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Last week we had our first workshop with the South African artist and friend Annie Hamman and it was amazing!

I know Annie for many years through FB and this was the first time we finally met in person! Annie Hamman is an experienced and very generous instructor, and she is just a sweetheart. This combination made this workshop really special. New skills were acquired and friendships established. We had a great time together, shared stories and learned a lot.

It was so awesome to meet my FB friends, old and new, I miss them already!

Please watch the video below for some highlights from this beautiful class:

Below are the images of the demos from Annie’s workshop:

Annie’s last workshop in the USA is coming up August 7. We have a few spots still available, and I hope you will consider to join.

JEANNE E. :This was such a WONDERFUL workshop!!! I really enjoyed spending time with Annie Hamman painting soul filled portraits! She is such a wonderful encouraging teacher who shares her passion for story art with so much love and energy. If there is any way you can manage to take her workshop, GO!! You will be soo happy you did!!! I learned a lot and this is such a great opportunity to study with one of the very best. It was truly amazing how much we all accomplished in 3 days! I can not recommend it highly enough. Olga Furman was such a delightful caring hostess as well! She also shares so much love and joy. What a wonderful time we all had! It was a truly unforgettable experience that I am sooo happy I had!

KARIN: I am saddened that the workshops have come to an end. Olga Furman, our amazing host, held us with detailed care, generosity and simple magnificence. Annie’s teaching style, although highly structured and intense, allowed for each of us to explore our own level of competence and style. Her helping hand and observations were instrumental in my growth both artistically and personally. Her non shaming ways and ultimate respect of our personal needs and desires, created an atmosphere filled with safety, camaraderie, and fun. Annie’s trust that each of us would finish a painting a day, empowered me and gave me a renewed sense of what I am truly capable in my way into my artistry. The opportunity to have come to engage with an amazing group of women, was just a special addition to an extraordinary and unique workshop. I am excited to hear about the new adventures Olga and Annie might take us into in the future. A million thank yous to each of you and to each of my incredible dear women who shared a table with me.

MARIA M. :This precious workshop was the most wonderful experience of my life. Annie’s lessons are meticulous planned, explaining her techniques clearly as many times as necessary, encouraging me to go with my creativity with her gentle guidance and feedback based on her years of experience. My family and friends think my art is now at another level and had matured. This workshop is life changing, worth every penny and to attended was an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. So glad I took that opportunity. Thank you Annie for making this trip to the US and to Olga Furman for offering this opportunity. XO

JANE S.: This was an amazing three days with Annie Hamman!!! I loved her in-person workshop and would go again if I ever get a chance. I highly recommend this golden opportunity to learn from the best. I was concerned that I don’t have enough experience as an artist. But the entire group of women were so supportive. I am a better artist now as a result of attending. She has an incredible eye and insight to teach you new things. Love, love, love her so much! She is a terrific artist and teacher. It was delightful to be hosted by the infamous, loving, kind, extremely talented Olga Furman as well!!! Thank you both so much!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

MARIANNE M.: This was truly a magical experience. I’ve followed Annie for several years and made my decision to fly across the country to her workshop the moment it was announced but was more than I hoped for. Soulful art is what fills my heart and Annie’s encouraging and kind instruction helped me tackle one of my fears. Faces! and now I actually look forward to painting them. If you’re considering her workshop just jump in. You won’t regret it. Thank you Annie.

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  1. Maria Minor says:

    Love the video. I relived all the beautiful moments. Thank you Olga for an amazing experience so lovely to have met you in person and to meet such wonderful, talented, brilliant friends.

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