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Painting class with Lucy Chen


 I know many of you can feel intimidated by oil paint, feel confused by all the media, or simply put off by the smell. You see, I’m a mother of two little toddlers and a kitten, and our living room is our studio, and I cannot afford to have nasty smells, or toxic materials laying around. So while all the projects in this course can be completed with acrylics, I will make it simple, easy, and safe for you to start exploring oil painting. 



  In our first project, I’ll show you how to use the Old Master Titian’s technique to make a realistic looking portrait. 

We will tap into our witchy and magical dreams, and discover what it means to you personally, to be a witch.  You will create a painting with a limited palette of only five colors that tells your story.  




 In our second project I’ll show you how to draw a portrait from a difficult angle, how to use gold leaf as the background, and how to surrender and listen to your muse as the painting changes and evolves. We will also talk about composition. 

We will start by developing collection of patterns and symbols that are meaningful to us, and even try to create our own sigil. You will then choose some of these to incorporate into your own painting. 




In our third project I’ll show you how to paint a portrait in an Impressionistic style, and use gold leaf to embellish your painting.  

We will take a look at our life stories, and take ownership of our witch power in our daily life. You will choose one of your daily stories to paint a self portrait. 


 BONUS 1 – Inspirational Sketching video 


BONUS 2 – NOT one, but TWO Mixed Media charcoal demonstrations!



 Downloadable almost 90 pages PDF! which include art supplies, print outs for tracing, and Step-By-Step Instructions to all 3 lessons! You can print PDFs and use it as instructional Art book, when electronic devices are not available or on the go!

There just maybe some extra bonus for you too, just because 🙂 



Who is this course for? 

This course is for all artists of all levels who wish to create soulful portraits that express their personal dreams and stories.

You don’t need a ton of experience.

You don’t need any experience with oil paint, in fact, acrylic works just as fine. You just need an open mind, and the courage to reach within. 



What will you learn in this course? 



·                painting realistic portrait with a limited palette 

·                how to translate the old master’s techniques into modern works of your own 

·                using grisaille and glazes to depth 

·                creating impressionistic portrait 

·                drawing and painting a face, three quarter and from a difficult angle 

·                drawing and painting hands 

·                different ways to use gold leaf in a painting 

·                using your personal symbols and patterns in a painting 

·                the basics to oil painting and materials for studio safety 

·                how to clean and take care of your brushes 

·                how to varnish your paintings to restore saturation and depth of color 

·                connecting with your dreams and personal stories and use it in your art and much more…


 What supplies do you need for this course? 


·                Oil or Acrylic paint in these colors: 

o      Flake White Replacement (from Gamblin if using oil), or Titanium White  

o      Ivory Black  

o      Alizarin Crimson  

o      Cadmium Red Light  

o      Gold Ochre  

o      Ultramarine Blue 

o      Burnt Umber * 

o      Raw Umber * 

  o     Transparent Oxide Red*

  o     Viridian*

·                If using oil paint, please have: 

o      Gamblin’s Gamsol (an odourless mineral spirit) 

o      Refined linseed oil, or cold pressed linseed oil 

o      Gamblin’s Gamvar (if you want to varnish your paintings)* 


·                If using acrylic paint, please have: 

o      Golden’s acrylic glazing liquid (gloss or satin) 

o      Or gloss medium, or any acrylic medium that helps make your color more transparent. 


·                Stretched canvas, canvas boards, or any hard substrate, gesso-primed. 


·              Gold leaf imitation (Schlagmetall, Ever Bright Gold Channel, size 14sm x14sm) and glue, for either oil or acrylic 


·                Assorted paintbrushes. Some soft, some stiffer.  


·                Paper, pencil, charcoal, and paper towel 


(* – optional )


After you paid, it could take up to 24 hours to get course access information. Thank you for your patience! If after this time you don’t see course access information in your mailbox-please check Spam/Junk/Ads/Other folders. If you have any question – please email to olga_furman2002@outlook.com


  *Lifetime access – as long as I’m in business and we are able to manage this site with reasonable effort. 


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  1. Sylvia says:

    Seems a real interesting course, but I like to download the videos so I can take them on holidays etc. so I can watch off line as well. Is it possible to download the lessons?

  2. Ellen Brant says:

    Lucy I took your waking the witch class and want to watch it again because it’s been awhile since I’ve played with oil . How do I get back on it so I can download it this time Incase I need to refer to it in the future. Thanks Ellen Brant

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