*Paint Your Heart and Soul 2021

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Join for 50 weeks long creative adventure!




  6 CHALLENGES to stretch your skills and enhance creativity

♥ FUN ACTIVITIES: Artwork Exchange and Student’s showcase!

♥ GIVEAWAYS at the end of the year!

♥ A password protected CLASSROOM on my website


♥   Private FACEBOOK GROUP for students ONLY with supportive, friendly and inspiring online Art Community

♥  For INSTAGRAM users – PYHaS account where we feature students’ work and inspire each other

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Learn, get inspired and have fun!


15 thoughts on “*Paint Your Heart and Soul 2021

  1. Janice Schubert says:

    I’ve signed up and paid my fee. I’m a novice with online classes and workshops. Is there a link where this process is explained? Looking forward to this adventure! -Jan

    • olgafurmanart says:

      Hi Janice. Did you get your course access information? It should be in your email associated with payment. If you don’t see it in your Inbox – please check Spam/Junk. You can find explanation about how course works by following the link in that email. We are looking forward to create together!

  2. Katherine Pippin Pauley says:

    I signed up for the 2021 classroom but am unable to access it. My computer is automatically putting in the password used for the 2018 Around the World course and it does not work. I do not believe that I have ever put in a password for the Heart and Soul course. At any rate, I do not see a way to change the password.

    • olgafurmanart says:

      All you need to do is to “clean up your browsing history” ( you can google how to do it) and restart your computer. It will help.

  3. Linda McElvey says:

    What is your refund policy? I signed up in September and suddenly my situation has changed. I would like to drop out and hopefully try again next year if a refund is possible.

  4. Cindy Morse says:

    I am signed up but lost all my e-mails when I got a new phone.
    Can you resend me the info I will need for the class.

  5. Katherine Pippin Pauley says:

    I signed up for Paint Your Heart and Soul in September 2020. I am unable to access the classroom, my password is not working.
    Katherine Pauley

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