Week 37 – Landscape with Lucy Jordan

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Hello dear Hearts and Souls and welcome to week 37!

I’m so excited and delightful finally to announce, that PYHaS is back for another year! Woohoo!!!!!!!!

Earlier this year I asked you in our FB group about how to improve Paint Your Heart and Soul next year. Thank you all who participated in this discussion! I took everything possible in account and I hope PYHaS2020 is everything, or at least most of you were wishing for!

I’m mega grateful and excited to have amazing team of artist instructors, as fabulous as  we had this year, just even BIGGER! In PYHaS2020 we offer 65 lessons with 37 out of this world amazing artist instructors! PLUS a special guest with a “business” lesson about Licencing Your Art! I think we really covered it all! Yay!!!!


We are giving away 38 FREE memberships and you can win too! 

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The Blue Field

This week we have a fabulous lesson with amazing artist Lucy Jordan ( www.saatchiart.com/lulu66www.artfinder.com/lucy-jordan)

In this lesson students will experience how to use soft pastels over acrylics and textured gesso to achieve a simple, yet effective landscape.


PDF – Art Supplies

Part 1

Download  Here


Part 2

Download  Here



  1. Make sure you are using Google Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Click on the link ” Download” or  “alt.link” at the foot of the video
  3. Click on the DOWNLOAD  button (arrow) on the top right corner OR three dots on mobile

TO SPEED UP or SLOW DOWN video on Vimeo you can use Chrome extension called Vimeo Repeat & Speed. (if you have any questions – please contact directly their support)


Follow step by step instructions or create your own painting, using techniques you learned in this lesson.

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