Painting party for the whole family!

Hello creative souls!

How are you holding up these days? We are all tired of the distancing and uncertainty, and sometimes it just feels too much. To get your mind off of the worrying mode, let’s have a painting party! I would like to invite you to a FREE painting tutorial which was generously created by my wonderful artist friend Melinda K. Tomasello ( ), whom I met in a PYHaS2020 class! Gotta love online classes! Thank you Melinda! <3

This tutorial is easy, fun, and suitable for the whole family. Feel free to invite your friends too, just share this tutorial and post your results in the FB group HERE Please don’t forget to tag Melinda for the feedback. How fun is that!


We hope you like this tutorial and looking forward to see your paintings!

You can find Melinda on Instagram: @melindatomaselloart
Facebook: @melindatomasello
Twitter: @Melinda_K_Tom

Looking for more inspiration?

Check out this beautiful online show and auction “Enchanted Realms” with amazing artist Katrina Koltes! Over 40 beautiful pieces of art and jewelry!

To see more CLICK HERE 


Big hugs and much love,







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