The Art Of Creative Coloring with Jenny Manno




  • 1 Main lesson and 7 Mini lessons – tons of Alcohol Markers, blending and shading tips
  • 16 BONUS download-able PDF’s to practice with (you can print as many as you’d like)
  • Over 3 hours of content in the password protected “classroom” on our website
  • Unlimited LIfetime Access
  • Downloadable videos and PDFs
  • Private Facebook Group to share your efforts and to connect with instructor. You don’t have to be on FB to take the class.
  • Suggested Art supplies – download PDF
  •  No refund/exchange

Class Overview:

Learn how to fall in love with your alcohol markers, create beautiful skin tones, and fully developed works of art.

Alcohol Markers can be intimidating… UNTIL you’ve really given them the chance that they need to shine. They color just like a regular marker, however they BLEND beautifully. THAT’S the magic of alcohol markers. They pack a punch with their gorgeous pigment but are able to blend beautifully and don’t leave behind the “streaks” that traditional markers tend to do.

In this class I will show how AWESOME alcohol markers are!! You will learn how cool they are on their own and how versatile they can be when you combine them with other mediums such as your favorite colored pencils or chalk pastel pencils. I will remove any questions you have as to HOW to use them to their fullest potential. All you have to do is take the time to get to know them and then watch your future work explode with vibrant color and energy!

skills studenrs will learn:

  • Main Video lesson 1-4 students will learn:
    –  how to use your Alcohol Markers to create your very own abstract portrait,
    – how to blend and fix mistakes
    – how to add your finishing detail touches with ink, colored pencils and a poem!
  • Mini Lessons 1-6 students will learn:
    – how to create magic with your Alcohol Markers & Colored Pencils

  • Mini Lesson 7 students will learn:
    – the names and meanings
    – the placements of shading a portrait

  • Mini Lesson 8 students will learn:
    – how to use your Alcohol Markers to create layers of depth and movement in hair

What to expect once you’ve purchased the course:

The course access information will be sent to the email address associated with your payment on June 1st, 12PM EST. We are looking forward to see you in class!

Have a question – drop us an email:
No refund/exchange

We are looking forward to creating with you!

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