Painting Dreamy Portraits


Registration for Painting Dreamy Portraits Self Study is now open.

Price:  $60

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Hello and thank you for visiting this page!

The idea for this course came to me, when I was reading through a Russian Fine Arts college instructional book a friend sent me. When I saw the chapter about the Grid technique it reminded me how I used this method in Russia while copying works of old masters.

What we’re going to learn:

We will accomplish several projects, starting with still life (2 projects), progressing to painting portraits in mixed media (3 projects), using my favorite art supplies and painting techniques, while practicing grid method.

You will have hours of instructional videos, which you can download and keep forever on your device . The excess to the classroom will be available until August 1, 2018.

A Facebook group is available for students to share their work.

Is this class for you?

This class is for all skill levels, no previous experience in drawing or painting is required.

If you’re a skilled artist you will be surprisingly pleased to rediscover this method and I hope I could inspire you!

To be able to watch the videos high speed internet is required .

You should have basic computer skills, such as navigating on my website and to be able to use your printer, if you want to print images from the course.

Art supplies: 

Acrylic paints, white gesso, Inktense Blocks 12 or/and Faber Castell soft pastels, brushes, watercolor paper, deli paper, grid paper, designer paper, canvas boards, graphite pencil, compressed charcoal, wipes/paper towels/rugs…

Hope to see you in the class!

Price:  $60

Please purchase here

What former students say about this course:

‘The Painting Dreamy Portraits class Olga offers is amazing! I learned so much about composition, light, shadows…things I really use in my day-to-day artwork.  I also learned how to soften up my work – not to use such harsh lines. Thank you Olga, for a wonderful experience!!’ – Cary S., USA
‘Olga’s methods for drawing accurately, defining values, and using a variety of media have opened a new chapter in my development as an artist. I am so glad she shares her expertise with us through these wonderful classes!’ – Karen S., USA
‘This class is one of my favorites! I learned many new things from Olga
and I feel that my paintings have improved so much because of this class. As I move forward artistically, I find myself coming back again and again to review the lessons.- Debbie D., New Mexico
‘I did the course Painting dreamy portrait of Olga Furman.
I’m so happy i did this! She has a quiet clear way to explain every move she makes. I have learned so much and the next course i’m in! Thanks again Olga. Your art touch my soul’- Regina W., Netherlands
‘When I heard about Olga doing an online class I didn’t have to think twice about it and signed in immediately! I am still excited by her online class ‘Painting Dreamy Portraits’ and still look at her videos. It’s the best class I’ve done so far. She is a very good, loving and dedicated teacher and I have learned so much!! I highly recommend her class and when new classes are available…I’m in!’ – Marielle W., Nederlands
‘I am so glad I took the class. Olga is such a good teacher, she is there every step of the way and really shows you how to paint in her videos. I can now paint like a real artist, love the grid method.’- Debi J., USA
‘I was excited when Olga mentioned she was doing an online class. I learned some new techniques, and she explains things very clearly. Her grid technique has many wonderful benefits for seasoned painters and for beginners. You can use it to exaggerate the portrait, and I like this. She’s a wonderful teacher and artist’ – Mariette H., Canada 
‘I loved my class with Olga and she does “magic” with her brush plus inspires me to create some wonderful pieces…..also gives away some of her “special” tricks that help to produce her amazing art’ – Tari E., USA
One of my students wrote about her experience about my course on her blog here:!Painting-Dreamy-Portraits-4th-week/c17zr/5775538d0cf2bcae6e444daf
Examples of students artworks completed during this course: