#StayHomeAndPaint – Day 4

Inspiration: Spring


Hi guys, how you doing?
I hope you are as well as expected those days.
Today we have a guest – my friend and amazing artist from Italy Katrina Koltes, who prepared for you this beautiful challenge.
“I’ve always love taking daily walks in nature.
Since we have been in quarantine here in Italy, I have missed them more than ever.
There is something so healing about walking barefoot in the grass, listening to the birds chirping, and wind rustling through the trees.
It takes away the stress of every day life, grounding and refreshing my body and soul.
I chose this photo reference because here in Italy spring has just begun.
The flowers are blooming and the sweet smell of fresh air greets me at my window, making me long for those nature walks again.
I try to look at things positively, that with no cars or factories running since weeks the air is so much cleaner and we can actually hear the birds singing.
There is a sense of peaceful quiet, and I believe mother nature is having her much needed respite.
I hope you also can all find something positive in this difficult time, especially by creating together we can imagine how this world can be a better place after this is all over.
I can’t wait to see your versions of this beautiful picture in nature.
Much love,
Katrina “


Today we have 3 assignments:

First assignment:

Open your window and spend at least 10 minutes breathing fresh air. Relax and think about beautiful walk in nature. If it’s still cold on your part of the world – make sure to dress  accordingly.

Second assignment:

Draw/paint from references above using watercolors or ink. Use your favorite colors. Don’t worry about outcome, enjoy the process.

Third assignment:

This assignment is coming from yesterday’s challenge – don’t forget about vitamins: eat some fresh fruits /vegetables.


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Stay safe and productive,




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