PYHaS2024 – Artist Instructors

All the images are representative samples of artwork by artist instructors that are in PYHAS2024 and they are NOT from the actual lessonsThe artists are currently working on brand new lessons in their signature styles you can see below.

Rosso Emerald Crimson

Lesson topic: female portrait in oil and a sketch with charcoal

Instagram: Rosso Emerald Crimson
FB: Rosso Emerald Crimson
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Maria Pace-Wynters

Lesson topics: female portrait in mixed media/acrylic/ink

Instagram: Maria Pace-Wynters
Facebook: Maria Pace-Wynters
Giveaway date:

Pilar Cereto

Lesson topic: female portait in acrylic

Instagram: Pilar Cereto
Facebook: Pilar Cereto
Giveaway date:

Katrina Koltes

Lesson topics: portrait in mixed media: acrylic and oil

Instagram: Katrina Koltes
Facebook: Katrina Koltes
Giveaway date:

Tracy Verdugo

Lesson topics: figures in landscape with mixed media and monoprint exploration

Instagram: Tracy Verdugo
Facebook: Tracy Verdugo
Giveaway date:

Andrej Blazon

Lesson topics: female portrait in charcoal

Instagram: Andrej Blazon
Facebook: Andrej Blazon
Giveaway date:

Annie Hamman

Lesson topics: story telling/symbolic portrait in mixed media

Instagram: Annie Hamman
Facebook: Annie Hamman
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Jenny Manno

Lesson topics: abstract portrait in mixed media/pen pastels

Instagram: Jenny Manno
Facebook: Jenny Manno
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Cyndy Ross

Lesson topics: portrait exploration with acrylic and portrait with pastels

Instagram: Cyndy Ross
Facebook: Cyndy Ross
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Lorraine Simonds

Lesson topics: female portrait in watercolor and watercolor sketch

Instagram: Lorraine Simonds
Facebook: Lorraine Simonds
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Renata Loree

Lesson topics: fantasy art in acrylic

Instagram: Renata Loree
Facebook: Renata Loree
Giveaway date:

Basil Hefti

Lesson topics: digital portrait: instead of copying a reference image transform it to your own artwork

Instagram: Basil Hefti
Giveaway date:

Brandi Hofer

Lesson topics: female portrait in acrylic: proportions, values and color theory

Instagram: Brandi Hofer
Facebook: Brandi Hofer
Giveaway date:

Christa Forrest

Lesson topics: expressive female portrait exploration in oils and a portrait color study

Instagram: Christa Forrest
Facebook: Christa Forrest
Giveaway date:

Cecile Yadro

Lesson topics: female portrait and close-up of an eye with gouache

Instagram: Cecile Yadro
Facebook: Cecile Yadro
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Toni Burt

Lesson topics: inituitive female face drawing and intuitive drawings on how to achieve facial expressions with watercolors/ink

Instagram: Toni Burt
Facebook: Toni Burt
Giveaway date:

Dena Adams

Lesson topics: mixed media female face illustration and watercolor nature sketching page

Instagram: Dena Adams
Facebook: Dena Adams
Giveaway date:

Donna Munro

Lesson topics: lesson about acrylic properties and mediums; female portrait in mixed media/acrylic

Instagram: Donna Munro
Facebook: Donna Munro
Giveaway date:

Fran Schlosser

Lesson topics: female figure in oil and lesson about a composition

Instagram: Fran Schlosser
Facebook: Fran Schlosser
Giveaway date:

Gayatri Mantra

Lesson topics: peacock in acrylic or potrait in acrylic and texture study

Instagram: Gayatri Mantra
Facebook: Gayatri Mantra
Giveaway date:

Ildiko Karsay

Lesson topics: pet portrait and a skull with flowers painting with acrylic

Instagram: Ildiko Karsay
Facebook: Ildiko Karsay
Giveaway date:

Kate Higgins

Lesson topics: female portrait and sketch of a hand

Instagram: Kate Higgins
Facebook: Kate Higgins
Giveaway date:

Ingrid Clare

Lesson topics: limited palette female portrait and painting a flower using abtract and realistic elements


Jenny Grant

Lesson topics: female portrait on a mixed media background and quick intuitive portrait in an art journal

Instargram: Jenny Grant
Facebook: Jenny Grant
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Jan Paron

Lesson topics: female portrait and painting a roses in a limited palette

Instagram: Jan Paron
Facebook: Jan Paron
Giveaway date:

Jerney Marisha

Lesson topics: gelliplate portrait and intuitive play portrait

Instagram: Jerney Marisha
Facebook: Jerney Marisha
Giveaway date:

Bonita Hendriks

Lesson topic: female figure in mixed media/acrylics

Instagram: Bonita Hendriks
Facebook: Bonita Hendriks
Giveaway date:

Joan Martin

Lesson topic: portrait in split complimentary colors using water soluable media

Instagram: Joan Martin
Facebook: Joan Martin
Giveaway date:

Kate Thompson

Lesson topics: soulful portrait painting with oils

Instagram: Kate Thompson
Facebook: Kate Thompson
Giveaway date:

Lauren Rudolph

Lesson topics: sketching and painting a profile in oils and sketching a nose

Instagram: Lauren Rudolph
Facebook: Lauren Rudolph
Giveaway date:

Liz Frankland

Lesson topics: closed figure painting in Alla Prima with oil

Instagram: Liz Frankland
Facebook: Liz Frankland
Giveaway date:

Lorrie Bennett

Lesson topics: owl magic and a feathered friend in mixed media/acrylic

Instagram: Lorrie Bennett
Facebook: Lorrie Bennett
Giveaway date:

Natalie Mecham

Lesson topics: watercolor painting of a bird’s wing and watercolor painting on wood

Instagram: Natalie Mecham
Facebook: Natalie Mecham
Giveaway date:

Pat Rios

Lesson topics: painting a female portrait and painting a bird in acrylic

Instagram: Pat Rios
Facebook: Pat Rios
Giveaway date:

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Russell Miyaki

Lesson topic: blind portrait painting technique

Instagram: Russell Miyaki
Facebook: Russell Miyaki
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Saskia Van Drunen

Lesson topic: abstract figure on a colorful background in acrylic

Instagram: Saskia Van Drunen
Facebook: Saskia Van Drunen
Giveaway date:

Shilpa Lalit

Lesson topics: animal painting and painting birds in acrylic

Instagram: Shilpa Lalit
Facebook: Shilpa Lalit
Giveaway date:

Svitlana Prokopenko

Lesson topics: flowers on a golden background and a simple still life in acrylic

Instagram: Svitlana Prokopenko
Facebook: Svitlana Prokopenko
Giveaway date:

Vrigit Smith

Lesson topics: female portrait in oil and female sketch in charcoal

Instagram: Vrigit Smith
Giveaway date:

Katrina Szyszkoski

Lesson topics: partially nude female figure and close-up of a human eye in inks

Instagram: Katrina Szyszkoski
Facebook: Katrina Szyszkoski
Giveaway date:

Veronika Olivier

Lesson topics: female portrait and textile collage painting

Instagram: Veronika Olivier
Facebook: Veronika Olivier
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Lesson topics: tetra pack printmaking (proffessional prints on budget without special equipment) and loose watercolor botanicals

Instagram: Danita
Facebook: Danita
Giveaway date:

Sonya Yencer

Lesson topics: Painting with paper: collage

Instagram: Sonya Yencer
Facebook: Sonya Yencer
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