Only Treats No Tricks!

Hello dear artists!
Who doesn’t love fall?! It’s my favorite season because of all the bright colors, the smell of the wet leaves on the ground (or it’s only me? LOL), that bitter-sweet feeling of nostalgia…and the fun holidays it brings.

When our kids were little, we used to through Halloween parties and invite a lot of kids to our house. The yucky games, especially the one where you have to stick your bare hands to find treasure in spaghetti (intestines), were the kids’ favorite! Then, we used to watch Adam’s Family or Coraline after trick-or-treating. Good memories!

The kids grew up, but I still love making something special for Halloween.
This year, I invite you to join my Halloween Party on FB. We will be painting a surreal project, I’m so excited! The demonstration will be for beginners, but I hope everybody can have fun with it!

The FB live starts TODAY, 7:30PM EST. More information and RSVP at the link below.

Please RSVP by clicking on “Going” HERE

I hope you can make it!

As a portrait painter, I love going back to basics every now and then, and just practice. Last week, I painted a couple of noses and an eye.

There are three main ways you can practice:
You can look at yourself in the mirrow (this is the best!), work from reference, or do it intuitively, depending on your goals.
The videos below are NOT the lessons; they don’t have any narration or explanation. They are completely silent.
It’s simply me practicing in my studio. I hope you can take something from it just by watching.

Eye study from photo reference

Art supplies used: canvas board, matte medium, acrylic paints: Payness Grey, Titanium White and Warm Grey.

Fragment from fashion image on Pinterest

Nose Study from reference

Art supplies I used: canvas board, matte medium; acrylic paints: Payness Grey, Titanium White, Warm Grey, Alizarin crimson, Naple Yellow

One more nose 🙂

Art supplies I used: cardboard, designer paper, matte medium; acrylic paints: Payness Grey, Titanium White, Warm Grey,

Fragment from Rembrandt painting

Halloween SALE!


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    • olgafurmanart says:

      Sorry to hear that, not sure why this happened to you.. The good news: the recording now available to watch in the FB group, just search my name in “groups” if you still not able to click the link. Have fun!

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