Week 36 – Monochromatic painting with Lucy Brydon

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Hello dear Hearts and Souls and welcome to week 36!

As you already know, for the past two weeks my family and I were visiting mine and my husbands parents. We missed them very much and it was so good to spend time with them! The weather was extremely hot and we couldn’t travel much, so I had some extra time to create. Since I didn’t have many art supplies with me I decided to paint with whatever I can find. I went to the closest store and got a little set of acrylic paint. For the substrate I used found cardboard boxes, which were fairly small, but when I opened them up they actually became quite a good size and the folds helped with a composition. 

I had so much fun creating on the boxes, that as soon as I came back I opened a challenge over my FB group. Creating on the boxes helped me to let go all the expectations and just experiment and follow my intuition.

Below are two of my paintings and if you feel inspired – join my FB group and the CHALLENGE!


One Colour Love

This week we have a wonderful and very important lesson with amazing artist instructor Lucy Brydon! (https://lucybrydonart.com) Woohoo!

This lesson focuses on value using one colour of watercolour paint to build up values in a monochromatic painting.

You can use any one of your favorite colors to work on this lesson.


PDF art supply and instructions


Download here

Part 1

Download Here


Part 2

Download Here


Part 3

Download Here


unnamed (1).jpg


  1. Make sure you are using Google Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Click on the link ” Download” or  “alt.link” at the foot of the video
  3. Click on the DOWNLOAD  button (arrow) on the top right corner OR three dots on mobile

TO SPEED UP or SLOW DOWN video on Vimeo you can use Chrome extension called Vimeo Repeat & Speed. (if you have any questions – please contact directly their support)


Follow step by step instructions or create your own painting, using techniques you learned in this lesson.

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