Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

1. How do I access my course?
You can access your course by clicking on “Collaborative Classroom” in the menu bar,  and then by clicking the course name. You will be asked for the password, which you got in the purchase confirmation email (you can search it in your email by the name of the course)

2. How long do I have access to the course?
All the courses on have a lifetime access* (as long as I’m in business and able to run this site with reasonable effort)
All the videos are DOWNLOADABLE and you can keep them forever on your own device.

3. Can I share the password from the course and all content with my friends?
Please do NOT do it, we are working very hard to create this course for you and to support our families.  The registration for the course is still open and they can join us by purchasing it.

  • If you forgot your password  – please contact me directly via email ( I’m checking emails 5 days a week and will reply within 24 hours or earlier during weekdays ( I ‘m usually not working on weekends). I’m kindly asking to NOT to share the password with absolutely no one.

4. I joined the course a few months after it started/I didn’t have time for a while and missed a lot of lessons – do I have to complete all the lessons I missed?
All the lessons are independent projects from start to finish and it is up to you which order to take them in or how many lessons to complete. You can work at your own pace or together with the group – it is up to you.

5. Do I have to do all the lessons?  Do I have to do all homework?
No, you don’t have to do anything, you can complete as much or as little as you wish, though obviously the more you practice the best your results will be.

6. Is there a place to share our homework and meet other students?
Yes! We have a private Facebook groups opened especially for each course.

7. I am a beginner and I feel intimidated to post my homework in the group.
All our courses are for individuals of all skill levels, including beginners. Don’t be intimidated by comparing your work to other students who have more experience in art.  We are all in different phases of our creative journey and we all once were beginners. The best thing – is to compare your own work from before to what you do now, and how it is changes and improving as you practice. I would recommend to post your homework  so you can get feedback from the teachers and support from fellow students. Be kind to yourself and enjoy the process!

8. Can I copy projects for learning purpose?

Yes, please do! The best way to learn – is to copy!

9. Can I share what I copied or created on social media?

Absolutely! We would love you to! Please mention our course and the teacher you learned from, for example: “This artwork was created in #PaintYourHeartandSoul, lesson with instructor … .

It is consider a good etiquette to give a credit.

10. Can I sell artwork I created in the course?
Sure, especially if it is your own design. If your work is a close copy of the demonstration – please contact the teachers directly, all teachers have different guidelines for copyright

You can sell originals which were created during my demonstrations, even if they look exactly like mine, I’m ok with that, but please give me a credit and mention the course (for example: “This painting was created in PYHaS2018 course, lesson by Olga Furman). The copyright stays with me.

 11. Can I share the projects, techniques/process I learn in the classes on on my social media, Youtube or in my own course that I teach online or in person?

Please do NOT do it, it is not cool. Please create your own projects and mold whatever you learned into your own process when you do your own business.

12. Do you have an affiliate* program?

Yes! please send an email to with subject : “Affiliate program”


If you can’t find the answer to your question – please email us for proper attention to

Thank you so much for your cooperation!
All the content on is copyright.