#StayHomeAndPaint – Day 1


Hello dear friend!

I hope you are doing well.

While Coronavirus is spreading all over the world there is one and only effective way to stop it: to stay home. Quarantine is not easy but absolutely necessary, and it’s not forever, we can do it!

To make it a little bit easier I’m starting a new art movement #StayHomeAndPaint with a series of challenges in hope to inspire you and to provide a social interaction with like minded creative community.

Starting today I will post either inspirational image to work from or a prompt.

I will try my best to post challenges here around 2 PM EST.

Challenge Week 1 Day 1

Inspiration: Drawing by Anders Zorn (1860-1920) 


Zorn was one of Sweden’s foremost artists. He obtained international success as a painter, sculptor, and etcher.

He was born and raised on his grandparents’ farm in Yvraden, a hamlet near the village of Utmeland in the parish of Mora, Dalarna. He studied until the age of twelve in the school at Mora Strand before progressing in the autumn of 1872 to a secondary grammar school in Enköping.

From 1875 to 1880 Zorn studied at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm, where he amazed his teachers with his talent. Members of Stockholm society approached him with commissions. This was how Zorn met his wife, Emma Lamm, early in 1881. Her background was different from Zorn’s. Coming from a wealthy Jewish merchant family, she was interested in art and culture. Zorn traveled extensively to London, Paris, the Balkans, Spain, Italy and the United States, becoming an international success as one of the most acclaimed painters of his era. It was primarily his skill as a portrait painter that gained Zorn international acclaim based principally upon his incisive ability to depict the individual character of his model.

Zorn’s palette

Zorn’s art made him wealthy and he was thus able to build up a considerable collection of art. The objects were not only bought in his native country but also during the many travels he made abroad. In their joint will, Anders and Emma Zorn donated their entire holdings to the Swedish State.

Zorn is known to use a basic color palette consisting of Lead White (Flake White), Yellow Ochre, Vermilion and Ivory Black. This limited color palette shows tremendous range in terms of color mixing. A large variety of tonal ranges are possible to mix and considered as a very important development for portrait painting. However, the color palette can also be used in still life and landscape painting under certain circumstances. Most striking aspect is that a kind of an olive green color is possible to obtain by mixing Ivory Black and Yellow Ochre as Ivory Black is bluish in nature. – Wiki

Home Work

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Have fun!





2 thoughts on “#StayHomeAndPaint – Day 1

  1. Séverine says:

    Hello Olga,
    I live in France and it’s very hard with the corona virus.
    I find you so kind for these specials lessons.
    Also find so lovely to think about your next.
    A big thank and hug.
    All the best for you.
    Take care of you
    Séverine Dumant

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