Around The World Through Art 2018


Around The World Through Art 2018


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Did you ever dream about traveling all around the world, but didn’t have a chance to do it yet? Or maybe you did travel, but miss it already?

We are inviting you to join us for one of a kind, amazing, exciting journey, Around The World Through Art!

We will be visiting:

Poland, Russia, Spain, Mexico, India, Japan, Ireland, Italy,  China, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Israel, USA: New York and Georgia ! 

Below are just a few examples of what we will be creating in this course:


You will get 28 amazing lessons, inspired by 14 different beautiful places from all around the world through the eyes of 14 amazing international, professional, inspirational,  and supportive artist-instructors!
We will work with different styles, techniques, subject matters – you will have a lot of fun and will learn a lot too!


Never painted before? – no problem at all! We will show you our creative process, step-by-step, from start to finish!
Intermediate artist? – you will not be bored! There is always a place to expend your skills and get inspired!


With Annie Hamman we will arrive in Russia.


We will be working with Russian traditional costumes and patterns, including additional symbolic elements of story art, as we go along.

We will be creating beautiful  Matryoshka dolls too!

With Katrina Koltes we will go to Italy!


We will travel back into the eighteenth century to a very special place where art is everywhere you look. From the narrow noisy streets to the huge piazza with towering domes, from the colorful flowered balconies to the arched bridges overlooking green canals dotted with gondolas… yes, we are talking about the magical city of Venice! We will discover the dramatic Venetian carnival costumes and extravagant masks which made Venice so world-famous and discover the history of expressive color and artistic creations. We will paint the portrait of an eighteenth century woman dressed extravagantly for a carnival dance, with mixed media incorporating beautiful collage, and hand-made paper.

For the next day we move further south down into the beautiful, sun-kissed countryside of Tuscany, where the beautiful colors of vineyards, olive trees and poppy fields warm your heart and awaken your creativity. We will paint a Tuscan countryside in acrylic using loose, thick brushstrokes and bright splashes of color.

Visit Ireland with Lora Murphy!


Visit Ireland with me and explore the use of encaustic paint to create a beautiful soulful painting of a figure in the gorgeous Irish landscape . You will be able to use either collage or paint your own figure and and I will show you how to do a transfer on to the wax surface . We will use greens and golds, russets and greys , to render a soft and misty landscape I grew up in Ireland , the land of mists , redheads and 40 shades of green so for the next class I will show you how to create a myriad of greens along with a lovely redheaded girl inspired by the art of Frederic William Burton

 Lauren Rudolph we take us to Japan!


We are going to participate in tea ceremony with Japanese woman. The intention is to express presence, intention, ritual and connection.

For the next day we will design our own beautiful tea cup, in the traditional Japanese style.


With Emma Petitt we will go to Spain!


We are going to meet Contemporary Spanish Artist Lita Cabellut!
Born of Gypsy stock, abandoned by her Mother, she grew up on the streets of Barcelona, living amongst prostitutes and drug users… to become one of Spain’s most famous and successful modern day artists.
Next day we will get inspired by Flamenco style and I am going to teach how to paint a simpler yet loose, expressive Flamenco style face, bold and painterly, using stencils and pattern as an unconventional underpainting. We will be creating a colourful, fluid portrait.
With Emma Petitt you will learn how to paint an expressive large close up portraits, full of emotion and passion, how to loosen up, use large brushes and lots of paint, but being mindful of keeping control and finesse in detail and much-much more!
With Shilpa Lalit we will travel to India!

Our Inspiration will be Radha, is a milkmaid (gopi), the lover and the most represented companion of the Hindu god Krishna in the medieval era texts. Radha will be painted using acrylic paints on canvas. She will be surrounded by beautiful native forest and parrots. We will paint her hand with henna design.

For the next day adventure, we will be painting Peacock, national bird of India.

With Lucy Chen we will arrive in China!


Lucy will be teaching a variety of cold wax techniques, including layering, texture pressing, reduction technique, and more. We will be working on developing layers of interesting elements, texture, and creative history for our portrait of Chinese girl in Chinese outfit, Koi fish and Tangerines, inspired by the traditional Chinese paintings and the Chinese aesthetic.

Renata Loree will take us to Czech Republic!


We will visit the streets of an old town of Czesky Krumlof, and you will feel as if you just stepped through a time warp into another century. We will connect to a folk art that will make your heart dance to polka. My favorite Czech artist was Alphonse Mucha, an Art Nouveau painter. We will follow his elaborate design to create a beautiful Goddess Poster.

With Basia Zielinska we will travel to Poland!


We will get inspired by Our Lady and create (“write”as say Polish) our own icon.  Flower fields, with Poppies, Cornflowers and Daisies, will be our next day destination!

We will learn how to create a lightly textured background suggesting light, creating your own floral arrangement, design observations, “Terracotta effect” technique, painting pearls and much more!

With Bianca Garcia we will travel to Mexico!


We will visit the colorful Mexico, traveling into the Aztec and maya ancestors world. Meeting their culture and the meanings of their Aztec symbols. Painting with oils all the beautiful colors and their majestic clothing patterns. Exploring the histories from this beautiful culture, we will meet to Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl, knowing the tragic love story behind the very famous volcanos legend. You sure don’t want to miss it!

We will travel to Georgia, USA with Robynne Engel-Pirkle!


Exploring the beautiful North Georgia Mountains. Take a walk with me in the woods and and beautiful BlueRidge Mountains! We will use our imagination to create mixed media scenarios inspired by the local wildlife.

With Muriel Stegers we will go to Netherlands! 


The first day there we will meet a woman in dutch historic clothes.
Her background will be made with collage of dutch delft blauw tiles. We will finish this painting with the crackle glaze layer and inka gold cream.

Our second day we will be walking on the streets of Amsterdam! The red light district, graffity, and the night life will be our inspiration!

We will go to New York, USA with Robin Mead!


We will be exploring line and color, my 2 favorite things, using watercolor and/or acrylic and ink. My early memories of growing up on the north shore of Long Island, NY have inspired my ocean/beach seascapes, and although my technique is simple, the style packs a bold punch of color and joy. These pieces are fun and leave a lot open for your imagination. ,

I’m inviting you with me to visit Israel! 



  • New lessons will be posted weekly, every Thursday, starting from April 26, 2018. Each week we will “travel” to a different place. You will get 2 lessons weekly: one main lesson and one inspirational.
  • The course will last for 14 weeks. Student will get 2 lessons per each artist instructor
  • 14 in depth lessons PLUS 14 inspirational fun lessons, 28 lessons all together.
  • Each lesson is an independent project, which allows you to start our adventure from any lesson! You can even travel backwards if you want to!
  • Students Newsletter with links to lessons will be available weekly for your convenience.
  • You will be invited to join our Facebook closed group for students -this is a great place to meet like minded creative people, share your work from the course, ask questions and get support from artist-instructors and fellow students.
  • Lifetime access* and downloadable videos will allow you to “travel” in your own pace, it is totally up to you!


  1. You need to have a high speed internet connection to watch videos online
  2. You should have basic computer skills such as navigating sites such as Facebook and my site. I provide general instructions on how download videos only.
  3. Once you’ve paid for the course you will get access information automatically within minutes, this why once you paid this course is yours to keep, there are no refunds/exchange, no exceptions.
  4. You will get access to our online classroomas soon as you sign up! The email with course access information is set up automatically and goes directly to your email address you used for payment (Make sure to add to your Contacts List, to insure you get it in your Mailbox.
  5. If you don’t see Course Access Information email in your Inbox – please check your Spam/Junk/Others/Advertisement folders. If still can’t find it – please send an email to with subject “ATWTA access information”
  6. If you are buying this course as a gift – please send me a message BEFORE buying it with the email address of that lucky person
  7. No previous experience in drawing/painting is required prior this course
  8. The course starts April 26, 2018

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