Paint Your Heart and Soul 2023- registration is now open!

Hello dear friends! I can feel butterflies in my stomach!!! I’m so excited to announce that the registration for a brand new and shiny PYHaS2023 is now open! Woohoo!!!!! Yay!!!!! Happy dance!!!!

This will be 7th year I’m hosting this amazing collaborative, year-long online course, and I feel so very lucky to bring you the best of the best each year, and just when you think it couldn’t get any better – here it is – a new and improved, PYHaS2023!

Just look at this mind blowing lineup of the instructors and imagine how much you can learn from ALL of them, how many styles and techniques to discover!

I feel so lucky and grateful to collaborate with 44 amazing artists that will be teaching in PYHaS2023 next year! Someone just please pinch me!!!

If you were ever interested to learn how to create beautiful art (portraits especially, but not only!), or looking to improve your skills and be inspired all year long, in the company of likeminded creatives – this class is for YOU, your wait is over!

Life is too short to wait for the perfect time. YOU DESERVE TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE, and the perfect time for you – is NOW!

The content we offer is outstanding and worth every penny even for the full price, which is 95% off from its value already, but if you are quick enough, you might be able to get the the Early Bird discount and save $80! This is really incredible!

Early Bird spots are usually selling out really quickly, so we can’t guarantee that by the time you are reading this blog there are still spots left.

Early Bird 40% OFF – $119 ONLY, limited to the first 500 spots ONLY!– SOLD OUT!

Buy Now

Payment plan of up to 3 monthly payments is available on request for a limited time only. 
Please email to request a plan

Lessons start January 4, 2023, and new lesson/s are to be released every Wednesday for 50 weeks.

By the end of 2023 students will get access to over 50 (most likely around 60) step-by-step video lessons from over 40 amazing working artists!

PYHaS2023 is provided with lifetime access to all the lessons, so you can watch the videos again and again even after the course is over! You can also download videos if you are planning to watch them offline.

Make art, feel better!

Rediscover your creative self and nourish your soul!

Swipe through to see the representative samples of artwork by artist instructors that are in PYHAS2023 (this are NOT from the actual lessons). The artists are currently working on brand new lessons in their signature styles.


This year we are giving away 45 FREE SPOTS to lucky winners! How awesome is that!!!

To find out the schedule for the raffles – CLICK HERE. Good luck!

I’m looking forward for a creative 2023 with YOU!

Big hugs and much love,

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