Sparks of Inspiration


Sparks of Inspiration


*Downloadable Videos and PDFs *

Price for one person: $119 

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Who is this course for:

  • for busy creative individuals , who have limited time to practice 
  • for anyone whose goal is to make practicing art a daily routine
  • for artists who feels intimidated from massive/long/complicated projects 
  • if you have never drawn/painted before 
  • if you enjoy to practice in the company of  like minded creative souls 
  • for anyone who has the urge to keep that brush wet and pencil sharp 

* this course is designed towards artists and creative individuals of ALL LEVELS, from absolutely beginner (no previous experience is required) to intermediate level artists

Please note – the goal of this course is to learn and practice your drawing/painting skills, not to create gallery level paintings, but it definitely will get you closer!

What will you learn:

  • How to find inspiration for exercises in your own surrounding and everyday moments
  • How to create the right set-up for drawing/painting from life or your own photo reference
  • How to draw/paint from life or from a reference you set up
  • How to use limited art supplies from a variety of mediums
  •  Practice on a regular basis 

Our artist-instructors:

To meet our amazing artist instructors click HERE


* The images above are not actual lessons.

What Sparks of Inspiration includes:

  • 24 fun, no stress, time efficient projects with downloadable step-by-step instructional videos. Videos are about 30 minutes long each, provided by 12 international artists.
  • 24 downloadable PDFs and a list of art supplies and example of references used by artist-instructors
  • Support from artist instructors via FB group
  • Closed FB students group
  • Weekly students newsletter

How the course works:

Students will get 6 practice sessions every week, which will be sent out every Friday, starting from June 7th. All together 24 practicing sessions.
The course duration is 4 weeks
You will need about an hour to complete each session: about half an hour for watching demonstration and half an hour for completing it
If you don’t have time to practice daily while the course is running you can complete it later, because you have unlimited time access to the lessons
You can start this course any time from any assignment, in any order
You will have the option to join our closed FB group for members only, where you can connect with like minded people, share your assignments, see posts from other members, ask questions and get support from instructors and classmates
You will get reminders via students newsletter every Friday

What you need to know before joining the course: 

  1. You need to have high-speed internet connection to watch videos online
  2. You should have basic computer skills such as navigating websites like Facebook and my site. I provide general instructions on how to download videos only.
  3. Once you’ve paid for the course you will automatically get access information. Once you have paid for this course it is yours to keep – there are no refunds/exchange, no exceptions.
  4. You will get access to our online classroom as soon as you sign up! The email with course access information is set up automatically and goes directly to your email address associated with your payment. Make sure to add to your Contacts List, to ensure your Mailbox does not reject it as spam.
  5. If you don’t see Course Access Information email in your Inbox – please check your Spam/Junk/Others/Advertisement folders. If you still can’t find it – please send an email to with the subject “Sparks of Inspiration access information”, please attach proof of payment.
  6. If you are buying this course as a gift – please send me a message BEFORE buying it with the email address of that lucky person
  7. No previous experience in drawing/painting is required to attend this course
  8. The course starts June 7, 2019

Price for one person:  $119 

Coupon Code: