Thanksgiving Bundle 2018


8 Workshops in one BIG Bundle

This happens only once a year!

Price: $497  



Instant lifetime* access to 8 workshops:

 Over 50 gorgeous projects – over 150 videos!

in convenience of your own home and time!

For Artists of all levels – from beginner to experienced

1.   “Close-Up” with Annie Hamman


20 projects

35 videos (16 hours) 

LifeBookStudentsDiscount-AnnieHamman (1)

This workshop is about learning to paint faces in large variety of media and techniques. Week 1 will focus on drawing, week 2 on watercolors and inks, week 3 and 4 on acrylics.

2.  “Tiny Bags of Love” with Jeanne Marie Webb


4 projects PLUS a lot more in between

30 videos 

This workshop is about learning how to find inspiration, how to paint expressive, intuitive portraits and portraits from references on tea bags, how to create a series of paintings using collage and mixed media AND how to construct a precious tea bag journal.

3.  “Watercolor Dreams” with Katrina Koltes


3 main projects + warm-up + bonus lesson  

20 videos, 9 hours

Watercolor Dreams workshop image

In this workshop we explore dreamy portraits and expression with watercolor, and different ways to combine them with both surreal and nature-related elements like flowers, animals, abstract shapes and patterns, to tell a visual story.
 I’m show my methods of layering washes of vibrant watercolors to get luminous skin tones and transparency .

4.  “Mother Nature” with Katrina Koltes


1 main projects + bonus 

7 videos, 4 hours

Mother Nature workshop

In this class we get familiar with our watercolors, explore A three-quarter turned face with step-by step drawing and painting, layering with watercolors to create luminous glazes and delicate skin tones
It also includes a style development bonus video with my ideas, and suggestions to help you grow in your artistic journey.

5. “Soulful Whimsy” with Renata Loree


7 projects PLUS prompts

20 Videos (xx hours)

This is a fun filled art journaling workshop.

6. “The Love Fairy” with Renata Loree


4 projects 

10 Videos (xx hours)


The love fairy teaches us to believe in love and and wonderful things. Love is the most powerful thing in our lives. The fairies want us to know how much they love us, and they always remind us to love ourselves more.

This workshop is about learning painting variety of fairies in different surroundings. You will learn also to mix colors, work on canvas and in journal.

7. “Collage, Color, Composition” with Olga Furman


6 projects PLUS a lot of Trading Cards

21 videos (6 hours) 

This course is about how to create beautiful art from collage, using art theories for  harmonious palettes and balanced compositions.

8. “Garden Flowers” with Olga Furman


6 projects PLUS exercise lessons 

13 videos ( 3 hours) 


This workshop is about learning painting flowers, mostly with acrylics.

 * Lifetime access – as long as artists are in business