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While studying art, most of the time we used to work with real life sitters and still life setups. Later in life, when photo references became widely available in great quality and variety, I completely switched to using them instead.  Photo references never need to switch a pose, use the bathroom or go home… A couple month ago I got  an advertisement in my mail box for life drawing sessions, which promised models from both genders, and I felt excited. I can’t reallty explain why. I signed up.  At the first session I felt totally out of my comfort zone…  But I couldn’t wait for the next one!

… The model changed her poses so quickly that I didn’t have a chance to turn my page, so I just overlap one sketch onto another one, and another one, and I got 3 poses in the most wonderful composition!  I love when this happens  🙂 .  I painted sketch at home and it turned into the ‘Three Graces Hate Party’ painting.


“Three Graces Hat Party”,  24″ x 18″ , Sold.

Last week we had a snow storm and all the activities were cancelled. I set up my studio and asked my daughter to sit for me. She got excited, but not for long, LOL.


I hope you like this video and get inspired! If you don’t have volunteers to sit for you, you can just arrange a still life setup, a couple of apples and a vase could make a very nice composition. Set your timer to 10-30 minutes and give it a try.  Please post what you created in my FB group HERE, I can’t wait to see it!


The year long online course I’m hosting this year, Paint Your Heart and Soul, is getting the best reviews from their students! I don’t like to brag but….I’m getting emails from students almost on a daily basis expressing their gratitude and how the course exceeded their expectations. They really like the  techniques and talent out teachers share, the inspiration our students get and the progress they make,  the supportive community where we can open our heart and soul. This week’s lesson was taught by me, and here are just a few examples of students’ work, from the top left: Jennifer McCormick Rikkers, Susan Boles, Karen Stallard Nowviskie‎ and Gita Prana.


It’s not too late to join us! We just had our 5th lesson out of 40+ lessons this year.  Don’t worry about catching up!  You can start from any lesson, since all projects are totally independent. The course material is available until 2019, so there is plenty of time to do the course in your own pace. And you don’t need any previous experience in drawing and painting!!! Click HERE to read more about it and join!



*I’m teaching in the 21 SECRETS art journaling workshop!!! The theme of the current edition is emBODY and I’m sharing a very personal project, which could be as personal for you too. The course includes lessons from 21 teachers and all of them are super awesome! To find out more and to sign up click HERE


Announcing Valentine’s Day SALE!

Painting Dreamy Portraits  $49 (regular price is $60)

Monochrome Love $29 (regular price is $36)

Offer expires 2/14/17 Midnight.

Have a fabulous week and Happy Valentines day!

Hugs and much love to you all!


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