Class opens October 25, 2020!

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Who is this course for?

For everyone! No previous experience in drawing and painting is required.

Anyone who loves impressionistic portraits and vibrant colors, no matter your skill level. Pat Rios will show you her creative process step-by-step, from the initial sketch to the final brushstroke.

I’ve also included reference photos that you can trace, if you’d prefer not to sketch and focus more on the painting aspect. You can also use reference photos of your own.

 By the end of this course you will learn how to:

–           Use a grid to sketch portraits without limitationMen, women, and children of any age! Profile, front view, basically any angle!

–        Achieve better likeness

–        Create textured backgrounds that add dimension and interest to your project

–        Understand why values (the degree of lightness or darkness of a color) are more important than the colors themselves, to convey volume, realistic face features, and depth and dimension to your portraits

–         Create your own impressionist portraits using bold, vivid colors and a lot of texture

–         Use one of my favorite acrylic techniques to create a fluid effect

–         Add “accent colors” to your paintings to give them a boost of brightness and character

–         Apply strategies to achieve balance in your composition by combining warm and cool colors, and integrating the subject of your painting to its background

–         Create different palettes with some of my preferred prismatic colors

–         Trust the process and overcome the temptation to abandon your project during its “ugly” stage, and instead keep pushing until you create something you will be proud of

–         Paint a unique and perfumed portrait using only charcoal and instant coffee; so much fun! 

Course Includes:

Project 1 – “Serious Boy”

Video 1 – Art supplier (2`:43)

Video 2 – Sketching and first layer of paint (30:31)

Video 3 – Background, new layers, accent colors and final details (32:37)

 Project 2 – “In The Heat”

Video 1 – Sketching and Background

Video 2 – Adding the first layer of colors

Video 3 – Additional colors, gesso and palette knife marks

 Project 3 – “His Curls”

Video 1 – Sketching and mixing paint (16:58)

Video 2 – Adding the first layer of colors (33:29)

Video 3 – Painting details and adding more layers (33:56)

Video 4 – More details, more layers of colors and background (28:58)

Video 5 – Final details and adjustments (22:30)

Project 4 mini lesson – Ear as the Focal Point

Project 4 mini lesson – Ear as the Focal Point

Video 1 – Sketching with pencil (14:32)

Video 2 – Painting with Charcoal and Instant Coffee (12:40)

Video 3 – Final Details (7:57)

Project 5 Bonus – Textured Background

Video 1 –  Creating textured  background (7:02)

Don’t get intimidated, painting portraits is not so complicated if you have:
1. Easy to follow instructions – you got it!
2. Support and guidance from the instructor – this makes all the difference and this is what this course is about!
3. And some practice – this one is on you, but those lessons are so much fun that you’ll just do it!

We hope to see you in class!