Paint Your Heart and Soul 2024 – the joy of creativity!

PYHAS2024 is the ultimate online
painting learning experience!


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PYHAS2024 is the ultimate online
painting learning experience!

PAINT YOUR HEART AND SOUL 2024 is a fun, informative, inspiring and interactive year long online collaborative painting course, with a main focus on portraiture, alongside with additional subjects like anumal portraits, still life and more, for beginners and intermediate level artists.

We cannot promise immediate results, but we offer the unique opportunity to learn from 43 amazing artists who will be teaching in PYHaS2024 (Paint Your Heart and Soul 2024) so you can build your skills weekly in a fun and supportive enviroment to become the artist you would like to be.

You don’t have to have any special “talent”, only a passion to create and the courage to step out of your comfort zone into a creative adventure unlike any other! You are not going to do this alone: our friendly instructors and supportive community of likeminded creatives will hold your hand and be there for you. And the best part – you won’t need to break the bank to pursue your passion – it will cost you around $2 per lesson when you purchase the full course, cheaper than a water bottle!


I’m over the moon excited and honored to host such an incredible program with the best artists from all over the world! How lucky are we for the opportunity to learn from and with such amazing artists!
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 At least 55 BRAND NEW VIDEO LESSONS, created exclusively for PYHaS2024

Scroll down to see our out of this world amazing instructors

 EXPLORE DIFFERENT STYLES such as classical, contemporary, impressionistic, illustration, mixed media as well as a variety of ART SUPPLIES such as Acrylics, Watercolors, Oils, Dry Media and more!

 UNLIMITED, LIFE LONG ACCESS to all the content

 Option to DOWNLOAD all course content to your computer



 A welcoming, inspiring, and supportive ART COMMUNITY ONLINE
We believe that interaction with other creatives is just as important as great quality lessons.
In addition to the lessons, we provide a private Facebook group for our students to share their artwork and get support from instructors and fellow students.
*Joining the group is not required to participate in PYHaS2024. Social media account is not necessary.

 An INSTAGRAM account featuring our students’ artwork weekly

  WEEKLY STUDENT NEWSLETTER with links to PYhaS2024 classroom on our website, new and reminders.

 Optional participation in the Students’ Show and Auction 

 GIVEAWAYS at the end of the year and much more!

I’ve been taking Olga’s Paint Your Heart and Soul Courses for the past few years now. It was the best decision ever. I learned more here that in art school. The varied styles and guest artists have been key in helping me develop myself into the artist I am today.
Who knew I would be a commission artist and my work sought after by others. I didn’t, but with continued practice and exploration of the tools PYHaS offer, I have found a success I hadn’t expected.
In addition, to be a successful part of the the Eclectic Art Show has been a dream. It has given me a chance to strengthen my confidence as an artist and person. It has been an honor to be associated with Olga and her group of creatives. Thanks for giving me wing to fly.”

– TAMARA M, student

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Examples of our instructors’ artwork (not the actual lessons): Rosso Emerald Crimson, Tracey Verdugo, Virgit Smith, Ildy Karsay, Andrej Blazon, Pilar Cereto, Saskia Van Drunen, Kate Higgins, Tony Burt, Maria Pace=Wynters, Renata Loree, Annie Hamman


We don’t promise magic; it takes time and effort to learn new skills and hone your art. However, PYHaS provides a very effective way to become the artist you’ve always dreamed of being because

  1. You will learn from the very best!
    We have over 40 amazing artist instructors who will share with you their knowledge, tips and tricks in order to create beautiful art
  2. You will be practicing on a regular basis, and we will encourage you to practice at least once a week for 50 weeks in a fun and friendly environment.

    You will not believe how far PYHaS can take you and how much closer you will get to your goal by the end of the course!

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♥ If your main goal is to learn how to create portraitsbut you also like to paint animals, still life and other subjects – this course is for YOU!

♥ If you feel stuck or suffer from lack of inspiration – this course is for YOU!

 If you’ve lost motivation in your creative life or feel bored creating alone – this course is for YOU!

♥ If you are ready to learn and explore new techniques – this course is for YOU!

♥ If you feel frustrated when using different kinds of art supplies – this course is for YOU!

♥ If you want to become a better artist and unlock your full potential – this course is for YOU!

 If you would like to meet like-minded friends, be a part of a welcoming and supporting online art community, and have fun – this course is for YOU!

♥ If your heart and soul is yearning to create – this course is for YOU!

Beginners are welcome! 
No previous experience in painting and/or drawing is required.

Examples of our instructors’ artwork (not the actual lessons): Kate Thompson, Russell Miyaki, Katrina Koltes, Artyshils, Pat Rios, Svitlana Prokopenko, Liz Frankland, Lorie Bennett, Donna Munro, Joan Martin, Cyndy Ross, Jerney Marisha, Jenny Manno, Jan Paron, Danita, Fran Schlosser, Gayatry Bapat Yelegaonkar, Cecile Yadro, Brandi Hofer, Bonita Hendriks, Dena Adams, Sonya Yencer, Basil Hefti, Ingrid Clare


This is the first year I’ve purchased PYHAS and it is WONDERFUL ! The variety and quality of artist/teachers is the BEST! It’s helping me to take my art to the next level. Each artist/teacher offers something unique and useful. I love how it’s set up too with the emphasis on portraits/figures, but with a good mix of other genres too throughout the year. And the BEST Thing to me Is the opportunity to participate in the student art auction! I just loved that! You do not find that anywhere else in any online art school! I was able to sell several paintings and was thrilled! Thank you Olga Furman !!”, – DIANA R., PYHaS student

“I am a total amateur and PHYAS is my first art class. I love to learn about everything and the teachers are just amazing. I can’t believe how much I learned. Every class is amazing. My friends and family are in awe because they know I never painted or drew anything. Thank you Olga!!”– MARIA I.M.M. PYHaS student

“This is my second year, and I Have enjoyed every offering. This program has gotten me through a lot of stuff. There are many beginner classes out there, so I appreciate that these classes are more challenging. There is a need for intermediate and advanced learning. I love looking at the various interpretations of the lessons. Thank you Olga.” – CAROL V. PYHaS student

“This year so far has been absolutely amazing  I love the variety and the surprise element of so different lessons and artists, and there is always lots to learn regardless of if the style initially speaks to me or not.” – TONE P. PYHaS student

“PYHaS is my favorite class! The only thing I’m sorry about that I didn’t join earlier. I was eyeboiling this class for a long time, I thought I could figure it all out by myself,… I learn more in a few month with all your amazing teachers than I learned in a few years with class here and there. I will for sure sign again! Thank you Olga and all the instructors for creating Paint Your Heart and Soul!” – LENA M. PYHaS student

“I learned a lot so far being part of this course and I get very inspired and I think this is really helping me to know in what direction I wish to take my own art. I know I can learn from every teacher here and I will try to make time for most of the lessons … Thank you Olga for all the hard work you put into this.” – KATRIN K. PYHaS student

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EARLY BIRD Preregistration – $129 ONLY, LIMITED TO 500 SPOTS!

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  • Lessons are delivered weekly in a password protected “classroom” on our website.
  • One or two lessons every Wednesday, for 50 weeks, starting January 3th, 2024!
  • Our video lessons provide full step-by-step instructions, from start to finish.
  • Lessons are accompanied by a list of art supplies and reference pictures (when used) via PDF.
  • You don’t have to complete all lessons. You can start from any lesson, skip lessons and go back and forth in any order.
  • It’s up to you if you want to follow the step-by-step instructions and create the same project as demonstrated, or make a completely different artwork inspired by the lesson.
  • Art supply list for each lesson is usually posted a few weeks prior to the lesson. You don’t have to buy everything on the list, unless you want to (I am always very tempted to try something new!). In most cases, you will be able to substitute listed supplies with whatever you already have on hand.
  • Students will receive email reminders with a link to the classroom through the weekly Student Newsletter.
  • Our hope is that at the end of the year, you will be comfortable to work with a variety of mediums, find your artistic voice if you are new to art, or advance and enrich your style if you are an experienced artist

Examples of our instructors’ artwork (not the actual lessons): Veronika Olivier, Lorraine Simonds, Natalie Mecham, Katrina Szyszkoski, Christa Forrest


  • After your purchase is complete, we will automatically email you the course access information to the email address associated with your payment.
  • The email includes a link to our online classroom which is located on my website. 
  • You will be invited to join our closed Facebook group for students and/or follow our Instagram hashtag
  • Every week we will be featuring some of our student’s work on our Instagram account.

Join us now!
EARLY BIRD Preregistration – $129 ONLY, LIMITED TO 500 SPOTS!

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