Collage course students showcase and a Free video

Hello dear friend,

I was blown away from the outcome from “Collage, Color, Composition” class, and I just couldn’t help myself but share it with you

I loved to create this course and I think it was the most fun course for students I’ve ever made.

The best part of creating collages is that everybody can do it!

Obviously, you have to know composition rules and how to choose a beautiful palette for your work (and this is what this course is about 😉 ), but if you never created art before, you will be able to create a masterpiece with collage.

And it’s also feels great finally to put in use some magazines you just didn’t have a heart to let go, and recycling and creating art at the same time is very satisfying 🙂

The course has 21 videos and it packed with techniques, tips, and hands on!

I divided students showcase into 2 parts: ATC cards and the rest of the projects. I tried to include everyone, who gave me permission to share (thank you guys! ) and I apologize if I missed someone.

The “Collage, Color, Composition” is now available as a self study course and you get an  access to all the course material immediately (well, as soon as I see your purchase, within 24 hours or earlier).

Get $10 OFF, by using Coupon Code: welcome  at checkout.*

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Many of you asked, where could you find the right pictures and what exactly to look at . A FREE Video from Collage, Color, Composition will help you to find those answers.

I hope you feel inspired and already think about to go to your studio and start cutting,  recycling and creating! And making collages as gifts to your friends and family for Valentine’s 😉

Happy creating!

Love, Olga



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