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I come from a childhood of often travelling, discovering, and seeing new places. Originally of German nationality, but born in South East Asia, we were full-time volunteers, doing natural disaster relief work in countries like Indonesia, Philippines and Japan. I think that’s one thing that greatly influenced my art later on. I love to cheer people up with my art and create beautiful worlds of magic and mystery, stories of hope and beauty. I’ve now been living in Italy since about 16 years, am a full-time artist and mommy to two small boys. My inspiration and imagination is often fueled as my boys ask me to tell them bedtime tales of magical realms, fairies and dragons, mystical creatures, and nature spirits. I love to create story-art, poetry, and paint from my dream journeys. I now teach in various online workshops, and enjoy sharing my techniques to inspire others and find their voice through art.

Over these last few years I have found how important it is to practice daily, whether it be a sketch or quick painting in my journal or a painting in progress. I have seen a huge difference in very little time. I find the more you draw or paint and experiment, the more familiar I get with my subjects and materials.
Showing up a little every day can help us grow in our art journey and see amazing results, in even over a short time, it’s really that simple!
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I paint faces and figures. They are not always realistic but they are always expressive, emotional and have a story to tell. I love to use unconventional colours and I love to play with texture and pattern. I use Acrylic Paint in a loose, layered way to add depth and character to my faces.
Any art takes practice, but practice does not need to be a chore. Make your daily practice fun, colourful, energetic and bold.
Play with whatever materials you have to hand. You can use cheap materials and draw on any surface you can find. Use newspaper, cardboard, a journal, wrapping paper, old envelopes..anything you can find. Do not let not having the right tools/colours/paper stop you from practicing.
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“I love to draw and paint!  Most of my paintings are done using acrylics, but I love to dabble in oils and watercolor, too.  Charcoal is probably my favorite medium I use to draw, but I still like to add in Inktense blocks & pencils, water-soluble pencils, watercolor pencils, and anything else that I can find.  If I’m traveling, I like to sketch with a graphite pencil just because it’s less messy than charcoal.  I guess you could say I love to try everything and it’s fun to experiment for different effects.  I live in California with my husband, Greg and our dog, Charlie.  I get most of my inspiration from people, nature and the beautiful California landscape.
The best way to improve your skill is to practice regularly and consistently.  Add to that, one should regularly try new things that might seem difficult at first, but after doing it again and again, it becomes much easier to do over time.  I paint a_LOT, and I have painted almost every day for over 7 years now.  Some people have told me that I make painting and drawing look easy…  easier than it really is.  I’d like to point out that it is easy after many hours of painting and after painting many bad paintings.  You might think that you don’t have many hours to practice painting, but you would be surprised at how just 15 to 30 minutes of practice per day adds up quickly!  I find that drawing and/or painting in a sketchbook is a great way to get into the habit of daily practice.
Daily practice will do several things:
  • You will improve your skill
  • You will be more inclined to experiment freely if you’re not expecting to create a masterpiece in your sketchbook.
  • Using a sketchbook makes it easy to haul around with you when you travel…  even if it’s only to the backyard.
  • When you improve your skills, you will be more bold and less scared to share with others.  Sharing with others is fun and you can make new friends.
  • Sketching and painting is relaxing and therapeutic.
  • You can try out new art supplies and see how they work (or don’t work).  Did I mention how much I love to try out new art supplies?
  • Practicing in a sketchbook takes up very little space.
  • After 365 days of sketching and painting in your sketchbook(s), you will be able to look back over the year to see how much you have improved.

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My name is Bianca Garcia, I am a full-time artist focused on oil painting. I have been working as an artist a little more than 10 years now, and it has been the most amazing experience. I mostly paint faces. It has been my obsession and passion since I can remember. Art has great meaning in my life.

For me practicing every single day is the most important step to improve, and not only technically but to improve the way you express yourself while you find your own style. It does not matter if you can only dedicate a few minutes per day. Start doing whatever inspires you, the creativity will come while you are creating. Just be patient, enjoy the process, and love what you do.

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Hi, my name is Lucy Chen. I’m an artist based in Sydney Australia. I’m a single mother of two mischievous kids, and we are all vegan 🙂 Contrary to how I was raised by communist father and grandparents, my art is all about awakening intuition and reconnecting to the beauty and magic in life. I hope you will come to discover your magic with me.

Practicing every day simply makes me feel good about myself. I think it is a great privilege to be able to paint or draw every day. While I always prefer the creamy, buttery, or fluid oil paints and oil pastels, there are days I simply can’t get to work with them. In those days, taking out a little sketchbook and a Sharpie pen to make a 5-minute drawing makes me productive and good about myself.

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Lora Murphy was born and educated in Ireland , USA and Italy . Trained as an oil painter , she now works primarily in Encaustic and mixed media . Lora teaches workshops in Contemporary Portraiture in Encaustic throughout the world and online . She divides her time between Ireland and Denmark and maintains studios in both countries.
“I write various processes and tools and materials on pieces of paper. For example it could be charcoal, encaustic, oil, pigment sticks, big or small iron, blow torch, heatgun, scraper, no scraper, brushes, big brush only, no brush, paper, wood, encaustibord, found object, linen, palette knife, collage, pastels, stencils, stamping, 3d elements etc etc. I have a separate containers for substrate, tools and materials. I take a maximum of  5 pieces of paper, one from the substrates container. I have to work within these confines on a new piece each day. I have a one hour time limit and then I have to move on to something else
For the painting above I was using linen, charcoal, a big iron ,one small brush and encaustic”.

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Natalie Eslick is an Australian Artist and Visual Storyteller. She creates original artworks celebrating the divine feminine, the fantastical, folk-stories, forests and everyday fairy-tales. Natalie lives in a gorgeous part of the world, just north of Sydney, with her three cats and flocks of wild bird visitors in her garden. She is powered by apples and strawberries, copious cups of tea, and putting pencil to paper. She believes in kindness, always.

“As I travel along in my artistic journey, it seems to me that most important skill for an artist is the ability to see – to really see the depth of an object, an animal, a person, a landscape, a feeling, an abstract idea – and to interpret that artistically in an individualistic manor and medium. This is a skill honed by practice, repeated and regular, with dedication and discipline, and a love of creating. The more time you are able to practice really seeing the glorious intricacies of even the most mundane of objects, the further and faster you will develop those skills. Truly, even 15 or 30 minutes of practise every day will make a difference. There is beauty in every object around you, if seen through an artists eyes”

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Hi, My name is Vivian Rad. I am a self taught artist. I have three adult children and a sweet husband of almost 34 years. In 2015, I made a commitment to myself to learn and practice daily. I bought myself a mixed media pad, gesso and charcoal pencils. I read books, took workshops, visited galleries, met with other artists, watched videos and always did my “homework.” I committed to create something, every single day, even if it was only for 15 minutes. Practice was the key. I found my happy place. 15 minutes easily became hours and hours of painting. Although many pieces were not up to par, I challenged myself to keep trying and start something every single day. No pressure, just fun. My favorite thing to draw has always been the female face. I love storytelling through my art and journal pages. For me, creating art has a wonderful meditative quality that is relaxing and fulfilling. I’ve always been a lifelong learner and I’d love to share my techniques with you and encourage you to take the leap and practice and play every day.

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Hi my name is Conny (PiaRom) and I am a self taught artist from Germany.  Eight years ago I started to paint and journal to my hearts desire and here I am: colorful, bold and full of story, that’s how I love my paintings – the dance between my collage work and my imagination thrills me anew every day – Art Journaling is my passion!

Lately I have discovered how relaxing it is, to paint from a reference. Nevertheless it is a photo or an arrangement of things…To really learn to see!  Which colors are there, where are the lights and darks and then the values!…A brand new exciting world popped up for me! .And I am sure it will catch  you with these lessons too!

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My name is Joanneke, I am Dutch, based in the UK, and have lived in Germany and Spain as well. I have been drawing on and off  for most of my life. While I lived in Spain I made and sold jewelry, returning to the UK I was determined to fill up a sketchbook. The first took 2 years, now they are piling up (some are tiny).  I am mainly ‘mixed media’ these days. This will be my first time teaching and I would love to share some ideas on how daily practice fits into a busy (half-empty-nest) family life and a job.

Painting (acrylics) is mainly reserved for the weekends. Weeknights, I am part of normal family life and sneak in my drawing while ‘watching’ TV. I have my ‘sofa-sketching’ sketchbooks and materials next to me. Once everyone has gone to bed, I sometimes add some watercolour or get messy with charcoal.

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Hi everyone! My name is Pam Hayward I am a self-taught artist originally from Grand Falls, New Brunswick, but I now reside in Halifax Nova Scotia.

 Ever since I was a child, I have always had a strong connection with animals and nature, therefore most of my art consists of these two elements. I love creating pieces that represent the beauty that surround us. Whether it is the stars that shine above us or the intense eyes of an owl, their beauty haunts me. I mostly work with acrylics; however, I love to experiment and I am always up to trying something new!

I believe creating in a daily basis is important if you wish to improve your skills. Any artist will tell you that practice is key! To me, art is your soul trying to express itself and it is a hobby I believe everyone can benefit from. Picasso said it best: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

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I’m a mixed media artist, and my passion is painting portraits and figurative art. I  had been creative from a very early age and art has always played a major part in my life. I have a pedagogical degree in art and music but always strive to learn more. I’m currently attending a continued education program in Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts, USA.

I also love to share my knowledge and communicate with other creative people. I’m very honored to host collaborative online classes and work with amazing artists instructors and students!

I’m very excited to offer you this brand new program, which could be a game changer, especially for artists who don’t have much time or feel intimidated by complicated projects.

You don’t have to spend a whole day or need tons of art supplies to learn and improve your skills, but as with every craft,  consistency is key.  With Sparks of Inspiration the daily practice is fun not a chore, and it’s always inspiring and encouraging to do it in good company.

I’m very grateful to all the wonderful artist-instructors who accepted my invitation to teach in this course and I hope you will join us!

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