Portrait painting free tutorial

Hello lovely friends,

Last month I did a free tutorial, using products from Donna Downey beautiful shop.  In a case you didn’t see it yet, I’m posting it here. Be sure to scroll down,  it has 2 parts 🙂

I hope you liked it and I hope, that you are already on the way to your creative space!

But wait!!!

Let me just to remind you, that the registration for a year long brand new course ‘Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017’  is now open and you can get it for an early bird registration, which will not last forever! And even better, you can win a spot in that amazing course! This months schedule for giveaway is:

Oct 3 – Alissa Millsap www.admillsapstudio.com
Oct 10 – Kittania Kristi Miller  www.alwaysartllc.com
Oct 15 – Nikol Wikman www.nikolwikmanart.com
Oct 20 – Danielle Mack www.apaintedpage.com
Oct 23 – Tina Naya’li Berendsohn www.nightblueart.com
Oct 30 – Renata Loree www.renataloree.com
Oct 31 – Stephanie Gagos  www.stephaniegagos.com

To find out more about this amazing course and to join, click the link:


Frame Artist (1)




5 thoughts on “Portrait painting free tutorial

  1. Sherry Shaffer says:

    I truly enjoyed this art tutorial. It is a lovely piece and I learned much from it. Olga, thank you ever so much for sharing!

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