Eclectic Art Auction Call For Arists – CLOSED

Eclectic Art Auction is an online gallery and auction, which specializes in representational art original art (any subject except abstract).

Our online gallery offers our students the experience of showcasing and auctioning their art online, in our group on FB.

The Call For Artists is open for the current students of art school, on a first apply-first serve basis, through November 23, 2022, midnight EST.

The auction starts December 16th, the closing date will be announced later, it depends on the number of the submissions we will get.

The show auction will take place in Eclectic Art Auction Group on FB.

In order to participate in the auction:

1. Artist has to be our student, who purchased any of the art classes on our website during 2022, including PYHaS2023.

Not student yet?CLICK HERE to see our classes and to join.

2. Artist should know how to use FB (join the group, make posts etc.) and have PayPal (to except payments and pay commission fee).

3. Should agree to the conditions in the attached ‘Agreement’ and read the FAQ document (below):


FAQ Document:

4. Things to consider before applying for Auction:

Though auction could be a lot of fun and helpful experience in growing your art business, it takes a lot of energy, time and there is no guarantee of sales.

You know yourself best: if failing to sell your art might make you feel down and effect your self-esteem – the auction is NOT the right platform for you just yet.
There are other platforms (like Etsy or Art Finder) where paintings can be offered for sale for unlimited time and might be a better choice for you.

5. To submit your application please fill in the form below


Auction Participation Form- SUBMISSION IS CLOSED

* indicates required

Please check to confirm




How do you know that your submission went through?
You will get a confirmation email. If you don’t see it in your Inbox – please check your SPAM/Junk/Ads folders . If you still can’t find it, please re-submit the form and contact our moderators- see FAQ document above.

Thank you for your interest in the Eclectic Art auction!

Much love,
Olga Furman