Paint Your Heart and Soul 2020 – Our Artists Instructors



Annie Hamman


I paint spiritual, a bit surreal story art. Process of creation for me is communication with the unseen. Creating is revealing what really is and what really matters. Revealing out true nature of self. I find making art a tremendously healing practice. Becoming an artist is like slowly shifting to another higher dimension of consciousness.

Svetlana Rumak


Svetlana Rumak is an artist, who mainly works with acrylics. She lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

EDUCATION:1982 – 1986 – Art School, Naberezhnye Chelny1986 – 1991 – Department of Art of Pedagogical Institute, Naberezhnye Chelny2002 – 2005 – Study course in the “Creative Workshops of Painting” Art Academy of Russia, Kazan

MEMBERSHIPS:from 2002 – National Artist\’s Union of Russia – International Association of Art, UNESKOfrom 2006 – Moscow Social Organization of Artists “Sunny Square”from 2007 – International Federation of Artists and Creative Union of Russiafrom 2010 – Moscow Union of Artists “International Art Fund”
SOLO EXHIBITIONS:2011 – Gallery of Svetlana Sazhina, Moscow2011 – Arthaus Gezel Gallery, Vetzlar, Germany2010 – “Dance with me!”, Central Artist’s House, Moscow, Russia2010 – Les Oreades Gallery, Central Artist’s House, Moscow, Russia and many more!
SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS:2011 – Art-Fair “Art Manege”, Manege, Moscow, Russia2011 – Art-Fair “Art Padova”, Padova, Italy2011 – Art-Fair “Business Art”, House of Pierre Cardin (Espase Pierre Cardin), Paris, France2011 – Art-Fair “Artesaniya”, New Manege, Moscow, Russia2011 – “The Time of Travels. Spain”, Central Artist’s House, Moscow, Russia2011 – “The Fountain Gallery”, Molesey, United Kingdom and many more
PUBLICATIONS:2011 – Catalogue of the Art Fair “Business Art”, Paris, France2011 – Catalogue of the Art Fair “Artesaniya”, Moscow, Russia and many more

Maria Pace-Wynters


Maria Pace-Wynters is a mixed artist. She was born and raised in Victoria B.C. Canada.
She attended Victoria College of Art, Camosun College (Associate of Arts degree), The University of Victoria ( BFA honour program), and Victoria Film School before settling down in Edmonton, Alberta with her singer/songwriter/soulmate husband and their two daughters, Imogen and Scarlett.
Maria sells her work locally and online through Etsy. Her paintings, reproductions and jewelry are collected worldwide.


Debbie Miller


Debbie considers herself an artistic “late bloomer” because she didn’t start paining until she was in her late 50’s. But when she got started, there was no stopping her! She became part of the Daily Painting movement in March 2016, and has been completing a small painting every day since. This creative ritual is now as natural and vital as breathing. She finds herself self-identifying as an artist, even though her “day job” is serving as a mental health counselor, spiritual director, and facilitator of Brené Brown’s shame-resilience work.
She currently teaches a Painting Small and Often course at The Crealdé School of Art in Winter Park, Florida and is being certified as a Creative Depth Coach to help others experience the healing powers of expressive art. She lives in Orlando, in a house full of art and art supplies, with her fabulous artist husband and creative partner, Brian Miller. Together, they are passionate about developing their own artistic skill and vision, but also dedicated to encouraging others to take the next step on their own creative journey.

Sabra Awlad Issa


I’m Sabra, a self-taught artist from the Netherlands. I’ve been a freelance programmer and UX designer for many years. As most of us do, I tried very hard to balance my need for art and music with work, deadlines and clients. The result was that I failed at both and ended up at a point in my life where very little was not a drain on my energy reserves.

Last year I took the first steps to become an artist and teacher. I joined [….] and released my first solo course. The warmth and love with which that was received by the art community was so intense, it actually took me by surprise and a while to get used to. It’s funny (or not) how many of us are used to being unappreciated for the work we do. It’s growing on me fast though, so please don’t stop. 😉

I genuinely believe that observing the world and the people around us, the way we do when we create art, changes how we perceive both that world and ourselves. Art and the unique connection it creates between people is unlike any I’ve seen before. I love this online community so much and can honestly say it has changed my life.

Katrina Koltes


I come from a childhood of often travelling, discovering, and seeing new places. Originally of German nationality, but born in South East Asia, we were full-time volunteers, doing natural disaster relief work in countries like Indonesia, Philippines and Japan. I think that’s one thing that greatly influenced my art later on. I love to cheer people up with my art and create beautiful worlds of magic and mystery, stories of hope and beauty.

I’ve now been living in Italy since about 16 years, am a full-time artist and mommy to two small boys. My inspiration and imagination is often fueled as my boys ask me to tell them bedtime tales of magical realms, fairies and dragons, mystical creatures, and nature spirits. I love to create story-art, poetry, and paint from my dream journeys. I now teach in various online workshops, and enjoy sharing my techniques to inspire others and find their voice through art.

Jean Rupprecht


Jean Rupprecht is an oil painter from Charlotte, North Carolina.  She paints both from life (“Plein Air”) and in her studio.  From her childhood she has had a special love for flowers, enjoying their beautiful colors and textured forms, and she seeks to capture their magical quality on canvas.  She also loves painting vibrant, richly colored landscapes.
During her free time you can find her traveling and painting with her husband, spending time with her five children and tending her flower garden.

Sara Burch


I am an intuitive artist who loves creating original faces and works of art. Each painting has a special purpose and is created with love and positive energy. When a painting finds a new home, my hope is that it will encourage the viewer to go deeper within their own spiritual path, their own truth. I love when a painting resonates with the soul, a character strength or emotion they connect with, either from the past, what they are currently going through, or what they desire to become. Especially if it is an emotion they are searching for. Like a mark in time on their ongoing spiritual journey; past, present or future. I love art that touches the soul. “Art much like music, speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.”

Art is life… Since stepping into being an artist, a couple years ago, my everyday life has become much more colorful and dreamy, even with the struggles of living a creative life, art is such a gift to us all. My relationships with all in my life have become more connected, meaningful and beautiful. I’ve formed lasting bonds with so many creative, soulful, loving, beautiful people. Art has changed my life in ways I never expected, it has awakened me in the most amazing way possible. I’m so grateful for this journey of art and life, to feel more connected and grounded in my spirituality, and for all the beautiful souls in my life. Love is the Answer .

Brian Miller


Brian Miller has been an artist all his life, but it’s only after he became part of the Daily Painting movement in 2016 that he freely identified himself as a painter.  He holds BFAs in animation and film-making from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA and spent the early part of his professional career as a graphic artist, art director, interactive graphics designer, instructional designer, and web designer and developer.  In the process, he taught himself programming, and now works full-time as an IT systems administrator.  This shift in focus from artistic to technical work freed up his creative energy for developing his personal art.

Now he paints daily with a bold, intuitive style and a sense of whimsy.  He is also pursuing his passion for helping others find their artistic voice and develop systems that will support their creative endeavors.  He teaches a live Painting Small and Often course at The Crealdé School of Art in Winter Park, FL with his wife, Debbie; and he is expanding his online teaching offerings.

He lives in Orlando and feels grateful for being part of his local art community as well as the global community available through social media.  His work is held in private collections in three continents, and is part of the Butts County, Georgia Arts Council permanent collection.

Renata Loree


I am a mixed media artist, spiritualist and a born optimist, even though I might let myself down sometimes. And from all that turmoil of opposites sometimes striking agains me, it might be challenging to keep balance, but I work at it very day. I come to my canvas or my desk filled with pens and papers and I let all the turmoil out. I think the balance comes when what comes out can be shared and celebrated with others, but the work never seams complete. It’s as if the end was constantly running away from me, and so I am learning how to live in the moment and not aim for the end result. I look for love in all things, but sometimes love escapes me. I learned not to look for it outside of myself, and so as it weaves through me, it weaves out through my hand and right onto the painted surface where the images seam to take a shape on their own.

And so my art is a path to self discovery and art might be just the right way to do it.

I was born in Czech Republic, but at the ripe age 18 I left my country to travel far and see a lot. I wanted to learn by living my life, not necessarily being confined by stereotypes or obstacles. It has been a long road, but I think I finally landed where I want to be. I have a studio near Boston, my son is all grown up and I can now choose what I want to do – and that is to create and teach others how to do so as well.

Stephanie Gerace


Stephanie is a portrait artist living, creating and teaching in Augusta, Georgia.

She admits to having a bit of a split personality when it comes to her artistic style. With her pet portraits she leans towards the realistic and her portraits of people go the other way with a  slightly distorted, illustrative style.  But with both of these, she always includes bold unexpected colors and textures.

Through her love of animals, she has been able to turn her passion into a reality and has been working as a full time Pet Portrait artist since 2013.  Her work is in homes worldwide.  She also has several paintings licensed out to companies throughout the country including Home Goods and Wayfair.

Saskia Van Drunen


My name is Saskia van Drunen and I am a Dutch artist who lives in the south of the Netherlands. I live there with my husband, two kids and three cats.

I have always been a creative child and I started painting, of and on when, I was about 18 years old. I painted all kinds of subject matters, from cats to flowers and also abstract art. But I have never had any formal training even though I would have loved to.

Then, life happened and I studied while working full-time, got married and became a mother.

I loved being a mother, but after my second child I struggled to find my balance. Dealing with all the feelings and emotions that surfaced was quite daunting for me. I felt the need to express them in a creative way. I had not picked up a brush for about nine years, but I gathered my brushes, bought some new paint and canvases and boy, did it feel liberating! And, I felt that creative spark again! It helped me heal, and connect on a deep level with myself.

Now I wanted to improve my drawing and portrait painting skills. So I took some online classes and learned a lot of new techniques along the way. I love drawing and painting portraits. And I love reminding you through my art, of the beauty of your inner self and all it’s emotions.

I believe painting is transforming and an exploration of one’s inner life and outer circumstances.

Tracy Verdugo


Artist. Explorer. Teacher. Writer. Happiness. Dweller. Wondering Wanderer. Curious Creative. Inspiration Instigator. 🙂 If Tracy Verdugo was given the opportunity to coin a term for a new art movement based around what she teaches  she  might call it “Curiosity and Wonderism”or  maybe “Loosen-upism” or “Endless possibilitism”. Tracy is an inspiration instigator, prolific painter, singer/songwriter and lover of the written word, smitten traveller and soaker up of all that is beauty-full.  She teaches her Paint Mojo and other creative workshops all over this amazing planet and reminds her students of the wonder that already resides within them. Her works are vibrant and filled with joy, inspired both by wanderlust, diversity and the beauty of everyday life.

Since 2000 Tracy has held 16 successful solo exhibitions and her works are held in collections both in Australia and internationally.

Mostly though she is mama bear to two gorgeous, zest-filled daughters, Santana and Cece, and co-adventurer in life with her amor of 33 years, the talented and brilliant Marco.

Danielle Mack


Hello, my name is Danielle Mack.  I’m a mixed media artist who loves mixed media art journaling and watercolor experimentation.

I’ve been painting for over 10 years and love the joy it brings to my life.  My style is illustrative and playful.  Painting women of color is very important to me because it brings me joy to see people of all backgrounds coming together.  We fit like a beautiful puzzle.  I love to learn new art techniques and share what I’ve learned with others.

Donna Munro


Born and bred in New Zealand, I moved to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia 28 years ago. I am surrounded by inspiration from the beach to the bushland and country in this beautiful part of the world.

Until recent years my work has been mainly semi-abstract. Lately, however my passion for creating faces has become so strong that few of my current pieces are seen without one. I even find myself revisiting many of my earlier paintings and adding faces! It is exciting to see my paintings transformed and revitalized. Diversity in culture & life inspires me to portray character, emotion & depth within the subjects I paints. I often create intuitively with no preconceived idea of the outcome and love to explore the use of new techniques in different genres.

I gain great satisfaction through teaching art, both online and in-person. I’m excited to be teaching for my second year in ‘Paint Your Heart and Soul’. I look forward to sharing my lessons with you and being a part of your creative journey.

Mikell Duncan

IMG_5315 (1)

my name is Mikell Duncan and I currently live in Illinois. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother who loves creating art, cooking, and gardening.  Art has been a huge part of my life since childhood.  I am attracted to bright colors and art that has a story. One of my greatest joys over the years is teaching art and watching my students find joy and their own style.   Life can be difficult at time and I feel that creating is a meditation to sooth the soul bring peace to the mind.

Kate Thompson


I have always been a creative person, studied and received a degree in Fiber Arts and worked as a textile print designer in the apparel business in Los Angeles for 20 years. My real education started in 2009. I started painting and I haven’t stopped. I became so focused with my work and developed a discipline to practice every day. After a couple of years of devoted practice I saw improvement. The point is I was not a natural painter. I really had to work at it and found I loved the discipline I put on myself to grow as a painter. I work with watercolors and gesso, acrylics with oil, pastels with inks or all of them put together. I am an experimenter. I create my own substrates using vintage linens or painting on ledger paper. I also paint on more traditional substrates such as watercolor paper and canvas. I am now devoting much time to oil painting. My work is very expressive and although I have had classical training years ago that hasn’t really been in my practice the past couple years. I am devoting some of my creative time to hone those skills once again and apply them in my own expressive way. I teach online as well as studio classes. My passion is focused on the creative process and I am as passionate about teaching as I am at creating art.

Jane Armstrong


I am Jane Armstrong, currently living in New Wilmington, PA with my spouse and four fur babies.

As a young child I took private painting lessons, before marriage, children and a career in the US Air Force interrupted.  I am now happily retired, and finding joy in my art once again!

I am self-taught with the help and support of so many lovely, on-line artists I met through taking courses like Paint Your Heart and Soul.

I primarily paint with oils or watercolors, and love to play with mixed media and collage in my journals.

In 2011 I became a Certified Zentangle®Teacher (CZT), teaching my students mindfulness and relaxation by creating art through the use of repeat patterns.

Debbie Rooney


I’m Debbie Rooney from the lovely little midwestern town of Hartford, Wisconsin. While Acrylics are my main medium of choice, I love experimenting with charcoal, woodburning, painting enamels on antique windows, and many others. Currently focused on portraiture, my goal is to create heartfelt, emotive, storytelling art…moments in time.

This will be my first year teaching on-line and I am honoured to share the joy of creating in the Paint Your Heart and Soul 2020!

Lucy Brydon


I am an artist and art teacher living in Bonny Scotland! I work mainly in monoprinting and watercolour although I love to explore mediums. I have taught in several collaborative online course as well as having my own online art school at
As well as teaching online I sell my work both locally and internationally and teach in person workshops and retreats. I am inspired by nature and folklore, especially that of my Scottish culture.

Pia Rom


I am a creative soul and was born and live in Germany
…Colourful, bold and full of story, that’s how I love my paintings – the dance between my collage work and my imagination thrills me every day anew – Art Journaling is my passion!

I would love to share my passion with you. Teach you to have confidence in the creative flow, in your  own power. Lead you to enjoy every phase of the painting, good or bad, to find the magic spark of creativity that is inside of you, in everyone of us! That´s what I deeply believe!

Leslie Wood


Leslie has been creating art ever since she can remember. She has a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, but after working for a few years, decided to go back to college and take art classes. She enrolled with the University of Alabama in Huntsville and studied photography, sculpture and painting. Over the years she expanded her creative skills with numerous master led classes. Her work varies from mixed-media and art journaling to sculpture and jewelry making.

Her recent solo exhibitions include ‘Dreams and Reality: The Artwork of Leslie Wood’ at Carnegie Visual Arts Center and Evelyn Burrows Museum, Visiting Artist Exhibition at the Huntsville Art League and an exhibition at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment in Huntsville Alabama. An avid art journaler, her journal work has been published numerous times in Somerset Studio’s ‘ART Journaling’ magazine including a feature in the 2016 Winter and 2017 Spring editions. You can find her work at local shows such as Montesano Art Festival, and Panoply Arts FestivalShe teaches various classes throughout the year in the Huntsville Alabama area.

Jerney Marisha


I am a Dutch artist, living in Antwerp. I love helping people to get in touch with their expressive side. I’m always thinking of new ways to inspire creatives to find joy in the process, to conquer fears and artist block, to dive within and to play and get loose. In my opinion these things are essential to find and keep developing your own unique style.

Toni Burt


I am mixed-media artist and teacher. Creating art is what sustains me, I love trying new things, exploring line and form, the joy of working with materials in different ways.  Teaching others how they too can explore art and it’s many joyful moments is my passion.  My aim is to make it simple and easy for anyone to follow along and see that they too can create art that tells their story. My creative process evolves more and more each dayI have a loose and free style and I love to feel that freedom of scribbling with my pencil, often with alternate hands, and to feel unconstrained by any notion of how it should be.  I’m inspired by many things – mother earth and her many gifts, the longings of my own soul, and the miraculous magic of this life we all shareMy gorgeous home high on a hill of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia is my haven, where I spend time with natureget muddy in my pottery studio, and create drawings and paintings that my heart delights in.  My studio is a delightful clutter of everything I love, and surrounded by various wildlife, kangaroos and natural vegetation.

Nanda Boukes


 I am Nanda, a Creative Guide, Intuitive Artist Originally Dutch, now living in Spain.

My Sacred SoulArt  is intuitively created and often infused with Crystals, intentions, energy etc. Out of your head into your head is what i life by and how i create. 
I love to create freely and explore and play with ideas that are coming up, letting me lead by my heart. Tapping into play, exploration and combining different techniques.

My focus is on the process, and not getting blocked by focussing on an endresult…. But rather let that part go. Allowing things to ¨happen¨ while creating, that it is there for a reason. Painting a story, a message, rather than a lifelike perfect image…letting your soul speak through what you create.

My passion is to help woman awake their creativity, (re)ignite their creative spark, heal through art, (re)connect them with their inner child and higher self, show them the amazing power creativity holds, and how to use it for your inner soul work,

Pamela Vosseller


Creating art is an intimate journey that can awaken the artist and the viewer. I believe creating should tell a story, and the artist needs to trust that the art piece can come to life expressing its own voice. I am an art explorer! I love to try combining multiple mediums.

I have been creating art since I was a child. After 20 plus years as an internationally known watercolorist, I changed directions and focused on mixed medium. I primarily paint using acrylic, but I love adding collage, charcoal, inks, graphite, and fibers to my artwork. My current creations have been portraits and the human form.

My passion is to learn and teach others that we can create. We all have an inner critic; it is a struggle at times, especially when we hear, “You are not good enough.” But I keep trying to accept my inner critic as a friend and push forward believing I am an artist, and if I don’t try, I will never know what I might have missed.

Silvia Pavarini


My art is figurative, dreamlike and surreal. In my process I search for feelings that inevitably emerge on my portraits. I paint with acrylic colors on wood or canvas. For the drawings I use very soft pencils to create strong contrasts.

Heather Foust


My name is Heather Foust. I am a Mixed Media Artist. You name it I have dabbled in it. I live in West Lawn PA. I have a Wonderful Husband Steve, Daughter Nelly and Son in Law Mike with 2 fantastic Grandchildren Jake and Sam.

I grew up in a very creative family, both my parents were Artists. So my household was full of creative adventures. A constant art class. I come from a long line of creatives. I did not really pursue my career until later in life. I am a perfect example of it is never to late.

I have been published in several magazines and have sold one of my images to Hallmark.  I have participated in local art shows. It has been so exciting for me. A dream come true. I have started teaching online classes.

Jamie Dougherty


Jamie Dougherty has been creating art for over twenty years. She is self taught and has worked to expand her knowledge in art. She specializes in creating the female face as well as sculpting. Jamie has taught workshops near and far and loves to share her techniques with others.

Robin Mead


I am an independent, self -representing artist whose works include colorful digital and altered art, vibrant acrylic and mixed media paintings and bold watercolor landscapes and gardens. I also love to spend time creating colorful crochet afghans and handmade art journals that infuse my love of color with joyful tactile fiber pieces that can be used in the home or given as gifts. My background in the Social Work profession  has helped me to identify and appreciate the small beauties in life, and to express the  joy that comes with creating. I love to design colorful depictions of nature, preferably the ocean, landscapes, flowers and birds, while relying on intuition and insight to capture that ‘joy’ in bold color. The ultimate expression is to translate it onto paper, canvas and the digital screen.

Dena Ann Adams


Dena Ann Adams is a painter, illustrator and creative in Minneapolis, MN. Her work in oil draws on the landscape and nature, informed by Art History. The painted landscape presents possible states of being, a place to go in spirit when the mundane world offers less than ideal surroundings.
Watercolor and watermedia are important supporting but separate pieces of this art practice. Initially, watercolor florals were intended as a daily warmup, and now they form the better part of Dena’s illustration and surface design brand which brings joy to a greater number of people, in the form of casual and cheerful gifting and greetings.
As a teacher, whether teaching a specific project or a general technique, she emphasizes fun, practical, simple and iterative ways of working.
In Dena’s classes, the most magical thing about making art is how accessible and easily revealed the magic can be.

Natalie Mecham


I grew up in Orem Utah but now my home is Southeast Idaho.   During my childhood when I wasn’t drawing I was outside exploring the beautiful places Utah has to offer.  In my teenage years I worked with graphite, charcoal, and pastels.  With National Geographic and fashion magazines I taught myself how to draw portraits. Around 2011 I started using watercolors and I continue to fall more in love with them as time goes on.  I draw and paint a wide range of subjects and styles but almost always use watercolor, occasionally I mix in other mediums.

I am by nature a very quiet person.  My art gives me a way to communicate with people and share life experiences that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. We have all gone through hard times, but if we can be more open about our experiences we will find the support we need to preserver.  It is from my own life experiences that I find inspiration to create emotional portraits.  My art has helped me become more aware of myself and who I am. Just by listening we can discover so much about ourselves or others and be inspired by the strength we witness.   I also enjoy painting scenes of children playing or going about their day.  For me there is nothing more beautiful than a happy child.  Sometimes we tend to forget the happy and peaceful memories from our past, so I choose to paint them.  I find so much inspiration from my own children but also from my time I spent with my grandparents growing up.   My passion is to create art that evokes emotion.

Jenny Manno


From a very early age I’ve loved all forms of art, joyously finding myself catching on to a variety of projects quickly.  
I was inspired by my mother and grandmother, who happened to be very artistic women. We’d celebrate birthdays and Christmases with art supplies and invested in time together painting, drawing or crafting. As a young person, I was very fortunate to have adults in my life who helped me cultivate the confidence to explore my artistic passions.
A career as an artist 
Early life experiences became part of my identity, eventually evolving into a career. People turn to me all the time with a variety of creative tasks and with questions about how to make something or what I would use to create xyz. 
Throughout life I’ve been given many opportunities to teach others what I know. It makes total sense that I am now a teacher professionally. It just fits and is one of the main reasons I created the Next JENeration Art, a safe community on Facebook. Anyone with any level of experience is welcome to practice weekly art prompts, share learnings, encourage others and develop their creative passions. I want to not only share my heart, but also my lifetime’s worth of experience with others who are searching.  I LOVE knowing that I have helped someone.

Sherry Woodward


I have always loved to paint, but I really got back into it after the kids went off to college and moved out into their own homes.  I usually paint with acrylics, but I love to dabble in oils, oils with cold wax and watercolor, too.  I live in California with my husband, Greg and our dog, Charlie.  I get most of my inspiration from people, nature and the beautiful California landscape.

Angela Kennedy


I live in southern Oregon with my husband and two crazy boys! I work at home as a freelance artist for Penny Black Rubber Stamps and in my spare time I make art! I would say I am a mixed media artist. My favorite mediums are colored pencils over acrylic but I also really love watercolors! I can’t remember a time when I was doing something arty or crafty.

Special guest – Nikol Wikman


Our special guest licensed artist Nikol Wikman will share with you her experience on how to get your art licensed. 

You can find Nikol’s art in your favorite stores, such as HomeGoods, Nordstrom Rack, Pier1 and more!

I was born and raised in Victoria, BC Canada. It’s a beautiful place and I’ve always
felt so lucky to live here. For as long as I can remember I have always had the
deep urge to create. I loved art class in school and as a child spent hours upon
hours drawing in my sketchbook. Over the years the time I spent being creative
grew less and less though. I became caught up in adulthood and let that part of me
dim, but it didn’t disappear.
After my son was born I was feeling really lost. My husband was working long hours
so I spent a lot of time alone with the baby. It should have been one of the
happiest times in my life but I couldn’t shake the awful feeling of…what now? I
began asking myself what I needed to change in order to live the life I wanted.
After a little soul searching I realized it was art. I needed to make art. So I
bought some canvas, dug out my supplies, began painting and everything changed.
Suddenly I felt alive again. I was so much happier! Years later I’ve never looked

Olga Furman


I’m a mixed media artist, and my passion is painting portraits and figurative art with elements of surrealism. I was born in Russia and for the last 19 years I live with my husband,  two teenage daughters and a pup in the US.

I earned an art and music degree in the pedagogical collage in Russia, St. Petersburg, Gatchina; attended a still life course in a fine art school in Israel, Tel-Aviv.

I’m currently attending the continued education program in Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts, USA. This year I won there first prize at the Annual Juried Student Exhibition.

I’m honored to host ‘Paint Your Heart and Soul’ for the 4th year in a row and I can’t be any happier! I love to share my knowledge with students and be part of our kind and supportive creative art community online!

I’m excited and looking forward to 2020. I can’t wait to share with you this beautiful adventure of creating art together!

Thank you very much for stopping by and I hope you will join us!


***Artwork shown here are not actual lessons, it is only representative samples of the Artists work. The artists are currently working on the projects for the course. All the lessons are brand new and made especially for PYHaS 2020 course.

**** If life happens and artist can not participate in the course I will substitute their lesson/s by myself (Olga Furman) or by other artist.