand new Etsy shopjust because 🙂

UPDATE – Congratulations Nardja Segui, you won this beautiful set of art cards! Please contact Bianca via FB messenger.

To participate in the raffle all you need to do is to leave a comment to this blog before July 15th. The winner will be announced in my next blog next week. Good luck!


Big hugs and much love,



15 daring questions I asked Annie Hamman

Hello dear art friend,
I hope you had a lovely weekend.
Last week I interviewed my good friend and amazing artist Annie Hamman.
Here are 15 daring questions I asked her.

1 Q: If you could not do art for whatever reason, what would be your second choice?
A: Non-traditional healer: reiki practitioner, tarot cards reader, aura work, herbalist.

2 Q: Do you have to look at work of other artists or can you create without looking at something?
A: I can’t create without first looking at something for inspiration and absorb its energy. Whether its other artists work or a sea shell. I have to look, study, engage and feel what i am looking at. Then, i start painting.

3 Q: What’s your scariest experience?
A: Participating in plant medicine healing ceremony. I had to face intense fears of who I am and what my potential is.

4 Q: Is the artist life lonely? How do you deal with that?
A: Artists do have families, but we are often feel different, socially awkward, misunderstood, weird and creatively obsessed. And it does lead to feelings of acute loneliness. Finding a couple of weirdos like me, to be friends with, often helps. I only have a couple.

5 Q: Do you ever get discouraged when a piece doesn’t sell?
A: Yes, I used to be more so in the past. Eventually I started seeing it as an opportunity to own some of my pieces. After a while I look at these on my walls and realize they are my favorite pieces and I actually never wanted to part with them in the first place.

6 Q: How do you price your work?
A: I look at 2 things: what other artists are charging who are on my level of skill and do similar type of art, and another: what are the buyers in my circle are able to pay.

7 Q: What is the biggest challenge in your profession you have faced?
A: Struggle to preserve established style, because others learned to love it, and at the same time struggle to evolve and grow into a different style.

8 Q: Do you have superpower?
A: Yes, i can see into angelic realm.

9 Q: What is your dream project you never dare to try?
A: To write paranormal romance book. I always thought it to be ridiculously silly idea, but the pages of the books sometimes write themselves in my head.

10 Q: What do you most dislike about you?
A: I try very hard to pretend I am normal, instead of just being who I am and don’t care.

11 Q: How is your personality reflected in your art?
A: I tend to portray existential quest and sadness from being in this world, that I often feel in my heart.

12 Q: As an artist, where does your initial drive to create come from?
A: I seem to not have a choice. When I don’t create, I get very unhappy and irritable, and sink into depression.

13 Q: If you were a mythical creature, which one would you be and why?
A: Dragon. There is flying, and power, and majestic beauty.

14 Q: When you experience artist block, what do you do to get into creative flow?

A: I go and start creating anyway, without inspiration. I keep pushing until everything unlocks in a middle of painting, and suddenly it gets resolved.

15 Q: If you had a chance to be transported back in time and learn directly from an old master, who would you choose?
A: Pierre-August Renoir. He was the reason i fell in love with art when i was about 11.
Annie Hamman just opened registration for her online art workshop “Re-Connect to Nature”. It focuses on portraiture art: painting, drawing, sculpture, journaling, all with incorporated nature elements.
The best news is, it has an option of “pay what you can“. How awesome is that!
It starts 1st of July, you can see more info on registration page:

Have a wonderful and creative week,

Big hugs and much love,



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My lesson called “Mother” (project below)  was a part of “Embody” edition.

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Photo 5.png

My GIFT to you for Mother’s Day

Photo 6

Happy Mother’s Day! 

My gift for you is this e-print of the painting above!*

To print it on your own printer:

1. Click on the image (or hold your finger, if you are using your phone)

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This image is HD and best for  6″x 8″ print

* For personal use only. Sale in any form is prohibited.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Big hugs and much love <3


Sparks of Inspiration – first 3 winners!


It’s 11 PM and I’m finally ready to announce the winners! With the last day of a school break and with multiple posts and participants shares it took quiet some time, but I made it! Thank you ALL who participated!

Drum roll please! And the winners are:




Congratulation! Please send me an email to

If you didn’t win this time don’t get upset! You still have a good chance to win!

We have 12 more FREE Spots to give away!

To find out when the next draw and how to participate – click HERE

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New video to inspire!



Hello dear friend!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

A month ago I met with my artist friend Renata Loree and we spend a great time together chatting and painting! We did a FB live, and it was a lot of fun! We didn’t save this one and because many people missed it and by popular request we decided to do it again. Unfortunately FB was down, but we recorded it and now you can watch it!

Don’t forget to participate in the draw for giveaway for a brand new, 4 weeks long collaborative course called Sparks of Inspiration!


*To find out who are the artists-instructors and their schedule for giveaways – click HERE


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Good luck!



Sparks Of Inspiration – new course!


Hello dear friend!

I wasn’t planning on having any new courses this year, besides PYHaS. The beginning of this year was pretty stressful for me personally.

I haven’t painted for a couple of months, and when I got back to my studio, I didn’t want to do anything. I was looking at this big, expensive fancy paper and it made me feel even less excited.

So I started slowly. I set up a challenge for myself to create something little every day. A few minutes led to half an hour a day. I was using just a few art supplies at a time, plain objects around my house as inspiration and found papers. I didn’t share any of it on social media, it was just for me.

Each day got easier and I felt excited and happy to be in the studio again. It took a few weeks to get back to routine and feel inspired and ready to dive into bigger and more complicated projects.

I shared my idea about daily practice with a few artists who’s work I love and I’m very grateful that they got very excited about it and were willing to share their own experiences. Most of the artist instructors in this course are professionals and make a living by creating art and teaching. I also invited a few artists who have a day job and still practice art on daily basis, so it’s possible!

My hope for this course is to help artists establish a daily practice routine which will not only improve drawing and painting skills, but also spark your inspiration daily, using limited art supplies and objects around you.

You probably think “practicing art 6 days a week? That’s too much!” but I believe in you, you can totally do it! I hope that by the end of the course it will become your lifestyle, just like a cup of coffee in the morning, or any daily routine that makes you happy.

This course is for artists of all levels and even beginners will find it very useful and fun.

You can read all the details about Sparks Of Inspiration  HERE


The participation is open till April 21 midnight EST. The winner will be announced April 22.

I am giving away 3 free spots to participate in this course. To get in the draw, you’re asked to:

  1. Share the link below on social media:

  1. Leave a comment saying where you shared.

***each time you share on different social media platforms, you will be entered another time***

***if you bought the course and win the spot, you will be fully refunded***

We are giving away 15 free spots altogether!

To find out who are the artists-instructors and their schedule for giveaways – click HERE

Thank you for reading it to the very end!

Good luck!




Art Bundle For Good is finally here!


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