#StayHomeAndPaint – Day 3

Inspiration:  simple still life



Painting simple still life could be very rewarding and relaxing. Even if you are a portrait painter and still life is not your cup of tea – please give it a chance, I promise you will not regret!

I took those pictures at The Art Students League of New York‎ a couple of years ago. I love the lighting, textures, vibrant colors against neutral walls! You might want to crop it if you want the subjects to be closer to you (save pic on your phone and edit it).

Home Work

Today we have 3 assignments:

First assignment:

Draw/paint from references above

Second assignment:

Set up your own still life, preferably by using fresh fruit/vegetable you can find in your fridge.

Now you can draw/paint from your own set up. You can do it from life or take a picture and paint from your photo reference.

Third assignment:

Wash your fruit/vegetable thoroughly and eat it. There is nothing better for immune system then vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. Bon Appetite and stay safe!


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Have fun!



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