Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017 Giveaway

Frame Artist (21)My Dear friends,

I’m very excited to announce, that I’m hosting a brand new, year long collaborative course “Paint your Heart and Soul 2017”. The lineup of the teachers is amazing! To find out more about the course and to join us, click the link:

I’m also very excited to let you know, that we are giving away 18 FREE spots in the course, one from each teacher.

***I’m having my GIVEAWAY September 12!***

To enter the Giveaway do ANY ONE OR ALL of the actions below:

  1.  Share this link on Facebook:
  2.  Share this link on Instagram, or/and other social media
  3. Purchase this course. If you are going to win you will be refunded the full price

***Multiple entries are encouraged*** – If you do all three, you have 3 times the chance of winning your free spot!

Don’t forget to leave a comment, saying where you shared or/and if you bought the course!
The winner of the FREE spot will be announced on this site.

Good luck!

Xox, Olga

51 thoughts on “Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017 Giveaway

  1. mushydoll says:

    Shared on facebook and google+! I absolutely LOVE your art and you are such an amazing and easy to follow teacher! Really hope to win a spot and have another opportunity to learn under you and all the amazing artists teaching with you on this course!

  2. soartsy2013 says:

    Shared your fabulous course on Twitter and FB. I would be over the moon to win a spot, as would my husband for he knows my love and passion for developing my painting skills. Thank you so much for hosting this new course, Olga.
    Julie Oshiyama

  3. Mi-chelle Macherie Kirkland says:

    Love Olga Furmsn”s style. Always a blessing to take a lesson or win a piece of her beautiful art! Looking forward to the upcoming collaborative class!

  4. chrissieenglandart says:

    Shared on FB twice – will continue to share because it’s going to be a great class with so many great teachers! Will share in Instagram later. I’d love the win a place but I would have signed up regardless. Thanks so much for putting this together Olga!! <3

  5. nanda boukes says:

    Shared on my FB… Paint your heart and soul resonates with me so so much…. Absolutely would love love love to do this… that would be such a blessing <3
    Thank you for hosting and teaching something so special !

    Love Nanda

  6. 2010mikaela says:

    Hi! a friend told me about this opportunity and when checking you guys out I am almost sure I would like to sign up for the 1 year course. Will sleep over it is my decision for now. May be I can make it to win 1 of the 18 free spots in the class? Who knows! I wasn’t lazy and spread the info about this course over all places I am involved with both my art and as a private person. Those are Facebook, google+, LinkedIn & Twitter as also Flickr & Pin it! So now you guys getting around 🙂 With this been said, I can assure you I am looking much forward to win my participation of this class thrugh your generous “give a-way”. 🙂

  7. 2010mikaela says:

    I read again and again your info about the course through, but so far it is unclear to me how long the weekly lessons are? would be good to know how much time to plan in for to go through the lesson.

    • olgafurmanart says:

      Dear Mikaela, most of the lessons are planned to be in average about 1-3 hours long, but some lessons could be shorter or longer.Thank you for spreading the world and good luck! We hope you will join us!

  8. Susan Morrison says:

    I just love your work Olga and would be honoured to be one of the winners in the online course.
    I shared in Google, facebook and twitter 🙂
    I would share it on more if I knew how to.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Susan xx

  9. Susan Morrison says:

    I would love to win this online course as I just love your art work Olga.
    I posted on facebook, twitter and Google.
    I did post this earlier so if there are two posts from me, I am sorry.
    All the best xx

  10. Jo Hudson says:

    Hey Olga, I shared this on Facebook a couple of days ago. Your course looks amazing, such a lineup and I would love to join you – there are so many great classes for next year I don’t know which to pick as I can’t afford them all! Crossing my fingers and toes for a win. 😉 Thank you for the opportunity. xxx

  11. Laura Edwards says:

    I it would mean SO much to me to win this, but I TRIED POSTING LINK on Instagram and forgot how. A self-teaching artist like me could learn amazing things from these artists. Good luck to all.

  12. Jeanne Elliott says:

    Looking forward to taking this course! I love your work and have so much enjoyed the lessons and classes I have taken from you. I shared on FB!

  13. adele jessup says:

    Love love your classes cant wait for this to start !! shared on Facebook thanks so much Olga for hosting this class it looks fabulous

  14. Lynnita Knoch says:

    Lovely website. This class looks exciting, with many wonderful instructors. I’ve enrolled in the class, but hope I win a spot, as I really can’t afford the class. I shared your post about Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017 class on facebook. I cannot figure out how to share it on Instagram (but I’m new to Instagram). Looking forward to this class!!

  15. Gretchen Davis says:

    I enrolled in class just now , will also share on FB & Instagram along with personal email shared to a few friends zip know would LOVE this ! Thank you Olga & looking forward to class .

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