Welcome October! Inktober challenge

Hello dear friends!

During the month of October many artists from over the world are participating in Inktober challenge. The idea is to practice art on daily basis for a month with just a pen.

I would like to invite you to join my challenge, it is FREE and I hope you will like the prompts/refernces I selected to work from. You can use a simple office pen or a fancy one, it is totally up to you!

I will be posting 5 prompts per week, we will take breaks on weekends.

Prompt 1: – See original image on (5) Pinteres

I used app called ‘Art Tool‘ to make the grid. It cropped automatically and cut the ear off on the right side, I wish I would pay attention to it before I started to draw.

I used a gel pen on the paper that already has a large grid. I have this paper for years, I think it is THIS ONE.

I was drawing it in the middle of night and was tired, so had patience for a half face only.
You have until Monday to complete this drawing, feel free to draw a full face if you want.
Have fun!

Please share with me what you will create in my FB GROUP HERE or use hashtag #OlgaInktober2021 on Instagram

We will take breaks on weekends. NEXT PROMPT WILL BE POSTED MONDAY, October 4!

Follow this blog to get an email when the next prompt is posted.

Much love,

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