Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018

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“Paint your heart and Soul 2018”

**Downloadable videos and PDFs **

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PYHaS2018 course is a collaboration of international artist-instructors, visual story tellers and dreamers, who create and share their beautiful imaginative world with us!

I’m honored to host such a talented group of creatives together in this truly amazing, welcoming, one of a kind, informative, supportive and fun online art course!

After super successful PYHaS 2017 we are back

with an even bigger team and even more content!!!

In 2018 we have 24 Artist Teachers! Some of us have academic credentials in the Arts and some are self taught. You might already be familiar with some of us, and some you will meet for the first time. Most of us are professional instructors, but for some it will be their online debut!

We all work with different techniques and materials to create beautiful art, which touches the heart and speaks to the soul. We are looking forward to share our tips, tricks, knowledge and experience with you in order to create ‘soulful’ art!

The price is a fraction of its actual value, and if you are somewhat familiar with online art classes, you know this is an irresistible deal!


What kind of artwork are we going to create during PYHaS 2018?

  • We will mostly be creating Soulful Art with a visual story, which includes portraits and figures on beautiful backgrounds, but that’s not all!
  • In addition, we will provide a few lessons on painting landscape, flowers, birds, and animals (about 20% from all the lessons), which can be used to and expand our visual story telling ability.
  • We are going to explore and practice Art Styles that are unique to the artist teachers – Traditional and Modern, Realistic and Semi-Abstract, and some Art Journaling too;  Strategies – how to map face, hands, figures and other subjects, how to apply values and choose harmonious palette, etc.
  • We will work with variety of Art Techniques. Mostly with Acrylics and Mixed Media, but not only! We also offer a few lessons in Encaustic, Water Colors, Oils, Gelly Printing and more!
  • Artist teachers will share the sources of their Inspiration and how they adopt it into paintings.
  • We are going to open our heart and soul, and express ourselves through art, find our artistic voice and develop our own Artistic Style


What does PYHaS 2018 include:

46 Brand New, in depth, step-by-step instructional video lessons, created exclusively for this course! Some lessons are longer and some shorter, some easier and some more complicated. All videos are downloadable

46 downloadable PDF files, which accompany the lessons and include Art Supplies, References and step-by-step Instructions. You can print them out and use them as an Art Book, when on the go.

*  Fun Activities: Happy Mail Exchange; Challenges; Teachers GIVEAWAYS; Students Auction at the end of the year (It is up to you whether you would like to participate or just follow the action).

*A password protected Classroom on my website, where you can see Weekly Lessons, Tentative Calendar and Art Supplies, suggested Art Books and Free Videos, information about Copyright Free websites for reference and inspiration, Instructions on How to download Videos and PDFs.

* PYHaS 2018 Weekly Newsletter with links to the lessons and reminders/news.

FaceBook group for students, where they can safely share their work and stories, get feedback from the teachers and support from your fellow students. The FB group is a wonderful place to make new like minded friends and be a part of an amazing, kind and supportive art community!

I personally comment on each and every post in the group, I love to support students and enjoy to see their artwork!

More information about the lessons:

All  lessons are independent projects, which can be completed in any order. 

Each lesson provides instructions on a completed artwork from start to finish. We will share our creative process from the very beginning to completion, starting from listing the art supplies used, showing a paint mixing process, followed by step-by-step demonstrations and instructions and finally an explanation on how to protect and varnish your finished artwork.

You don’t have to complete all the lessons. You can start from any lesson, skip lessons, go back and forth in any order.

It is up to you if you want to follow the step-by-step instructions and create the same project as demonstrated or make a completely different artwork, inspired by lesson.

Art Supplies list is usually posted a few weeks prior to the lesson. You absolutely don’t have to buy everything on the list, unless you want to (I am always very tempted to try something new!) and in most cases will be able to substitute with whatever you already have on hand.  IMG_6961HOW THE COURSE WORKS

If you decide to join us, you will get access to our online classroom on my website.

New lessons will be posted on Wednesdays and you will be getting reminders with the class access link by email.

You will be invited to join our Facebook closed group for students.



From top, left to right: Nikol Wikman , Annie Hamman , Renata Loree  , Tina Berendsohn  , Olga Furman – your hostess, Shijun Munns , Lora Murphy , Tracey Verdugo , Kate Thompson , Leslie Wood , Lucy Jordan , Mystele , Ursula Wollenberg  , Natalie Mecham , Robynne Engel-Pirkle , Lucy Brydon,  Lucy Chen , Roselyn Pratt, Piarom  , Pam Hayward , Katrina Koltes  , Karine Bosse , Sara Birch . 


If your Heart and Soul are yearning to create, if you want to learn how to paint in a variety of styles and try different approaches, if you want to explore various art supplies and aren’t afraid to get dirty, if you are interested in soulful art and open to learn, express, grow, meet new like-minded creatives and have fun — this course is for YOU! 

*This course is suitable for everyone: from the beginner to the experienced artist*

All of us are in a different step in our creative journey, and this course is designed to fit any of them.

If you are a beginner you will be able to follow the step by step instructions in each lesson. No previous experience in painting and drawing prior to this course is required.

If you are a seasoned artist, you can create totally different artwork, inspired by the lessons, incorporating new mediums and techniques. There is always more to learn and explore in art!

You will be able to learn different approaches and styles,

as well as a variety of techniques, methods and materials

in order to develop YOUR OWN SOULFUL STYLE.

You don’t have to complete PYHaS 2017 before starting this course. However if you are interested, you can read about it and join HERE


  1. You need to have a high speed internet connection to watch videos online
  2. You should have basic computer skills such as: opening emails, navigating sites such as Facebook and my site. I provide general instructions on how download videos and PDFs only. IT support is not provided.
  3. Once you’ve paid for the course you will get access information automatically within minutes, this why once you paid this course is yours to keep, there are no refunds/exchange, no exceptions.
  4. The course is international and not based on any religion. Everyone must stay kind and supportive to each other.
  5. If you are buying this course as a gift – please send me a message with the email address of that lucky person
  6. If your email on a PayPal/Credit card is different from email you use for FB – please let me know via email, so I can send your an invite to join FB group.
  7. A desire to create beautiful art is a plus 🙂
  8. The course starts January 3, 2018
  9. You don’t have to complete PYHaS 2017 prior to this course.
  10. Please add an email: to your email Contact List to insure you get my email with course access information, otherwise it might end up in your Spam or Junk folders.

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. No matter our talents, education, backgrounds, or abilities, we each have an inherent wish to create something that did not exist before. Creation brings satisfaction and fulfillment. We develop ourselves and others when we take organized matter into our hands and mold it into something of beauty.”

Dieter F. Uchtdorf


Price $125

(Payment plan available per request, please send an email to

Coupon Code:


“A picture is worth a thousand words” they say.  

Below are some artwork created by our students during PYHaS 2017. Course staff showcased Students Celebrations by posting their course artwork on YouTube and other Social Media – with students’ permission of course.

Don’t be intimidated by the amazing results you see in the video! You will be amazed what you can do with the right instructions and some practice.

You can do it too! Join Us Today!

You can find a few more Students Celebration videos on my Youtube channel

A couple testimonials from students of PYHaS 2017

“I am so excited for next year! This has been the BEST art course I have ever taken so far! SO many new styles and methods and ideas and inspiration to learn and grow from and I am AMAZED at all the artwork I have created already this year alone and the progress have made! I also find that I am incorporating many of the techniques I have learned so far in previous lessons into my own artwork I do now as well! I have learned and incredible amount in a very short time and the variety is excellent! I was so thankful to not just be doing the same style of work over and over and over again! This is truly the most inspirational and creative course I have ever taken to get my creative juices flowing!!!” – Melinda L.-M.

I have LOVED Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017!  I learned so much from the wide-ranging selection of teachers representing so many different styles and media!  I look forward to each week to see what creative challenge it will bring.  I also liked how things were organized very much.  Having the planned breaks and additional activities made it that much more fun.  I can not say enough positive things about PYHand S!!!  And, I am already looking forward to next year.  What a fabulous value this course is!!!”  –   Jeanne  E.
 “I am ecstatic to hear this course is being continued into 2018. For me this past year has been a whirlwind of learning techniques I never would have imagined myself doing. The  artistry of these talented teachers is amazing. The sharing of weekly lessons has been both inspirational and supportive . It’s easy to be intimidated by artists who do exceptional work …… I know I am….. But on the other hand I think possibly one day I might be as good if I learn the techniques . Committing to the weekly lessons wasn’t always easy and some lessons didn’t appeal to me in the moment but as I become more confident I am looking forward to doing the ones I missed. My goal was to look at my work at the end of the year and compare to when I started . Now my bucket list is to excel 2018. Thanks Olga Furman and all your very talented squad for the creativity and imagination and willingness to share💕” –  Anne K.
  ”I’ve had so much fun in this course as well as learning heaps. I’ll return to these lessons many times as there is so much to take in and so many talented teachers, as well as an amazing support group.  Well worth the $$$s and the time. Thank you Olga for putting it all together, and many thanks to the generosity of the teachers.” – Jahl H.

“I have enjoyed and learned so many new painting techniques in Paint Your Heart and Soul this year.  I would recommend this class to anyone that wants to level up their artwork. Thank you for all that you do.”  – Diana B.

” I love the quality and variety of teachers and that the videos are edited very well. Another course drives me mad as it’s hours long, and incredibly dull and boring. Yours are awesome! You always respond to every picture posted and I love that, again not all courses do unfortunately and it can make you feel left out. That there is no fixed order and you can do as many lessons as you like in any order,  and you feel free to use a reference of your own rather than the fixed one. I hate feeling like I have to follow rules 🙂 I love that there are different kinds of mediums used too rather than relying on mostly one or two.” –Anita T.

We are all very excited about this course and can’t wait to create together!

* lifetime access- as long as I’m in business and we are able to manage this site with reasonable effort.