#StayHomeAndPaint – Day 5

Inspiration: 1960 Fashion

day5.jpgFashion & Surrealism.jpg

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent

Beatles Original Dress Black Polka Dot 1964 For Sale in Bolton, Lancashire _ Preloved.jpg


Hello dear friends!

What do you think about 1960 fashion ?  Most of the dresses from the designs above  were black & white, pink & white, or blue & white.

I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and very inspiring! I also love those low definition b&w images, because they take away unnecessarily details leaving no more then 5 values, which make painting process a little bit easier.


Today we have a lot of assignments:

First assignment:

Put a lovely music on, I would suggest Beatles,  but by all means any of your favorites will do. Dance for at least 5 minutes, better 10 before you start painting.



Second assignment:

Draw/paint from references above using black and white, pink & white, or blue & white. You can paint each reference with a different mediums, for example:

charcoal or graphite 

charcoal + acrylic paint

Acrylics or Oils

Oil pastels

Watercolors or Inks

Don’t worry about outcome, enjoy the process.

Third and forth assignment are from previous challenges:

*Open your window and spend at least 10 minutes breathing fresh air. Relax and think about beautiful walk in nature. If it’s still cold on your part of the world – make sure to dress  accordingly.

*Don’t forget about vitamins: eat some fresh fruits /vegetables.


Share what you created on Instagram/Facebook with #StayHomeAndpaint

Share in my Facebook group: Olga Furman and Friends Dream Stories Art 


Stay safe and productive

Much love,





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