Fashionista – painting with pastels with Jenny Manno


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  • Price $59 
  • Course includes 5 lessons! 
  • Over 5 HOURS of instruction
  • Private FB group 
  • Classroom is open. Self-paced
  • UNLIMITED lifetime access
  • DOWNLOADABLE content

Learn how to paint glamourous portraits with dazzling jewelry, using soft/pen/pencil pastels!

Lesson 1 – learn several ways to create fabric;

Lesson 2 – learn how to create hair and the shading, with 2 different pastel choices;

Lesson 3 – learn how to do skin tones for a fair skinned and dark skinned person;

Lesson 4 – create fashionable jewelry, with highlights and textures;

Lesson 5 – learn how to map the face and create a beautiful fashionista, using the skills you learned.


  1. You should have basic computer skills, such as be able to navigate through my website, and should be able to know how to use your printer to print images.
  2. High speed internet is required to be able to watch the videos.
  3. Firefox or Google Chrome to be able to download videos
  4. We offer lifelong* access. All videos are downloadable and you can keep them forever.
  5. There are no refunds, no exception. Once you purchase the course, it is yours to keep.

What to expect once you purchased the course:

* The course access information will be sent to the email address associated with your payment within 24 hours. If you don’t see it in your Inbox- please check Spam/Advertisement folders. Have a question – drop us an email:

Thank you! We are looking forward to create with you!






11 thoughts on “Fashionista – painting with pastels with Jenny Manno

  1. Linda Payton says:

    I was signing up for this class and paying through PayPal. I was using my iPad and I think I may have not finished the transaction. I see on my bank account that there is a pending PayPal amount of $39.00 dollars. So maybe I did complete the transaction, but I not sure.

  2. Mary Jo Borton says:

    I am a new student and I love the way you teach! I especially like that you teach for free so those out there who can’t afford it can still have a lesson.
    Hugs, Mary Jo Borton

    Oh and almost forgot, this is my 70th birthday gift to myself. My hubby bought the pencils and whatever else I may need.

  3. Karen says:

    Would love to know what colours in the chalk paints we will be using. Would like to order now,as deliveries are still taking some time to arrive over here.

  4. Jeanne Martens says:

    Can resend me the supply list. The links aren’t working. Some questions I have are do I get the 7 or 20 portrait pan and do we get both Folk Art and Kristie Taylor chalk paint and how do I know which colors to get? Sorry for all the questions. Can you tell I don’t do this very often? Lol!

  5. Anette Severinsson says:

    I was singing up for this class and paying through PayPal February 17. From you I get that you received my order #21773 and it is now being processed. I have not get any password….please help me

  6. Judie Martinez says:

    I absolutely love this new found media, soft chalk pastels. Except one thing. I mistakenly purchased the Jane Davenport skin tones ‘BIRTHDAY SUIT” and colorful “CHILLED” pastel set. I am soo disappointed that I cannot get the intense colors like Jenny’s which I adore, and the carbothello chalk pencils don’t cover over them like she shows. Is this well known and do you recommend investing in the better pan chalk pastel sets as recommended to get the intense colors?
    Thank you. I am just not a pastel palette person and should know by now not to skimp on the better tools!

  7. olgafurmanart says:

    Hi Judie, the quality of your art supplies can make all the difference. Artist quality art supplies have better quality pigments and less fillers. As the result you get more vibrant colors and better coverage. Hope this helps.

  8. Suzie Soden says:

    Oh no, I missed the sign up for the fashionista sale yesterday, will you be posting another sale anytime soon?

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