Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018 Early Bird Sale and Giveaway

One year ago, today, was announced first collaborative course I’ve ever hosted, ” Paint Your Heart and Soul” 2017. I feel very grateful for an absolutely amazing artist-teachers, who took a part and for all the wonderful students who joined us! The course became much more then I even expected! Thank you again to the artist teachers for sharing your knowledge and experience so generously, and for everybody who opens their hearts and poor it into art.

You can still join us! PYHaS 2017 is on SALE (limited time offer) We have another 14 weeks till end of the course! To find out more, click HERE

Many beautiful, soulful art was created and many stories was shared, and I feel kind of bitter sweet. From one hand I don’t want 2017 to end, but from another hand I’m very excited about next year!

Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018

Next year PYHaS is back, with NEW, BIGGER and equally AMAZING group of Out-Of-This-World Artist Teachers! That means even more content and even more variety of painting techniques and approaches, lessons and stories! For more information about this wonderful course and who the artist teachers, and how to join – click HERE

Frame Artist (2)


To celebrate this wonderful course each Guest Teacher is giving away a FREE spot! I’m giving away 3 Free Spots, myself! This makes 26 FREE Spots !!!

 I’m giving away 3 FREE Spots on September 10, 2017 

To enter the draw do the following:

  1. Share this course on one (or more) of your social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Please use the IMAGE ABOVE and this link:

2. Leave a comment (click on “comments”),  where you shared and each time you share, I will enter your name again into the draw

The winner will be announced on September 10 here, on my blog.

If you already bought the course and win a spot – we will 100% refund you!

Thank you so much for spreading the world and good luck!

UPDATE: Congratulations to winners of free spot in PYHaS2018:




Please contact me by email with subject “GIVEAWAY WINNER” to get course access information.

Thank you to all, who participated! You still have a great chance to win! Follow the schedule below and good luck!

I’m looking forward to see you in “class”!

 Guest teachers Giveaways Schedule 

Follow each artist blogs to participate in the drawings and for the better chance to win a Free spot!.

Renata Loree  12-Sep-2017
Sara Burch 13-Sep-2017
Karine Bosse 14-Sep-2017
Lucy Brydon 15-Sep-2017
Katrina Koltes 16-Sep-2017
Robynne Engel-Pirkle 17-Sep
Lucy Chen 5-Oct-2017
Kate Thompson 9-Oct-2017
Pam Hayward  20-Sep-2017
Natalie Mecham 21-Sep-2017
Lora Murphy 22-Sep-2017
Annie Hamman 23-Sep-2017
PiaRom 24-Sep-2017
Nikol Wikman 25-Sep-2017
Mystele 26-Sep-2017
Tina Berendsohn 27-Sep-2017
Leslie Wood 28-Sep-2017
Ursula Wollenberg 29-Sep-2017
Roselyn Pratt 30-Sep-2017
Shijun Munns 1-Oct-2017
Lucy Jordan 2-Oct-2017
Christie Harris 3-Oct-2017
Tracey Verdugo  4-Oct-2017

We are all very excited about this course and can’t wait to create together! 


Yours truly,




72 thoughts on “Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018 Early Bird Sale and Giveaway

  1. Joan M. Miron says:

    I just saw the announcement for the early bird price for 2018’s on-line classes. Wow, hard to believe 2017 is coming to a close. Very excited to learn more and create more with the new class. Love it!

  2. Susan Kegerreis says:

    I shared on Google+ and also on Facebook. The course looks like it’s chock full of incredible content!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. ronshl1 says:

    Hi, Olga, I am currently in your wonderful Paint your heart and soul 2017. I live your kibe-up of teachers for 2018 and woukd live to win a spot for the next year. I shared the post on FB. Tbanks for this opportunity

  4. Debbie Keel Riddle says:

    Olga, I so love all your classes…. I can’t wait for next year. So many wonderful artists to help us on our artistic journey. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot!!! I have shared on Facebook and Twitter!!! and will continue to share!!!

  5. Susan Morrison says:

    Hi Olga
    So much fun this would be! I just love your style and it would be utterly amazing to win a spot in this year long course. It would mean so much to learn from so many wonderfully talented teachers. Thank you for this opportunity. I shared on Twitter.

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