Unveiling the Journey Behind My Kessler Collection Contest Win

I’m thrilled to invite you to watch a captivating event that I was a part of, it’s a true celebration of artistic talent and creativity! The prestigious Kessler Collection have had The Next Original competition, and I was one the winners.  

This video will provide a unique opportunity to dive into the minds of the artists behind the exceptional creations that caught the attention of the Kessler Collection. 

I’m very honored and excited to be represented by Kessler Collection and have my art in all their beautiful Grand Bohemian Galleries! CLICK HERE to see my paintings available through galleries.

If you have any questions – don’t hasitate to leave a comment below.

Much love,

3 thoughts on “Unveiling the Journey Behind My Kessler Collection Contest Win

  1. Dragone Kimberly says:

    That was nerve wracking to watch….like a reality show. 😅 All were winners, but you were first in my book. Honestly 😍

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