Highlights from my trip to Israel

Hello my dear friends,

Happy belated New Year! I wish all of you that 2017 will bring you only happiness, love and success in new beginnings!

The last two weeks passed like two days, and this is how fast time flies when you enjoy every moment of it. We were visiting my parents and those of my husband’s in Israel. There is nothing like spending time with mom and dad. It is amazing how you become a child again, and the smell of mama’s food brings you back in time. We were talking and laughing, and crying and remembering…

Here are some highlights from our visit there:

Incredibly beautiful beach in Ashkelon, the ancient city in Israel’s south, where my mom and dad live:

Mosaics from Tzipori (Sepphoris),  the capital of Galilee in the Roman era:

Akko (Acre), which used to be an important port city going as far back as the Middle Bronze Age, some 4000 years ago!


Nimrod Fortress in the Golan Heights, which was built in the 13th century:


The course I’m hosting this year, Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017, started last week. We all were super excited and my parents were very proud of me. They are totally blown away by all the beautiful art which was posted in the students’ group after the first lesson. Our next lesson is coming up this Wednesday, you can still sign up!

It was really hard to leave, but every “Farewell” brings a new “Hello”. Hopefully we are going to meet soon!

When we got back to the US it was snowing, a real winter wonderland! Home, sweet home! <3

Have a wonderful Monday my friends,

Big hugs,

Olga <3



9 thoughts on “Highlights from my trip to Israel

  1. Cheryl says:

    Welcome back Olga!
    Your parents should be very proud of your accomplishments!
    Everyone seems to just “Love” the first lesson and learning with charcoals.
    Here’s to continued success to us all!!!

    Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017

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