Week 41 – Exuberance with Pat Rios

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Hello dear Hearts and Souls, welcome to week 41!


This week we have a beautiful mini lesson with the amazing artist Pat Rios (PAT RIOS ART) as well as a new challenge! Woohoo!!!
I hope you will enjoy both and share with us what you will create in the FB group and on Instagram .

Part 1

Download Here

Alt. link to download

Part 2

Download Here

Alt. link to download

Part 3

Download Here

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So far we have learned how to use different media in order to create beautiful portraits, animals, landscapes, still life and other subjects.
In the previous Challenges you were encouraged to experiment with colors, apply techniques you learned to different subject matters and to create a new unique artwork with a mashup of two different lessons.

In this challenge we will continue to experiment with all of the above, and I hope this challenge will help with developing your own style and expand ideas for inspirtion.


For this challenge we will mash up 3 lessons: the lesson on animals/birds + the portrait lesson + a landscape lesson. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Here are a couple of suggested mashups:

Today’s Lesson + Abstract Collage with Renee Muiller +Portrait at a Challenging Angle with Saskia van Drunen


Painting still life with Nataliya Gurshman+Grisaille with Fran Schlosser+ Fun and Funky Birds with Brian Miller;


Feel free to mash up any combination of lessons you would like to try!
I can’t wait to see what you will create! Yay!!!!

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Happy creating!

Big hugs and much love,