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“Paint Your Heart and Soul” is informative and fun online collaborative art course, geared towards artists and creative individuals of ALL LEVELS.

After a super successful PYHaS 2017 and PYHaS 2018, we are back!

 PYHaS2019 is Larger, Better and Improved!

 ♥ This year we are excited to add an academic” spirit to our fun and educational lessons! 

♥♥ The theme, or better to say the goal of PYHaS2019 edition: get loose and expressive!






* Artwork by PYHaS2019 instructors, from left top: Lora Murphy, Lucy Chen, Dominique Medici, Sabra Awlad Issa, Olga Furman, Ildiko Karsay, Maria Pace-Winters, Pauline Agnew, Lucy Jordan, Sherry Woodward, PiaRom, Svetlana Rumak, Julie Lee, Yvonne Morell, Toni Burt. Images shown here are not the actual lessons, they are representative samples of artwork by our amazing artist-instructors.
  • Mostly, we will create beautiful art which includes portraits and figures of:

– Women

– Men

– Children

  • We will provide several lessons on painting


– Flowers

– Animals 

which are an important component of visual story telling.


Artwork by PYHaS2019 instructors, from left: Natalie Chamberlain Mecham, Robynne Engel-Pirkle, Lucy Brydon, Katrina Koltes, Zera Derrig

WHAT are we going to LEARN DURING PYHAS 2019?

  • Many lessons are designed to introduce/expand knowledge in academic topics such as:


-Color Theory 

-Values (Shading)

-Composition and more!

  • Some lessons are based on an intuitive process, which helps develop creativity and imagination.
  • Some lessons are based on painting from reference, which help to develop ability to paint with likeness 
  • We will work with a variety of mediums, mostly with Acrylics, but that’s not all! 
  • We offer lessons in Mixed Media, Water Colors, Oils, Pastels, Encaustic, Gelly Printing and more!
  • Teachers will share the sources of their inspiration and how they use it in their paintings.
  • Variety of art styles – from old masters to contemporary, from realistic to semiabstract
  • We hope that at the end of the year you will be able to open your heart and soul, express yourself through art, find your artistic voice.

PYHaS 2019 is a great mix of academic studies and creative fun!

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Artwork by PYHaS2019 instructors, from left top: Pauline Agnew, Jerney Marisha, Marina Teding Van Berkhout, Katrina Koltes, Sherry Woodward, Donna Munro.


At least 55 brand new instructional video lessons and 55 PDF files

  • 28 in-depth downloadable lessons and PDF files, which include Art Supplies, References and Step-by-Step Instructions. 
  • PLUS 26 bonus downloadable lessons and PDF files, which include Art Supplies and References.
  • You can print out the PDF files and use them as an Art Book when on the go.
  • Lessons vary in length and difficulty

 Fun activities: Happy Mail Exchange and Student’s showcase!

 GIVEAWAYS from artist-instructors at the end of the year!

♥ A password protected Classroom on my website, where you can see Weekly Lessons, a Tentative Calendar and Art Supplies, suggested Art Books, and a list of Copyright Free websites to use for references

♥  PYHaS 2019 Weekly Newsletter with links to the lessons and reminders/news.

♥   Facebook group for students, where you can safely share your work and stories, get feedback from the teachers and support from your fellow students. The FB group is a wonderful place to make new like minded friends and be a part of an amazing, kind and supportive art community!

The line up of the Artist Instructors is extraordinary! 

I’m over the moon excited and honored to host such a talented group of international artists-instructors, who are generously and openly sharing their creative process, tips and tricks, in a supportive and welcoming atmosphere.

Some of us have academic credentials in the Arts and some are self taught.  Most of us are professional instructors, but some are teaching for the first time!

GIVEAWAY (closed)

Each artist instructor is giving away a FREE membership to this amazing course!

That’s right! We are giving away 28 FREE seats to participate in PYHaS 2019!!!

To find out how to enter to the  GIVEAWAY raffles – click HERE


“… Researchers think activities that occupy our hands, such as making art are actually making our brains happier.” — CBS Sunday Morning 

Price via Value 

The course includes at least 55 lessons with total value over $1800.

The price is over 90% off from the value of the course! It is just a little over $2 per lesson! 

Price for one person $169   $129 (limited time sale)

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(*Due to immediate access to the classroom– NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES)


Artwork by PYHaS2019 instructors, from left: Renata Loree, Galia Alena, Muriel Stegers, Tracy Verdugo, Jeanne-Marie Webb.


All  lessons are independent projects, which can be completed in any order

Each lesson provides full instructions from start to finish. We will share our creative process from the very beginning to completion, starting from listing the art supplies used, showing a paint mixing process, followed by step-by-step demonstrations and instructions and finally an explanation on how to protect and varnish your finished artwork.

You don’t have to complete all the lessons. You can start from any lesson, skip lessons and go back and forth in any order.

It is up to you if you want to follow the step-by-step instructions and create the same project as demonstrated or make a completely different artwork, inspired by the lesson.

Art Supplies list is usually posted a few weeks prior to the lesson. You absolutely don’t have to buy everything on the list, unless you want to (I am always very tempted to try something new!).  In most cases you will be able to substitute listed supplies with whatever you already have on hand.


If you decide to join us we will automatically send you an email with course access information as soon as you complete your payment.

The email includes link to our online classroom on my website. ALL LESSONS will be posted THERE weekly (so you have to save one link only to see all the classes and other things)

New lessons will be posted on Wednesdays and you will be getting reminders with the Students Newsletter by email too.

You will be invited to join our Facebook closed group for students.


If your Heart and Soul are yearning to create, if you want to learn how to paint in a variety of styles and try different approaches, if you want to explore various art supplies and aren’t afraid to get dirty, if you want to get loose and expressive, if you are ready to learn, grow, meet new like-minded creatives and have fun — this course is for YOU! 


All of us are in a different step in our creative journey, and this course is designed to fit any of them.

If you are a beginner you will be able to follow the step by step instructions. No previous experience in painting and/or drawing prior to this course is required.

If you are a seasoned artistyou can create totally different artwork, inspired by the lessons, incorporating new mediums and techniques, especially if you are looking to loosen up and create more painterly art. There is always more to learn and explore in art!

* You don’t have to complete PYHaS2017 or PYHaS2018 before starting this course. However if you are interested, you can find it HERE


  1. You need to have a high speed internet connection to watch videos online
  2. You should have basic computer skills such as: opening emails, navigating sites such as Facebook and my site. I provide general instructions on how download videos and PDFs only. IT support is not provided.
  3. Once you’ve paid for the course you will get access information automatically within minutes, this why once you paid this course is yours to keep, there are no refunds/exchange, no exceptions.
  4. The course is international and not based on any religion. Everyone must stay kind and supportive to each other.
  5. If you are buying this course as a gift – please send me a message with the email address of that lucky person
  6. A desire to create beautiful art is a plus 🙂
  7. The course starts January 2, 2019
  8. Please add an email: to your email Contact List to ensure you get my email with course access information, otherwise it might end up in your Spam or Junk folders. Please remember this is not a monitored email address and is used only for delivering automated emails.
  9. If you’d like to contact me directly please email me at with the subject “PYHaS2019 question”

Here is what our students say:

“First off, Tuesday is now one of my favorite days of the week (I am in the U.S. so get them before Wed).  I find myself starting to check if the new class is available around noon my time.  Today I was lucky and it was already there !!!!!  ( usually have to wait until 4 ish and I randomly check until I see it, LOL….like a kid on Christmas morning checking if the parents are up yet).  It is like a new gift every Tuesday for a whole year.

I love the variety of lessons and materials.  You can tell that you and the other teachers put time and love into the lessons and even when the lessons don’t speak to me, I always learn something.  And wow, the value!  Honestly, I fought joining 2017 for months, I forgot when I joined last year but I finally gave in.  The issue was that I already signed up for a year long class and I didn’t think I would have the time.  Then I figured why not, give it is shot.  That way I would have lots of options each week.  Boy was that a great decision.  I mean for the cost of the yearly class, even if you only complete 3 or 4 you get plenty value for your money. …  Thank you again!” –  Laurie S.


” I love Paint Your Heart and Soul for many reasons, but my favorite thing is the variety.  There is such a lovely mix of instructors that you get to know and learn from. Projects use a variety of media so you can learn something new and dig out supplies that you are not sure how to use.   Lesson  subjects are completely different from week to week; there might be a face one week, a still life the next, and a landscape the next.   Some lessons are longer, some shorter.

You can do projects in any sequence depending on your mood and how much time you have to spend.   Lots of different techniques are used so you are sure to find something new and exciting that will work for you and your style.

If you are a beginner or intermediate artist, you can follow the lessons to learn.  If you are an advanced artist or just wish to do your own thing, that is great too.  The face book group is very supportive and helpful and enables you can see what others have done with the lessons.   Olga has things well organized and is very helpful.

I can not say enough good about Paint Your Heart and Soul and I highly recommend it to anyone at any stage of their art journey.” – Jeanne E.

To see Students Showcase from PYHaS2018 – click HERE

 PRICE for one person $169  $129 (limited time sale)

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(*Due to immediate access to the classroom– NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES)

*** Payment plan available by request – email to ***




We offer a rebate if you buy a few courses together.

Bundle 1: PYHaS 2018 + PYHaS 2019

Bundle 1 PRICE for one person: $204

To get rebate :

  1. PYHaS2018 and PYHaS2019 should be purchased at the same day, starting September 5th. 2018
  2. This offer is NOT for purchases made before September 5th 2018.
  3. To purchase PYHaS2019 -scroll up and click “Buy Now” button. To purchase PYHaS2018 – go to , click PYHaS2018, click on “Registration is now open” link , then you will see the “buy” button on the registration page there.
  4. Send an email with both receipts (for PYHaS2018 and for PYHaS 2019) to
  5. Rebate will be transferred to your original payment within 24 hours from when we get your email with information above. The rebate will be calculated and whatever you paid on top of $204 will be refunded. (for example, if you paid $224 for both courses – your rebate will be $20)
  6. All sales are finalno refunds/exchange, no exception. 



Bundle 2: PYHaS 2017 + PYHaS 2018 + PYHaS 2019

Bundle 2 PRICE for one person: $294

To get rebate :

  1. PYHaS2017 and PYHaS2018 and PYHaS 2019 should be purchased at the same day, starting September 5th. 2018
  2. This offer is NOT for purchases made before September 5th 2018.
  3. To purchase PYHaS2019 -scroll up and click “Buy Now” button. To purchase PYHaS2018 and PYHaS2017 – go to 
  4. Send an email with all three receipts (for PYHaS2017, PYHaS2018 and for PYHaS 2019) to
  5. Rebate will be transferred to your original payment within 24 hours from when we get your email with receipts. The rebate will be calculated and whatever you paid on top of $294 will be refunded. (for example, if you paid $349 for all three courses – your rebate will be $55)
  6. All sales are finalno refunds/exchange, no exception.