Paint Your Heart and Soul 2023


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Learn, get inspired and have fun!


Join for 50 weeks long creative adventure!





♥ at least 52 BRAND NEW VIDEO LESSONS (most likely more!)

  CHALLENGES to stretch your skills and enhance creativity

STUDENTS SHOW and AUCTION. Students will have an opportunity to show and sell their artwork through auction group (online)

♥ GIVEAWAYS at the end of the year!

♥ A password protected CLASSROOM on my website


♥   Private  FACEBOOK GROUP for students and instructors only, with supportive, friendly and inspiring  Art Community

♥  For INSTAGRAM users – an opportunity for students to be featured on our Instagram account. We also have a hashtag  for students’ work to inspire each other.



Registration is now open!
PRICE per PERSOn: US$199


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7 thoughts on “Paint Your Heart and Soul 2023

  1. Shelby Carbaugh Henley says:

    I am wanting to register for the raffle for free access to the 2023 classes. I scrolled all the way down on that page as instructed and saw no comment section. Here goes…
    My number is #227
    I wish to join the 2023 class because I am in desperate need of community with fellow artists. I am self taught and really know no other artists in my rural area. Its been 6 long months since I’ve had the energy and inspiration to create. I used to draw and/or paint every day. I feel this class will be inspiring, help me find my style/voice artistically, allow me to make friends and hold me accountable.
    I am currently unemployed due to illness, so I am Praying I win the slot through this raffle!! The refund sure would help!!

    • Colleen Larson says:

      I especially love the Paint your heart and soul portrait lessons.
      They have inspired me to investigate the human face and expressions further and learn the different techniques with different mediums.
      Mixed Media is fairly new to me but I love it. The instructors featured in PYHAS 2023 are fabulous. Each one is different in their approach to creating. It’s so exciting!
      I recently participated in the Student Eclectic Art Auction
      Wow! What a learning experience. All the Admins were so informative and helpful.
      I have never done anything like this before and I jumped in with both feet.
      All of my fellow artists were so positive and encouraging for each other.
      It is a community of wonderful, creative humans.
      I actually sold one of my paintings, that was exciting!
      Thanks to everyone!
      Colleen Larson

  2. Hattie says:

    I’m wondering if there could still be a discount for Paint your Heart and Soul.
    It’s a bit much for me at this time but would love to have something like this in my life.

  3. Beth Fisher says:

    I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with Olga Furman and her incredible classes. PYHAS23 has been an exciting adventure. This class is nothing short of amazing and I have been truly enamored by it.
    I was eligible to participate in the eclectic art auction for students organized by Olga Furman which was an absolutely fabulous experience. Alongside her wonderful classes, this event showcased the immense talent and creativity of fellow participants. It was a joy to be a part of such a vibrant and inspiring artistic community. Olga Furman truly creates an environment where art thrives and students can showcase their work in exciting and engaging ways.

  4. Melinda Tomasello says:

    Dear Olga, I can’t begin to say how much Paint Your Heart and Soul has helped me as an artist and emotionally. I have a degree in graphic arts and took extensive art classes in college and then later co-owned two design firms. Upon retiring due to the loss of my father six years ago, I started creating art and painting again after stepping away from creating art for over 30 years. I started PYHAS almost six years ago to refresh my painting skills and to heal after the loss. However, little did I expect to lose all four of my parents in that six years’ time. Paint Your Heart and Soul helped give me a place to heal and be productive. Olga Furman, you are a blessing and the artists that you’ve selected to instruct the classes are spot on. I love how you offer a wide range of art styles, mediums, easy to understand projects, and that there are different artist instructors each week from all over the globe. In addition, the support from the other artists members of PYHAS are a wonderful supportive group, they have helped give me the confidence to put my work out in the world. Thank you, Olga, for all that you do!

  5. Jo-Ann Ferguson says:

    Olga Furman has created a wonderful community of teacher and artist. My own creativity has grown and expanded. I am grateful to have a community of artist from all over the world to share art works with. It is a worthwhile experience. Thank you.

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