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Hello my dear friends,

It was a while since my last blog. There are a few reasons for that:  I’m always busy with PYHaS2017 year long course I’m hosting this year. I also was preparing a lesson for 21Secrets art journaling course, and  I finally got to work on my new mini course Petit Papillon I was thinking about since last year.

Editing videos is a serious part of preparing online classes. I always make sure to explain each step and show everything I do, even when things don’t go as planned initially. I think it is important for students to see, that I struggle many times and to show how to get things work out. On another hand I cut out every single second where there is no action. Time is precious and I wouldn’t want anyone spending it on watching me thinking and trying to figure out what’s next. That said, editing takes really very long time.

ppI’m very happy to finally finish editing for my new online course Petit Papillon (Little Butterfly) I just love how it sounds in French! I absolutely love this theme and it fits great with spring mood and the outcome of this course could be a great gift for the upcoming holidays. Registration was opened Tuesday night and by today, more than half the class is full already! Wow! Thank you to all who signed up! Oh, and I’m also giving away a single $25 Amazon Gift card, don’t miss out on participating in the draw!

For more information and to join course click HERE

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