A few things…

Happy New Year dear friend!

I hope this year has started on the right foot and my email finds you well.
A few things I wanted to share with you :

A. You already know that there is a devastating fire going on in Australia r i g h t  n o w.
You probably wished you could help but didn’t know how to go about it.
I wanted to share with you a link to an emergency fund to help wildlife, where you can donate:

I found about this organization through my artist friend from Australia, Tracey Verdugo, and I thought that if all of us donate even a few dollars we can make a real difference!
As a thank you for donating I’m offering a special GIVEAWAY that you can win – my online painting course”Garden Flowers” (worth $65)  (you can read about this course HERE)

1. Donate any amount to Wildlife fund in Australia (or any other fund for that reason, just keep your recept)
2. Comment that you donated on my blog


I will choose 3 random winners from those who donated February 3rd. Thank you and good luck!

I know that not everybody can donate and it’s ok. You can still help by sharing the link to the fund on your social media. Thank you!

B. Paint Your Heart and Soul 2020 starts Wednesday, January 8th!
If you already purchased the course – please don’t forget to join our FB group!
The group is already buzzing with happy excitement!
Hundreds of beautiful creatives from all over the world joined us already and we hope to see YOU there too!

PYHaS2020 is now on sale for $125
only through January 7th!
( original price $169 from Jan.8, 2020 )

This is our LAST sale before class starts. For more information click HERE.



C. I didn’t share my resolution for 2020 yet, because I just couldn’t put it in words, then I saw this quote and it said it all.

Image result for quote for resolution for new year


Big hugs and much love,


14 thoughts on “A few things…

  1. chrislallyart says:

    Thanks to you, Olga, and Tracey Verdugo, I was happy to donate thru PayPal. God bless you guys and this wonderful organization.

  2. Lisa Denham says:

    I donated. In America I ran an team of whale and dolphin rescue for many years. Animals in need are very close to my heart. I also had a feral (wild house cat) catch, spay/neuter, release program with my vet.
    Best of luck and stay safe! Lisa Denham

    • olgafurmanart says:

      Congratulations Lisa! You won a spot in “Garde Flowers Course”!
      To get your course access information please send an email to pyhas2018@yahoo.com with subject “Garden Flowers Winner from Blog”. Thank you! <3

  3. Annie Hooten says:

    Hi Olga,
    Thanks for helping me figure out how to comment! I lived in Australia for 12 years (and was never going to leave until I met my (now) husband from Albuquerque. I donated and pray that the horrible fires can be brought under control.

  4. lisa guthrie says:

    Darling Olga, Thank you so much for posting this. I was having trouble deciding where to donate money to help animals in Australia. This organization looks really good. I donated through PayPal and passed the information on on my Facebook page and my Instagram. In fact, I just noticed that I donated twice! 🤗

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