The League Of Extraordinary with Pamela Vosseller


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Have you ever wanted to try creating in the Steampunk genre? For years Pamela Vosseller have adored the steampunk genre most likely because her love of science fiction and Victorian styles. It is a gritty and yet beauty that intrigues the imagination!

Who is this course for?

All skill levels are welcome! All the lessons are recorded from start to finish with easy step by step instructions! No previous experience in drawing and painting is required.

Course Objective:

•            At the end of this course you will have a greater understanding of the steampunk genre and the design tools to continue create in the steampunk style.

•            You will explore the sub-genres of steampunk; Victorian, retro-futuristic, and      19th-century industry influence.

•            You will develop the skill of creating design and image references prior to painting.

•            Learn how to draw and paint the female face and cat portrait.

•            Learn techniques that will help you with scale and facial proportions.

•            Learn how blending values that will create a cohesive painting.

•            Develop lights and shadows to create a 3-D image.

•            Learn to focus on the details, which will help you to create a dramatic painting.

 What Will You Learn:

Lesson #1. The Steampunk Art Journal (50 minutes)

•            Create an art journal with four signatures to store steampunk related drawings, designs, and collage papers that can be used for your steampunk paintings.

•            Learn basic binding techniques to create a simple reference journal.

•            Learn basic drawing skills to create steampunk images of clothing, hardware, goggles, hat, and mask.

•            Explore using collage papers to develop clothing elements.

•            Use rubber stamps, masks, and stencils to explore creating steampunk designs.

Lesson #2. Steampunk Portrait – The Time Traveler (199 minutes)

•            Draw and paint a female portrait in a Victorian steampunk style with acrylic paints.

•            Start the painting foundation by prepping the canvas with warm tones.

•            Learn color mixing to help keep painting tones consistent.

•            Learn face mapping and portrait proportions.

•            Develop lights and shadows to create facial balance.

•            Create steampunk themed clothing and accessories, like a hat and goggles.

•            How to use collage papers to create texture and design.

•            Develop the painting background by adding stencils and rubber stamps to create design and interest.

To see sample click on the link:

Lesson #3. Steampunk Kat (50 minutes)

•            Using acrylic paint, create a whimsical cat in a steampunk style.

•            Using a photo reference learn to draw and paint cat features.

•            Learn and apply facial proportions to create a balanced image.

•            Develop texture and 3-D affect by blending light and shadows.

•            Draw and paint hardware to create a steampunk style mask.


•            Use a dry-brushing and scrubbing technique to blend background with foreground creating a design that flows.

To watch course preview – follow the link below:

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  1. lori conley says:

    Hi Olga and Pamela, just signed up and I’m soooo looking forward to this class. I loved Pamela’s lesson in Paint Your Heart and Soul so I know this one will be fun too! I’m also sharing the post for the class 🙂

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