Family vacation in Italy

While growing up in Russia, I could have never dreamed that one day I would be able to visit different countries. Italy was always one I was dreaming about.

As a teenager, I was a big fan of Toto Cutugno, who was very popular in Russia at the time. I had a record which I played a million times and fell in love with the sound of Italian language.

Adriano Celentano was a favorite of girls my ageRelated image

Some dreams fortunately do come true. The amount of inspiration is just overwhelming! The architecture, sculptures, fresco paintings are literally breathtaking! The countryside with happy flying colorful bugs in meadows full of flowers made my heart sing to the tunes of Verdi and Puccini! The fashion and even food (especially gelatto for me!) – everything there was calling for a paint brush!

News from my studio

Our vacation ended up just in time to get ready for the upcoming Semiannual Sale event with Heartful Soul Artists Collecive.

This month we will be offering original art which was overlooked and didn’t find its home during our monthly auctions this year. This is a great opportunity to become an  owner of an original piece of art for a discounted price.

I will be offering one painting only, which is now available for the “buy it now” price.

“A Visitor” original mixed painting on paper
Size: 14”x17” paper
Original Price: $300 (price will be reduced on July 24th NOON EST

Shipping US: $25 (insured), Shipping INT: $35


Other news

My colleague and friend, Galia Alena, is holding a collaborative course called Creative Retreat. If you have never heard about this course I would recommend to check it out HERE, it’s a lot of fun!

Creative Retreat Art is Magic




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