*Paint Your Heart and Soul 2022

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PYHaS2022 – the joy of creativity!


PRICE per PERSON  $169 USD for 50 lessons!
(95% off from the value!)

You are one click away from your happy place!

Final Sale: no refund/exchange

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Unlock your full potential as an artist! 

Join for 50 weeks long creative adventure!




♥ 50 PDFs (one for every lesson) with list of suggested ART SUPPLIES and REFERENCE IMAGES (when applied)

Main focus: FACES and FIGURES but not only! We included lessons with pets, still life, landscape and more!

4 Group sessions dedicated to ARTISTIC LIFE STYLE with certified life coach

  6 CHALLENGES to stretch your skills and enhance creativity

♥ FUN ACTIVITIES: Artwork Exchange and Student’s showcase!

♥ GIVEAWAYS at the end of the year!

♥ A password protected CLASSROOM on my website


♥  Private FACEBOOK GROUP for students ONLY with supportive, friendly and inspiring online Art Community

♥  INSTAGRAM account where we feature students’ work and inspire each other

FOR BEGINNERS AND EXPERIENCED ARTISTS NO previous experience in drawing and painting is required prior this class. 

Learn, get inspired and have fun!


14 thoughts on “*Paint Your Heart and Soul 2022

  1. Laura Ciancanelli-Reid says:

    Hey is there another way to pay than Pay pal? Like a credit card option? I am excited to join but do not have PayPal. Thank you.

  2. Estelle says:

    Part of the PYHAS2021 journey and loving every minute. Thank you for a chance to be a part of this journey again by giving away free spots! 😙 Only way at the moment for us in South Africa after the devastating results of lockdown.

  3. Diana RIUKAS says:

    This is the first year I’ve purchased PYAS2022 and it is WONDERFUL ! The variety and quality of artist/teachers is the BEST! It’s helping me to take my art to the next level. Each artist/teacher offers something unique and useful. I love how it’s set up too with the emphasis on portraits/figures, but with a good mix of other genres too throughout the year. And the BEST Thing to me Is the opportunity to participate in the student art auction! I just loved that! You do not find that anywhere else in any online art school! I was able to sell several paintings and was thrilled! Thank you Olga Furman !!

  4. Amy Pugh says:

    I just want to say that the classes are really well done. I love that you can go at your own pace or participate in a weekly basis on Facebook and get feedback from the teachers and other students. With having a full time career, it is nice to have these lessons to come back to when it is convenient. The artists chosen to teach are wonderfully skilled and very helpful.

    It was also a great experience to participate in an art show on Facebook and learn tips on how to promote listings, put work out there, and interact with potential buyers of my art.

  5. Tamara Mulkey says:

    I’ve been taking Olga’s Paint Your Heart and Soul Courses for the past few years now. It was the best decision ever. I learned more here that in art school. The varied styles and guest artists have been key in helping me develop myself into the artist I am today.
    Who knew I would be a commission artist and my work sought after by others. I didn’t, but with continued practice and exploration of the tools PYHaS offer, I have found a success I hadn’t expected.
    In addition, to be a successful part of the the first Eclectic Art Show has been a dream. It has given me a chance to strengthen my confidence as an artist and person. It has been an honor to be associated with Olga and her group of creatives. Thanks for giving me wing to fly.

  6. Janne Potter says:

    I had the opportunity to participate in the Eclectic Art Auction…put on for current students of Olga’s Art School. What a wonderful experience all round! My first time doing such a thing…was I nervous? You bet I was! Was I excited…equally so. One of the best parts is “meeting” other participants and talking about art. Ohhh such fun it was and I learned how to participate in a real on line auction. Learning first hand guided by Olga and the auction administrators. I don’t think there is another learning experience like this out there. What a HUGE BONUS for Olga’s students😁❤️👍

  7. Corinne Bekker says:

    I’ve been taking Olga’s PYHAS class for a few years now and there’s always such interesting teachers. Often there are many – so always a few with whom you have a special click. I’ve loved it very much and get inspiration from the different approaches and techniques the amazing teachers/artists share with us. I’ve even followed some of them to other classes to get some more kicks! And then back to inspiration here! It’s great to be able to blend all these styles into my own – a process of years that is still going on!
    I’m very happy to be in the Eclectic Art Auction this year to share my art and sell some of it. Learned a lot by doing – by working on presenting the art in a fun way. Working side by side with other artists and make it a fun event has been a wonderful experience. Thanks Olga for making it happen.

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