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Meet the artists instructors PYHaS2024:

This year we have over 45 FREE memberships to give away to lucky winners! Each artist instructor is giving away a FREE spot to participate in this amazing class!

The giveaways will take place on the artists’ social media. To increase your chances to win, you can participate in as many artists’ raffles as you wish, but you can win only once. You can find the schedule and links to social media under each instructor’ video, just scroll down.

If you buy the class and win a spot, you will be fully refunded (minus PayPal fees).
Good luck and we are looking forward to seeing you in class!

Veronika Olivier

Instagram: Veronika Olivier
Facebook: Veronika Olivier
Giveaway Announcement: September 25, 2023

Christa Forrest

Instagram: Christa Forrest
Facebook: Christa Forrest
Giveaway Announcement: September 26, 2023

Victoria Sills

Instagram: Victoria Sills
Facebook: Victoria Sills
Giveaway Announcement: September 26, 2023

Kate Higgins

I am a British-Australian Artist working across drawing mediums, with a specific focus on graphite and coloured pencil. With degrees in Anthropology and Criminology, I initially ventured into a career in government policy analysis, before accepting my true (and hopefully long-lasting) calling in the visual arts. Over recent years, I have also been fortunate to win a number of drawing awards and commendations for my graphite portraiture work in the Australia-Eastern region.  I am passionate about drawing because there is no end to how much the artist can stretch themselves via a single, humble tool – the pencil. I consider portrait and figure studies a cornerstone of my observational practice and focus on emphasising dimension, details that make people unique and in trying to capture subjects without contrivance. A more recent aspect of my work is to combine graphite and coloured pencil phases into single artworks with a distinct illustrative quality and multi-dimensional tonal impressions. All-in-all, I look to create bold, characterful pieces that demonstrate a strong respect for traditional drawing techniques; I therefore ascribe great importance to principles of proportion, perspective, form and value.

Instagram: Kate Higgins
Facebook: Kate Higgins
Giveaway Announcement: September 26, 2023

Olga Furman

Olga (hostess) with her daughter Natasha (part of support team)

Instagram: olga.s.furman
Facebook: Olga Furman
Giveaway Announcement: September 8, 2023

Hello, and thank you very much for stopping by! My name is Olga Furman, I’m an artist and the hostess of this amazing collaborative program called PAINT YOUR HEART AND SOUL since 2017 !
I’m originally from Russia and have a pedagogical degree in Art and Music. Art is my life and it never gets boring because there is always something to learn!

In 2019, I won 1st place in a juried exhibition at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where I had continued my art education. In 2021 my painting was included in the “Select Fifty” of the Art Of Portrait international competition by the Portrait Society of America. In 2022 I won the “The Next Original” contest by the Kessler Collection and my painting was displayed in a Times Square billboard in NYC on New Year’s Eve. I had participated and won in a few other international and national competitions.

All my biggest achievements in art had happened during the years I am hosting the Paint Your Heart and Soul course, and I’m forever grateful for our amazing artists community. I couldn’t have done it without the support I’ve received from our instructors and students.

With the right guidance and dedication, any one can be the artist they want to be, regardless of location, social status or age! We are here to help to achieve your artistic goals!

I currently live with my family in Central New Jersey and work and create in my home studio. I am married, have two daughters, and an 11 years old dog. All of my family members are a part of our “Support Team” and provide administrative and technical support. If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to drop us an email at .

I have always felt very conservative about online classes until I attended one myself in 2016 and it completely changed my mind – I have been hooked on online art classes ever since! The accessibility of lessons from your own home, on your own time, and the opportunity to view the same lesson or a segment of it and replay any time is priceless!

In 2016, I closed my physical art school to fully dedicate my time to online teaching. In 2017, I hosted our very first Paint Your Heart and Soul! 7 years and thousands of satisfied students later, it feels like an extended family from all over the world – I couldn’t wish for more!

Our main mission is to provide high quality art lessons at an affordable price. In PYHaS2024, we are very lucky to collaborate with many amazing professional artists who are excited to teach in this course!
You will have a unique opportunity to learn different styles, techniques, approaches, tips and tricks our instructors use to create beautiful art. By joining our year long program, you will be encouraged to consistently practice in a welcoming and supportive environment through our community on social media.

Join us!

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